Saturday, March 24, 2012


Hi Maheshji, can you suggest few penny stocks which have the potential of being a multibagger in 15-20 years time. I want to have those for my 4 year old daughter.
Soumen ji
Hi Maheshji,
Can you please suggest 10 purely long term stocks (3-5 years), presently available at quite attractive price ? ask by balchandera ji
1. respected soumen ji and balchandra ji , first of all it is not fair to play with penny stocks in hope of daughter future read these articles for details
2. Now i tell you some of my top picks for long term ( click on stock name to read details of particular stock )
i. ARVIND LTD ( still good at 80+ target 140 in 3-6 months and in long term still hold for great price)
3. you can also track my own buying selling and hold list at this link of my website
discloser:- arvind ltd is in my personal holding and my direct indirect interest is included all of these stocks and mutual funds which describe in this article.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012


Maheshji,I am holding Mastek for more than a year now and the holding price is around 233.
Can you please suggest if I should be averaging at this point. Also could you throw some light on stop loss and profit booking mechanism to be followed by a retail investor as in my case Mastek had touched 450 after I bought the share but was not able to cash in the opportunity.
Thanks & Regards
1. Mastek ltd is a 5 rupee face value IT stock.
2. year high of MASTEK LTD is 136.75 and year low 73
3. MASTEK LTD is in loss and company EPS is negative.
4. MASTEK LTD promoter holding 42.65 % and FII holding 19.13 % which is normal.
5.  MASTEK LTD  book value is 139.78 so your purchase price 233 is above book value .
6. For stop loss and profit booking mechanism i invent a BASE PRICE THEORY which is publish soon on my website ( my personal website with custom domain name is under construction so please wait till work on this website is complete after that i provide you URL of my new website. ).
7. my view for  MASTEK LTD is negative to HOLD in short term. or book partial  loss at every rise than buy it again if fall below 80 .
8. i have no any stock of  MASTEK LTD.

Saturday, March 17, 2012


Please let me know the target you think for Reliance for next 3-6 months?
ask by Ramprasad .
1.Dear Ramprasad ji , three year ago at march 2009 when reliance trade near 1700 than i give a target of below 800 in this blog and i will be happy that market prove my theory .
2.but now at below 800 so RELIANCE INDUSTRIES IS A STRONG BUY NOW.
3. it is not magic that you will bulk buy in a rush and think you will be rich soon please keep in mind it will take 2-3 year to get price again 2500-4000 so buy in a SIP method is best plan. please keep in mind that book value of reliance industries is only so if any big fall came in this year then it will touch near but long term target ( 2-5 year is 2500-4000 )
4. Reliance industries ltd is a 10 rupee face value stock year high 1065.55 year low 687.55 with promoters holding of 44.71 % FII holding 17.03 % DII hold 11.35 % so all of these criteria are good.
5. i have no any stocks of reliance industries ltd.

Saturday, March 10, 2012


Hi, thank u for Ur great job for the common peoples .NOW my question- i am a small cap investor and ready to wait for next 5 or 8or 10 years with strong fundamental stocks. what is Ur
long term target prize of southindian bank?( people say 100 or 150) if my stockselction is wrong then pls suggest me 4 or5 stocks with bright future with low risk..DILITH NM
1.South indian bank is a 1 rupee face value stock so currant price 25 is not very low price because if we compaire it any 10 rupee face value banking stock than it is 250.
2. south Indian bank net profit and EPS is increasing on Q by Q basis so i think it is positive.
3.year high of south Indian bank is 28.30 and year low 19.55 it is also positive.
4.PROMOTER HOLDING IS NIL FOR SOUTH INDIAN BANK and India Capital Fund Ltd hold near 9 % stake in this bank click here to see complete fund holding from BSE site so i think if you buy this stock than it is good to book a short term profit in range of  30-40 but avoid it for long term.
5. book value of south Indian bank is 14.96 so this buy target is only for short term investor fair price of stock is 12-13 only.
6. i have no any stock of south Indian bank ltd.

Thursday, March 8, 2012


tell me about resurgere mines.Is it good to invest in this share ask by anonymous
I already give my negative view for resugere mines ltd so please read these view at following links and I am still negative


what is your view on zicom electronis as on 27.12.2011 @28/= ask by anonymous
1. Zicom electronic security system is a 10 rupees face value share related to BSE “B” group.
2. Promoter holding in this company is 21.62 percent and FII holding is 4.73 percent promoter increase his holding from 18.35 percent.
3. In last 5 year this company gives 0.70 to 5 rupee per share dividend percent dividend. Dividend yield is very good.
4. Heavy bulk deals are shown in this share so this is a nagative point
5. This Company sale its Electronic Security System Business to Schneider Electric India Pvt. Ltd. (Schneider) as a going concern on "slump sale" basis.
6. i give my nagative view on this share when it traded near 130 and after my view  it is come on 25.75 ( year low ) So I think if one couled fancy in this stock then time to start accumulating.
7. My holding is zero in zicom electronic security system.


Hello Mahesh ji,
I want to start SIP for Rs.5000/per month into 3 Mutual funds (like, Rs 2000 * 1 ,1500 * 2) for 5 years. could you please tell me which mutual fund is best?
1. Yes for your first 2000 i think you choose INFRA BEES for details of infra bees click here.
2. Next 1500 will be added in HDFC TOP 200. for detail click here.
3. Third 1500 will be added  in BANK BEES for detail click here.
4. I think you will be happy to follow this wealth creation plan.
5. Please remember author of this blog is not a registered financial advisor. i am also a small investor like you and share my view only.

Sunday, March 4, 2012


Please share your views on Avon Corporation CMP-2.15 FV-10 BV-15.8, EPS-2.3 PE-0.28 regular dividend paying company. niche sector? i bought at 4.75 around 1.5lakh shares. is it worth investing? plz reply ASAP ..thanks and regards..Venu.

1. Avon corporation is a manufacturer of scales worldwide.
2. it is a B  group company with 10 rupees face value.
3. avon corporation promoter holding is 16.97percent and they increase it from 11.67 %  FII holding nil although promoter holding is not very good but attractive for a take over target and i like increasing promoters holding.
4. avon corporation continue to give dividends in year 2009 0.20 per share and year 2010 dividend 0.30 per share 2011 dividend 0.10 per share i like this continue dividend paying.
5. year high of avon is 6.59 year low 2.59 currant price 2.86
6. book value of this share is 15.26
7. youe EPS is wrong this year EPS is 0.27 only till dec 2011
8.  avon corp Raise funds through public issue of Secured Non Convertible Debentures ("NCDs") of Rs. 175 Crores this is a negative point because this make it high debt company and avon corporation plan GDR issues it may be dilute equity . 9. overall avon corp is a penny share so it is very hard to analyse a penny stock on behalf of his fundamentals , when we look year high year low ratio than it is avoid or book loss but if we see increasing promoter holding and good book value than it is hold.
key words:- trade forex gold

Saturday, March 3, 2012

IFCI Tax Saving Infrastructure Bonds (2011-2012)

Hello Sir,
Thanks for so much information sharing on personal finance through your blog.
I would request for your guidance on IFCI Tax Saving Infrastructure Bonds (2011-2012), the issue for which closes on 16th Jan 2012, I came across this information via the Blog
Can you please suggest us, how to analyse Offerings of different companies floating Infrastructure Bonds ?
Vishwanath Rao
1. sorry sir for too late reply when last date of your issue is gone.
2. You may read my former article for best infrastructure bonds for tax saving at following link
click here to read best-infrastructure-bonds-for-80-ccf.
3. for knew that how to buy these bonds through icici direct read this article
click here to knew how-to-buy-ncd-or-ifci-idfc-iifcl-bonds from icici direct
4. ICICI DIRECT now provide a NCD list link in his equity trading page.

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