Sunday, February 27, 2011


Dear Mahesh Kaushik,
Please share your views on First Object Technologies. What is the earning potential of this company? Thanks in advance.
Jagdish Jorwal

1. First object technology is an IT software company with 10 rupee face value.
2. Year low of first object technology is 15 and year high 38.90 currently traded at 17 but book value of first object technology is 9.80 only and in 14 July 2009 share traded at 7 only.
3. At 19 Feb. 2010 ************* advice to buy this share at price of 32.44 read ******** advice in this link

4. So most of investor trap in this share neat 35 and I give my negative view on this stock in July 2010 read this former article at

5. Now check again promoter holding is still low it is 17.49 % only and no institution interest in this share.
6. First object technology has received permission from exchange for the proposed scheme of arrangement and amalgamation of M/s. Preschool Analytics Pvt. Ltd.
7. Company proposes to launch "First Medical School online e-education portal" by the end of March 31, 2011.
8. First object technology has successfully completed divesture of its stake in its 51% held subsidiary M/s. Tractel Solutions Inc
9. But I have still concern about first object technology and chart of this stock still show downtrend so I think it is good to avoid this stock , I have no any share of first object technology.

Thursday, February 24, 2011


How r u and hows ur work going?I am planning to buy Punj Lloyd 100 shares and ivrcl infra 100 shares. Punj llyod I know but I want to know more abt the fundamentals for Ivrcl infra I like tht stock n I think I can provide good returns in a year time.Can you please give me ur opinion abt it.. Please…..if u can reply early I m planning to purchase it before budget.Regards,

1. IVRCL infrastructure and projects ltd is a 2 rupee face value infra company,
2. Book value of IVRCL infrastructure and projects ltd is 69.30 and currently traded at 68.45 i think this time is right time to buy infra companies , because most of infra companies traded below his book value and near his book value. In 2007 infra companies traded 3X to 5x in there book value and every analyst advice to buy them for a long term view? I wonder why they change his language now?
3. Year high of IVRCL infrastructure and projects ltd is 194.30 and year low 60.25
4. Promoter holding only 9.52 % and FII holding 57.22 % i think FII may take over this company but low promoter holding is always a negative sign for stock.


Monday, February 21, 2011


Hi Mahesh,
I got stuck with bedmutha around Rs.250, iam holding 450 Nos...... shall i wait or average or sell it?....
Kindly advice.

1.Bedmutha Ind is a new listed company
2. Face value of bedmutha industry is 10 rupee . Bedmutha Ind is an iron and steel company.
3. Promoter holding in bedmutha interties is 56.66 % and FII holding 14.24 %
4. Bedmutha Ind. Is a new listed company and in my general rule never invest in a new listed company till 1 year because after 1 year market settle company real price on his fundamental.
5. Bedmutha ind. down from 286.90 and year low only at 77 this is very bad sign and I think bedmutha Ind share may show further downtrend.
6. Huge bulk deal at price of 81-82 also shows that share may show more downtrend.
7. So I think you may wait 1 year. I have no any share of bedmutha interties

Monday, February 14, 2011


Hi Mahesh,
Mahesh, what is your view on "Bartronics" is going down it time to buy?
ask by shri hashmi

1. bartronics India ltd is a misc. Commercial service company with 10 rupees face value.
2. 52 week high for this share is 167 and 52 week low is 59.05 currently share traded near 67 and under perform this market .
3. The Company proposed expansion of MCD Aapke Dwar Project (Government to Citizen (G2C) services) beyond MCD Areas.
3. bartronics India ltd have approved the resolution to issue and allota. 22,00,000 Equity Shares and 63,00,000 Warrants convertible into Equity Shares of Rs. 10/- each at a premium of Rs. 222/- each to promoters and promoter group.b. 4,93,065 Equity Shares and 20,00,000 warrants convertible into Equity Shares of Rs. 10/- each at a premium of Rs. 152.25 each to non promotersUnder Section 81(1A) of the Companies Act, 1956 by way of Preferential Allotment.
This point show promoters believe in there company so they increase there holding @ 232 so currant market price 149 is not bad for general investor I think it is good to buy in this share in every fall but share show short term downfall so not to buy all of your position at once because there are chance to touch more lower level.
4. huge bulk deals in bartronics india ltd shown operators interest in bartronics stock.
5. Due to his low promoter holding 27.40 percent bartronics always show operators and speculation interest.
6. Book value of this share is 99.25 so this is a value buying at currant level .
7. Overall my view is positive on this company because increase in promoter holding @232 is a good point but weakness on monthly chart, lake of heavy projects (only one projects MCD apke dwar is a dream projects for company), is partially nagative points.
8. debt/equity ratio is 1.79 is also show a high debt company.
KEY WORDS:- buy sell hold tips intraday future option F&O in bartronics india target for march 2010

Friday, February 4, 2011

LAKSHMI ENERGY AND FOOD LTD:look sound but negative

Dear Maheshji,
Thank you for posting such a nice briefing
I have Lakshmi Energy & food scripts. Kindly, give your valuable thoughts on this script as it was offering buy back in past also, but till date nothing has worked out.
Expecting your valuable thoughts.

1. Lakshmi energy and food ltd is formally known as lakshmi overseas industries ltd BSE code for this script is 519570.
2. Lakshmi energy and food ltd (lakshmi overseas ltd) is a 2 rupee face value share currently traded at 48 so price of lakshmi overseas ltd is near about 240 if we convert it for 10 rupee face value.
3. 52 week high for lakshmi energy and foods ltd is 152.90 and 48.20 is 52 week low.
4. Book value for lakshmi overseas ltd is 102.28 so it is a vale buying at CMP
5. Lakshmi energy and food ltd is basically a rice company but company use rise husk for making power, lakshmi energy and food ltd is setting up a power plant of 30 MW capacities. This plant will use 100% captive husk to generate 30 MW power. The power plant is going to be the first of the four plants company will install. Total generation capacity will be 105 MW in 3 to 4 years.
6. Promoter holding 44.97 % and FII holding 12.59 % in lakshmi energy and food ltd.
7. So fundamentals is good for lakshmi energy and foods ltd but I still worry to see this company valuation and share price negative pattern so I think this share may give price of 58-65 in upper side if market run from here, but I do not aspect multiple return from this script and my view is negative for this script even if good book value and other fundamentals because I think technical pattern and business model of this script is not very sound.
8. I have no any share of lakshmi energy and foods ltd.

Thursday, February 3, 2011


Mahesh Ji,
I wish to buy an Oil Company Share in this low market times. Which one you suggest. What is your opinion about IOC?
Rajeev Daniel

1. Rajeev ji i think oil and sugar is a govt controlled commodity and you lost golden chance to buy oil companies share 2-3 year ago when they traded on his all time lows.
2. This is govt policy that when they think rise money from follow up issues and election is so far then they partially decontrol petrol price remember oil prices is not fully decontrold in india.
3. so i think govt regulation may affact PRICE of oil and sugar companies shares.
4. So my view is negative for oil companies shares at CMP
5. I have no any shares of oil companies.
6. After these follow up issues and continue uptrend in inflation i think it is risky to buy oil companies shares.

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