Friday, August 30, 2013

Facor Alloys Ltd:Good but wait till year high/low is below 2

Whats your view on "Facor Alloys Ltd" is it advisable to purchase it. ask by Ravi. 
1.Facor Alloys Ltd is a 1 rupee face value Iron and steel company. 
2. Facor Alloys Ltd currently traded at 1.34 year high of Facor Alloys Ltd is 3.30 year low 1.24 this ratio is slightly negative because it is above 2, but i think year high/ low ratio soon down below 2 . 
3.Promoters holding in Facor Alloys Ltd is 46.55% DII holding 0.03% 
4.This is a penny stock but in my research i am not find any negative side about facor alloy ltd , No pledged promoters holding , No nay bulk deal in last 2 years, low equity also suggest stock is ready for a speculative run. 
5.So this time my view is positive about Facor Alloys Ltd. But if you read my book then you knew that it is wise to wait untill year high/low ratio is stable below 2 so track year high/low ratio closely and buy it if this ratio stable below 2 
6. I have no any share of Facor Alloys Ltd.

Wednesday, August 21, 2013


1. Empire Industries Ltd is a small cap diversified company with 10 rupee face value currently traded at 457. 
2. Empire Industries Ltd is a small cap company it means the total number of stocks is low so this is the main reason of company high valuation because when the total number of stocks is low then EPS is high and stock get a higher valuation . 
3. Year high of empire ind is INR 764 and year low INR 423.45 and the stock is continuing to downtrend. 
4. Promoters holding in Empire Industries Ltd are 57.46 % and DII holds 17.40 % 
5. Empire Industries Ltd gave INR 24 per share dividend last year. 
6. Empire Industries Ltd net sell is low near 280 Cr per year has only 59,99,998 share so this is the reason of high valuation and high EPS, high Dividend but at the price of 457 this is very risky to buy this stock for a long period right time to buy this stock is the year 2003 when this stock is traded at 6.30 only. 
7. In 1999 Empire Ind traded at INR 2.30 only and in 2011 stock touch INR 1010 and after that empire Ind is continuing in downtrend so I think you may avoid this stock I have many low price stocks like firstsource , Guj sidhee cement, Arvind Ltd, Blb Ltd, Manali Petro, pricol, national plastic etc which I think traded at a lower valuation and may be coming multi bagger if anyone have enough patience to hold them for some years. Visit my website for more detail or read my book to knew how to choose a multibagger stock at his lower valuation. 
8. Some of stocks which I recommended in point 7 is in my personal holdings so ask your financial adviser before investing in these stocks.

Sunday, August 11, 2013

Bilcare Ltd: Avoid

Hello mahesh ji. This is reddy, what is your view on bilcare ltd. Ask by Anand Reddy. 
1. Bilcare Ltd is a 10 rupee face value Healthcare Supplies company. 
2. Year High of Bilcare Ltd is 267.30 and Year low 36.40 stock traded at 42.45 So Year high\ low ratio is 7.34, Year high/ year low ratio is very abnormal where this stock down more than 80% stock traded just on year low, we like a share when year high/low ratio is below 2 and stock traded near year high. 
3. Promoters of Bilcare Ltd Hold 32.61 % FII hold 1.51 % and 1.33 %hold by DII so Promoter's holding is normal. 
4. Bilcare Ltd last year give2. 00 Rupee per share dividend. 5. Recent heavy bulk deal recorded at 21.03.13 Bilcare Ltd So, this is a sign of speculation normally I avoid a stock which has a recent bulk deal in last 2 years. 
6. My overall view is negative due to 80%+ downside from year high and recent bulk deals.
7.I Have no any share of Bilcare Ltd.

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Ashok Leyland Ltd :Wait

Namasthe Mahesh ji, Could you let me know your views on Ashok Leyland. I have 350 shares at an average price of 26/-. I am long term investor viz 3 to 4 yrs  Can i buy more quantity at this price or should i wait some more time. Thank you Goverdhan 
1.Ashok Leyland Ltd is a 1 rupee face value commercial vehicals company. 
2.Ashok Leyland Ltd traded on his year low @ 11.84 Year high of Ashok Leyland Ltd is 28.70 so this situation is very bad and i always avoid a stock which down more then 50 % from year high and traded near on year low. 
3.In June 13 company turn in to a loss making company. 
4. Promoters holding in Ashok Leyland Ltd is 38.61% and FII holding 17.07% which are normals. 
5.So i think Ashok Leyland Ltd is not a bad stock but due to his technical weakness you may wait some time for fresh buy. 
6. I have no any stock of Ashok leyland ltd.

Thursday, August 1, 2013

Indiabulls Wholesale Services Ltd: Wait and Watch

Mahesh... Can I have your view in IBWSL? Ask by Big B 
1. Full name of IBWSL is Indiabulls Wholesale Services Ltd which is a commodity trading and distribution company. 
2. Indiabulls Wholesale Services Ltd is a 2 rupee face value company currently traded at 12.35 
3. Year high for Indiabulls Wholesale Services Ltd is 17.70 and year low 7.11 , year high/ low ratio is below 2 so this is a negative point in my concept of investing. 
4. Promoters increase their holding from 37.49% to 39.01 % which is good. 
5. Stock shows a recent bulk deal which is also negative in my concepts. 
6. So overall I think the stock of Indiabulls Wholesale Services Ltd has more downside is remain and my view is wait and watch for this stock , stock is good due to increasing promoters holding buy recent bulk deals and year high/low ratio suggest that we can wait for a lower price before we buy it. 
7. I have no any stock of Indiabulls Wholesale Services Ltd. Do not forget to read recent update of my stock recommendation about pricol ltd at here

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