Saturday, June 19, 2010


I am holding Welspun India @ 97.30. What is the future of this stock?
Please let me know if we can buy more for avg. or book loss.
1. Welspun India is a textile company with 10 rupees face value.
2. 52 week low of this share is 28.50 and share touch 116 as it 52 week high, now this rally is cool down and welspun India makes new low day by day.
3. As usual you may trap near about 52 week high I again request my reader please do not invest on news basis or when share already run 3-4 time from his 52 week low.
4. EPS of welspon India is 15.73 and P/E 5 only so this point is good.
5. Promoter holding in welspon India is 48.03 percent they increase there holding from 41.97 percent to 48.03 percent FII holding is 7.37 percent FII also increase there holding. This is shown that you may no need to book loss.
6. Welspun India gives dividend 1 rupee per share. June 28 is record date for dividend
7. I not advice to average out this share but give you a good strategy try to sell ½ of your holding above 90 and then wait 2-3 months and try to buy these ½ quantities again below 60. This is my style of smart trading I use it many time and find successful in 80 percent case so this strategy is not 100 percent safe.
8. Book value of welspun India is 91.70
9. Overall my view is quite positive on this stock and if you are my old reader then you knew I am bullish on textile sector in near future and hold a huge quantity of arvind ltd. I have no any share of welspun India ltd.

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