Saturday, June 29, 2013

Update on Cals Refineries Ltd.

Respected Mahesh ji, I wish to know about future of CALS Refinery. Shall we hold on this stock or book loss and exit. ask by deepi saini. 
1. Deepi saini is a registered user of my book the winning theory in stock market , deepi ji if you complete my book then please provide your feed back that may be help me in next version of book. 
2.Cals Refineries Ltd is a 1 rupee face value refinery ( petro chemical ) stock which traded at 0.10 
3. Year high of Cals Refineries Ltd is 0.19 and year low 0.10 4. Promoter holding in Cals Refineries Ltd is 2.81 % ,promoters reduce their holding from 2.92 % 
5.Deepi ji , now i come on main point, you already lost most of your investment in cals refinery so it is not wise to book loss in this last point because in this point risk rewards ratio is in your favor so if you able to take delisting loss then i tell you three major sign of reversal in this stock 
a. After a long period stock report net earnings from operations 0.72 million. 
b. No bulk deals in last 2 years so downside is now stable. 
c. Year high/ low also stable below 2 as i told in my book. 
6. Overall Cals Refineries Ltd is not a strong company and may be delisted but above 3 sign of stability show a good risk reward ratio so i not advise you to book your loss at this last point. regards

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Suven Life Sciences Ltd: AVOID

Dear Mahesh ji, I am regular reader of your Blog,let me know your thoughts on suven life sciences, I have 500 shares of this company, its have some patent of drugs, promotors also increased from 63.44 to 64.06, is it good performer  can I wait or exit this stock.ask by khanna 
1.Suven Life Sciences Ltd is a 1 rupee face value pharmaceutical stock. 
2. Year high and year low for Suven Life Sciences Ltd is 35.25 amd 13.75 stock traded at 23.60 this ratio is below 2 but suitable because stock not traded near his year low. 
3.As you already research well that Promoters of Suven Life Sciences Ltd increased their holdings from 63.44 to 64.06%. 
4.Suven Life Sciences Ltd is a dividend paying stock and pay near 0.30 rupee per share dividend per year. 
5.Only one negative thing that chart of Suven Life Sciences Ltd show a downtrend stock just hit his 200 DMA ( see chart below)so after a short uptrend stock may show a long term downside so be cautious and book your profits in any rally.

 Source of Chart shown here is 
6. I have no any share of Suven Life Sciences Ltd.

Monday, June 24, 2013

Vikas Wsp Ltd: Blast in guar gum bubble.

Sir Ji, what is your view on vikas WSP? Thanks in advance. -Srini 
1.Vikas Wsp Ltd is a specialty chemical company of 1 rupee face value actually this company is main producer of guar gum powder which is exported to many country so last year when guar gum price is bubble then price of Vikas Wsp Ltd also bubble. 
2.Year High of Vikas Wsp Ltd is 76.55 and Year low 18.15 , stock traded just on year low so bubble of guar gum price and Vikas Wsp Ltd price is blast.
 3. As you knew my theory that if any stock year high/ year low ratio is more than two then it is good to avoid the stock. 
4. Promoters of Vikas Wsp Ltd hold 24.89 % FII hold 5.53 %, which is normal. 
5. Vikas Wsp Ltd stock show many bulk deals which is a sign of speculation activity so this the another reason to avoid this stock , see details of these bulk deals in this link
6. So overall I think you may avoid Vikas Wsp Ltd. 
7. I have no any stock of Vikas Wsp Ltd.

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Brokerage charges in stock trading ( ICICI DIRECT AND SBI CAP)

Dear Mahesh ji, Can you please let us know how brokerage is calculated when buying equities. Is there any difference in service charges if u buy a Stock in NSE Vs BSE. If I see, calculated charges are not uniform always. Can you please provide your views? Thanks & Regards M Rajkumar 
M rajkumar ji 
Brokerage charges in not depend on trading platforms like NSE or BSE it always depend on your broker for example if your broker is Icici direct than see complete brokerage plans of Icici direct here 
Click here for brokerage charge for icici direct
If your broker is SBI CAP SEC than see brokerage plans here 
Mahesh Kaushik

Sunday, June 16, 2013


Dear Mahesh, What is your view on Birla Power solutions? Some of my friends suggested investing in Birla power equity. As the company was facing labor issue, so it was performing badly but now as labor issues are resolved it is expected to post excellent results. Ask by Rajul mehrotra.
 1. BIRLA POWER SOLUTIONS LTD is a 1-rupee face value invertors and genset maker company actually it is not a power generation company BIRLA POWER SOLUTIONS LTD make invertors and gentsets. 
2. BIRLA POWER SOLUTIONS LTD is a small indo next script. 
3. Year high of BIRLA POWER SOLUTIONS LTD is 0.47 and year low 0.17 this ratio is more than 2 so I think stock may not perform well in coming years. 
4. Promoters holding in BIRLA POWER SOLUTIONS LTD is 1.08 % only and promoters reduce their holding in every quarter-to-quarter. are you think promoters of Birla power are foolish. Why they sell their stocks every quarter? 
5. So my view is still negative for Birla power solutions. 
6. I have no any share of Birla power.

Sunday, June 9, 2013

Maruti Suzuki Hold

Dear Mahesh ji, I am having 10 shares of Maruti Suzuki @1480 Rs. After the results the stock has moved up and hits 52-wk high. Whether i can book profit or wait for some more time. Thanks & Regards M Rajkumar 
1.Maruti Suzuki India Ltd is a 5 rupee face value car and utility vehicles company. 
2.Year high of Maruti Suzuki India Ltd is 1773.45 and year low 1065 stock traded at 1555 which is good ratio. 3.Promoters holding in Maruti Suzuki India Ltd is 56.21% and they increase their holding from 54.21% which is also good. 
4.Maruti Suzuki India Ltd is a good dividend paying stock recently declare 8 rupee per share dividend so i not find any negative thing in stock i think you may continue wait for some more time or book your profits than buy it again at any lower price.

Review on NALCO

This review is about earlier article of NALCO this blog, I quote "Promoters holding in NATIONAL ALUMINIUM CO.LTD is 81.06% promoters reduce their holding from 87.15 %" about this view my 2 reader’s 
1.Ramesh babe mattupali wrote me that "Reducing stake of promoters may be as per the recent guidelines of SEBI in case of NALCO. Please look into the matter" and 
2. Rajiv Daniel wrote me "I think the promoter holding is being reduced because of standing orders from SEBI. Please let me know your opinion. 
I check the matter and find that promoters of NALCO is government of India and they sell stack due to disinvestment policy of government companies so they get money for government vote making schemes like MNAREGA and Pension plans and subsidies so I think you may still avoid government companies.

Sunday, June 2, 2013


Respected readers,
at 31-08-2009 i recommended singer india ltd @30.55 for multibagger returns, read this article at this link
 I am happy to say that stock give 340 % returns within 3.5 year holding and price of singer india ltd at 30 nov 2012 is 134.25
But some of my readers not book profit @ 134 and they just wait my sell call for this multibagger.
I request you that it is not possible to give a buy or sell call every time so i think currant price 105 is not bad for book profit still 250% profit remain for you.
I think you may re investment some of your profit in gujarat sidhee cement ltd which have same story of singer india ltd ant this stock may be give us a multibagger returns in coming Years , for details of guj sidhee story visit my web page 
discloser:- guj sidhee cement ltd is in my personal holdings.


Dear Mahesh Jee, Thanks for your view about Hindalco Industries. As per your advice, I postponed my idea to sell this stock. Sir now my question about Nalco. I purchase 300 share of Nalco @ 40. what's your view about this stock. may I hold it for long time like 2 3 years or book profit when its goes above 40. What your target for 2 year prospective. Regards! Manoj Singh Kathmandu. 
1. Nalco is a 5 rupee face value aluminium stock which is traded at 33.75 
2. Year high of NATIONAL ALUMINIUM CO.LTD is 63.72 and year low 32.70 , stock traded near his year low which is a bearish sign. 
3.Promoters holding in NATIONAL ALUMINIUM CO.LTD is 81.06% promoters reduce their holding from 87.15 % so if you read my book than you understand that reducing in promoters holding is a negative sing for stock health. 
4.National Aluminium Company Ltd has informed BSE that the Board of Directors of the Company at its meeting held on May 27, 2013, have recommended for payment of final dividend @ Rs. 0.50 per share on the equity share capital (10% on face value of Rs. 5 each) in addition to interim dividend of Rs. 0.75 per share already paid during March, 2013 on equity share capital (15% on face value of Rs. 5 each) subject to the approval of shareholders in the ensuing 32nd Annual General Meeting. 
5. So i think you may look a exit after getting dividend and in a rally, due to reducing promoters stake it is not advisable to hold this stock.

Dhanlaxmi Bank Ltd: HOLD

 Sir, What your view on Dhanlaxmi Bank Ltd. Holding 100 Stocks @ 56Rs. Can I hold this stock. I Can wait for 1 to 2 years. Thanks in advance Varshini 
1. Dhanlaxmi Bank Ltd is a 10 rupee face value Banking company. 
2. Year High of Dhanlaxmi Bank Ltd is 73.30 and Year low 40.10 stocks traded at 40.30 So Year high\ low ratio is 1.83, Year high/ year low ratio is normal but the stock traded just on year low, we like a share when year high/low ratio is below 2 but the stock traded near year high. 
3. Promoters of Dhanlaxmi Bank Ltd Hold Nil %, FII hold 31.26 % and DII hold 32.71 % so Promoters holding is nil and FII, DII holds most of the stocks. 
4. Dhanlaxmi Bank Ltd last year gave 0.50 paisa per share dividend. 
5. No bulk deal recorded in Dhanlaxmi Bank Ltd . 
6. Overall Stock is not very good but due to increasing FII holding and low equity I think if you hold 1-2 year than you get a profitable exit but in short term stock may trade near 25-35 for a long period . 
7.I Have no any share of Dhanlaxmi Bank Ltd.

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