Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Jaiprakash Associates Ltd : good fundamental

Dear Mahesh ji,
Can u tell me fundamentals about JP associates, is it good to buy at this level 113-115, at present it is almost at lower level of 52 weeks. I can hold upto 6 months, shall i buy JP infra or JP associates.
Best Regards,
Mahendra Singh
1.shareholding pattern of Jaiprakash Associates Ltd is good because promoters hold 45.97 percent and FII hold 23.76 percent .
2.face value of Jaiprakash Associates Ltd is rs 2 book value 29.35 only so share is still 4 time higher from his book value.
3.Jaiprakash Associates Ltd make his year high 179.82 at 21 oct 2009 .
4.jp associates decalare dividend 0.54 for this year
5.We think this is a FII favorite stock with good fundamental but traded in correction phase after bonus.
6.when this share make his new highs about 245 then technical analysts say on TV that chart is strong… good support…. buy at every dips….remember technical is always fail in this market in long term. Read our article about TV analysts on this link
how analysts on TV confuse investors .
7.JP associate ltd will included in nifty in oct 09.
8.overall i think this is a good company but i not like to invest in it because of his rest period after recant bonus ( generally i saw when a company give bonus share, after x bonus share may enter in a rest zone (low movement zone for 2-3 year)

Monday, August 30, 2010


Mahesh ji,
Please give your opinion on the following stock
JMDE Packaging
Is this a good company to invest in?

Currently it has had a small bull run? Will it sustain?

1. JMDE PACKAGING & REALTIES LTD is a Containers & Packaging company with 1 rupee face value.
2. JMDE PACKAGING & REALTIES LTD currently traded at 0.86 and makes his 52 week high of 1.05 at 25 august 2010 I think I late post this reply and when you ask this question this share would traded at 1.00 and now movement is down.
3. Promoter holding is 28.69 % in JMDE PACKAGING & REALTIES LTD normal promoter holding.
4. Book value of JMDE PACKAGING & REALTIES LTD is -0.19 please do not ignore –ve sign
5. At 24.08.2010 bulk deal of 300000 shares is happen in sell side @1.01 so i think big player is try to get rid this share at every rise
6. Share spilt in March 2010 and I think it will take time for a fresh bull run so currently my view is “avoid” for JMDE PACKAGING & REALTIES LTD.
7. My holding is NIL in JMDE PACKAGING & REALTIES LTD. for penny stocks read my blog http://mypennyshare.blogspot.com/
key words:- F&O tips online share market intra day tip

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

revew on ashco niulab

Mahesh Ji,
ASHCO has announced reverse split from 1/- to 10/-. I’m holding 556 no’s at 0.90. What will be the effect of this? What should be my action? Moreover ICICIDirect has blocked trade in this scrip it seems
Ask by shri Rajeev Daniel
I give my negative view on ASHCO NIULAB INDUSTRIES LTD on following link
but Ashco Niulab Industries Ltd Board of Directors at its meeting held on August 09, 2010, have approved the consolidation of equity shares from 10 Equity shares of the Company of Re. 1/- (Rupee One) each to 1 Equity Share of Rs. 10/- (Rupees Ten) each, subject to approval of members / shareholders, MCA, and any other regulatory bodies, if any.
After reverse split it seems positive because it reduces number of shares and low share quantity always beneficial for price. But 0.75 is a great buying price not current price 0.85 is safe and remembers after this spilt share may stop trading for few weeks due to new share issuing process.
Icici direct not banned ashco niulab icici direct code for this share is DATIND.

my holding is nil in ashco niulab industries.


I notice [1] ADVANTA and [2] NMDC quite attractive to buy on long term basis atleast TWO years, what are your views ?
Narendra Amin

Narendra amin ji today we discuss only one of your share NMDC1. NMDC LTD is a 1 rupees face value share of mining industries in BSE group A.remember face value of this share is 1 rupees only so if we compare current market price 252 to 10 rupees face value than it is 2520 so share price is very high at currant leval.2. 52 week high of NMDC LTD is 571.8 and 251.05 is 52 week low.3. book value of NMDC LTD is 29.35 book value of share is very low if we compare it to market price of share.4. Promoter holding is 90 %and FII holding 0.42 percent. this is a government of India enterprises and main reasons of high pricing of MMTC and NMDC because very low quantity of shares hold by genaral public so price is increased due to demand supply theory.5. EPS of NMDC LTD is 8.69 so current P/E is 28.99. I think 160-180 is a fair price range for it if we discount it EPS to P/E of 20-257. LIC MF hold huge quantity of this share (please do not ask me source of this point because mutual funds may change there holding in trade)
8. I have no any share of NMDC.

Sunday, August 22, 2010


1.Panoramic universal ltd is an IT software company with 5 rupee face value.
2. Book value of panoramic universal is 12.21
3. company have good promoter holding of 74.40 percent and also give 1 rupee to 2.5 rupee dividend per year so shri ravinder vats ji ask me that what is the reason of company under performing.
4. ravinder ji panoramic universal give 5:1 bonus share recently ( 22 June 2010 ) this means 5 bonus share every 1 share held this bonus issue dilute company equity , dilute company EPS and also dilute coming dividends, so this is the reason of company underperforming.
5. we think after a big bonus issue any company enter in a rest period for 1-2 year read more detail about effect of bonus issue in
So I think you may wait 1 year before fresh rally in this share is start
6. I receive so many e mail per day but answer only 1 -2 mail per day so I feel sorry for all of you that you mail me but due to time shortage your reply is not publish. But your mail and faith give me a new energy for work I try my best to included maximum mail.

Saturday, August 21, 2010


As you knew that equity SIP is my main concept and I am very happy to say you that my favourite concept of eqity SIP now offered by “icici direct “ to his custmors. I think it is prove my past article that say icici direct is one of best online trading platform which provide his customer good service.
When you make a SIP in equity:-
It helps you to make  disciplined investments
also Helps you in spreading and averaging your cost of purchase
it Removes the risk of timing the market

it Accumulates wealth by investing smalls sums regularly
it reduce  the risk of market volatility
But there are a main negative point for icici direct equity SIP that there is no change in the brokerage rates for Equity SIP transactions. Brokerage rates and applicable charges applicable for Equity SIP transactions would be the same as your cash transactions.
And you knew that brokerage of icici direct is very high and without brokarage rebate this SIP offer is sense less

Thursday, August 19, 2010


Hello Maheshji,
Could you please analyze Peninsula Land when you can spare time and advise whether it is a good buy for long-term?
1. Peninsula land is a 2 rupee face value realty company.
2. FY 09-10 EPS of peninsula land is 10.42 so share trading at attractive P/E of 6
3. Peninsula land promoter holding 53.65 % FII holding 20.24 %
4. Book value of peninsula land is 46.54 so fresh buying is good after a fall and near about 55 or below 55
5. Peninsula land ltd website is www.peninsula.co.in
6. I found peninsula is a good fundamental company but as my style I wish to buy it below 55 for a safe buying at present my holding is nil in this company
key words:- trading intra day F&O online

Monday, August 16, 2010


Hello MaheshJi,

Thank you for your wonderful service.

The script BOM: 531683 (Ankur Drugs and Pharma Ltd) is trading at its 52 weeks low (138.95). More than 20 % is lost in its share value in a matter of few days. Some time back all the news was positive on this stock.

I am planning to buy this stock at current or lower levels for holding up to a maximum of 6 months period. I am a little concerned because of its recent fall in value. Please tell me your views on this stock

Thanking you in advance,

Deepak Kumar
1. Ankur drugs ltd is a 10 rupee face value pharmaceuticals company with BSE group S
2. Book value of ankur drugs is 135.64 so share traded below his book value.
3. Today ankur drug ltd touch his New Year low 111.20
4. In 13.08.10 we see bulk deal of 92000 shares in sell side and if we see currant market depth (my new concept) it is clear cut distribution pattern mean big player sell his stocks and small investor buy them. It is negative point for ankur drugs in short term.
5. In June 2010 promoter holding is 32.52 % and in March 2010 it is 37.45 % so promoter also dilute there holding in ankur drugs ltd (very negative point)
6. I think one could avoid this share for 6 months. (I may be wrong but my view is not positive in ankur drugs ltd)
REVIW ON SUZLON ENERGY: - I think you may remember my post about suzlon, in this post I give my view on suzlon and say I buy it if suzlon come below 50. I think in coming trading session suzlon enter in my buying range and I try to buy my first 100 share @48
Read this post on this link

Saturday, August 14, 2010


Hello Maheshji,

Please tell me the future of Indiabulls Power. Again, I am a long term investor and can wait for many years 2,3,4,5 or 10 years.
Thanks a ton.
Ask by pravesh jain

1. India bulls power is a power company traded at 27.30 near his year low 26 ( year high 45.30)

2. book value of India bull’s power is 17.49 so share traded above his book value.

3. promoter holding 58.61 % FII holding 11.17 % is good

4. at 11.02.2010 bulk deal of 1.05 cr. Share is seen at sell side @31.30

5. company is good , management is good and if you are ready to stay in this share for long term then no need to worry yoy will get good returns but if this share come below 16 ( not sure but if come in any great fall) then average out your quantity.

6. this is my view only not an advice.

7. my holding is nil in this company

Friday, August 13, 2010


One more stock has come on my radar - Graphite India. I think its good company with sound fundamentals ( what I like the lost is the reducing debt for last 4yrs and increasing net profit for the last 3 yrs, excellent dividend yield of 3%)
I think at CMP its fairly valued.
But do you think it can be a potential multi-bagger for long-term say 3-5 yrs.
Thanks In Advance,
Ask by vikas bargale
1. graphite India ltd is a 2 rupee face value share, this share is belong to BSE 500 index
2. book value of graphite India ltd is 64.38 currently traded at 99
3. 52 week high of graphite India ltd is 111.90 and year low 48.60
4. EPS of FY 09-10 is 13.58 so share traded at P/E 7.5
5.promoter holding is 62.69 % FII holding 8.89 %
6. this year graphite India give dividend of 3.50 per share and continue give dividend near about 3 rupee per share per year.
7. but in 06.08.2010 bulk deal of 79.41 lac shares in sell side is happen in graphite India it is a concern for short term.
8. one other point that graphite India launches a Voluntary Retirement Scheme (VRS) formulated by the Company at its graphite electrode plant at Bengaluru, more than 50% of the workmen/staff submitted their applications . WHY ? if staff is sure about future growth then they never give VRS application. I think this is also a concern.
9. I think wait this share below 60 for making fresh buying.
10. My holding is nil in graphite India ltd.

Thursday, August 12, 2010


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Wednesday, August 11, 2010


Hi Sir,
I have 140
Tata Motors bought @ 739. Could you advise me that what is the target price? Should I hold until the company publish the Q1 results or sell it?
Best Regards,
Hridhya Prajeesh
1. Tata motors are a well known auto company of Tata group.
2. As you see all Tata group companies is posted good result and well appreciated by market. 3. But my thinking is some negative on Tata motors.
4. First reason that I am bearish on banking and auto sector because they all ready run well.
5. Second Tata sons chairmen “RATAN TATA” is retired soon and it is market hobby that he beaten down companies where big management change is happen (for a short time)
6. So I think my view is negative on Tata motors .

key words:- F&O intraday online trading


Dear Mahesh Bhai,
Please give your views on Infinite computer Solutions.
It is just 10 Rs above IPO price and can post EPS of 22-24 this year?
Can we buy in small quantity?
1. Infinite computer solution (India) ltd is an IT software company with 10 rupee face value related with BSE 500 index.
2. 52 week high of infinite solutions India ltd is 222.90 and year low is 152.75
3. EPS of FY 09-10 is 11.20 and I do not think this share will post EPS of 22-24 in this year
4. Promoter holding 63.82 % FII holding15.62 % show good share holding pattern
5. New issue of this share come in 11 Jan 2010 and in my style I do not invest in a company which have newly listed in market, I wait at least 1 year before investing so I think it is good to wait and watch this share before making new investment.
6. IPO price band of infinite solution ltd is 155-165 and share traded at 170 I think there are still some downside remain so if me in your side then I wait for a lower price.
7. Read IPO prospectus of this company in this link
8. This share is not in my personal holding.

key words:- F&O buy sell hold tip intraday online trading

Monday, August 9, 2010


Mahesh Ji,
Please let us know your views on Educomp Solutions from long term prospective.
1. Educomp solution is an education company. Face value of educomp solution is 2 rupee.
2. Year high of educomp solution is 1017 and year low 441
3. Promoter holding in educomp solution is 49.83 % and FII holding is 36.89 % and DII holding 1.61 % this is the reason of high pricing of educomp solution because only 14 % share available for small investor
4. FY 09-10 EPS of educomp solution is 23.61 so shares traded at P/E of 29, I think very high valuation
5. Book value of this share is only 40.32
6. Due to low book value and high valuation I think one could avoid this share for some time.
Key words: - intra day buy sell future option F&O tips


Respected readers,
As your faith and love on this blog. I try to start 2 new blog related with financial sector first on mutual funds name “MAHESH KAUSHIK VIEW ABOUT MUTUAL FUNDS” on following link
Second blog is related to insurance sector in following link
I think you already knew my penny share blog which may be convert as paid service from 01.04.2011 onwards,( only for invited paid users) till this date this blog is available for free view
Thanks for your support and faith on my blogs
Mahesh chander kaushik

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Wednesday, August 4, 2010


Dear Sir,
Can I apply to BAJAJ CORP IPO for listing gain...........?
Sir, you are doing very good job. I hearty thank you for your free advice.........
Jignesh Sanghavi

1. In my style of investing I always avoid new IPO because in my past experience I always see that in one year market decide re valuation for stock and it available below IPO price.
2. I think you may remember my blog post about NHPC when his IPO is come I say I buy this share below 28 (IPO price is 36) and after 1 year I saw it price below 28 and advice all of you for right time to buy NHPC.
3. it happen many time with me when parsvanath ltd is listed and traded above 550 I say buy it below 100 and after that in great crash of 2007 it touch 40 ( now at 123)
4. But you want to play for listing gain then I think this is “yes” because Bajaj corp. it not such bad share that could not given listing gain.
5. Read full draft and red hearing prospectus of Bajaj corp. ltd in this link
Key words: - can I subscribe Bajaj corp. ltd IPO.recomandation online trading buy sell hold tips intra day

Tuesday, August 3, 2010


In my previous articles I warn my investor for rei agro ltd on following links

In this article I discuss my negative view about rei agro and ltd but unfortunately after my article this share is run 10 % in a single day

so one of my reader is feel very angry after read it , he comments on this post in the name of anonymous ( I think he did not knew that all visitors IP address track by site meter) his comment included lot of illegal words and un parliament language for me.
This is the first time for me that I face such type of words on my blog.

I never delete a negative comments is it use legal language but this comments include illegal words so I delete it and enable comments moderation for all of my blogs.
Now REI AGRO LTD is down 35% and traded on his year low so market again prove my view. And I think one could still avoid rei agro ltd at currant price.
Key words:- buy sell tips on rei agro ltd future and option intra day bse NSE

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