Wednesday, May 30, 2012


I want to buy windsor Machine around 11  What is your advise? ask by shri deepesh ji

1.WINDSOR MACHINES LTD is a 2 rupee face value stock and WINDSOR MACHINES LTD recently spilt from 4 rupee face value to 2 rupee face value at 17.06.2011 and company also make a reduction in his share capital, reduction in share capital is positive in long term.
2. promoters holding in WINDSOR MACHINES LTD is 74.79 % which is good.
3. year high of WINDSOR MACHINES LTD is 32.40 and year low 10.65 so this ration is more than 2 in my theory of investment this ratio is a negative ratio it means stock may not give you decent returns in coming 1-2 year.
4.this is a sick company and as per BIFR order rearrange his equity capital for more detail download read and this BIFR documents from BSE site
5. so overall it is not wise to invest in a sick unit
6. i have no any stock of windsor machines ltd.

Saturday, May 26, 2012


Namaste Mahesh ji,
What is your opinion about Rei agro? I bought 10000 shares by investing entire money. Now in a very distress condition. Please post your opinion on this stock.
1. pandiya ji i think you are my new reader because in this blog i warn about downtrend in rei agro when it traded @ 28 read these former articles at these links
2. Rei agro is 1 rupee face value stock so i think price of stock is still high read more about face value at here ..learn about face value.
3. Book value of Rei agro is 24.23 so i think stock is a value buy If available below 10. I think in coming 2 year stock of Rei Agro will be available below 10 and then I publish it on my penny share blog
4. Never buy stocks in such a bulk quantity because stock market is not a tool of easy money making it is a tool of easy money loosing. always use my shopkeeper approach  to stay long in market. those who not read my shopkeeper approach read my book for more details.
5. PROMOTERS HOLDING  in Rei agro ltd is 47.70 %
6. I think you already see lot of downside so it is not wise to book loss only wait and watch for a rally to exit from it. if i am in your side i try to exit in SWP method means divide my stocks in 12 equal quantity and after every 3 months ( quarter) i sell 1/12 of my holding either in loss or profit ,soon i write a detail article on SWP METHOD OF LOSS BOOKING IN A STOCK in my website
7. I have no any stock of Rei agro ltd.

Saturday, May 12, 2012


i am holding s kumar at 87 what should i do- ask by anonymous
( i request to my readers that" please give your name in your question-mahesh kaushik)
1.S. KUMARS NATIONWIDE LTD is a 10 rupee face value textile company.
2.year high of S. KUMARS NATIONWIDE LTD is 70.65 and year low 22.10 and stock traded at 26. so when i analysis this ratio of year high and year low than it is show that you may be not get your buying price 87 again in coming 1-2 year.
3. But when we see promoter holding of 48.59 % and promoters increase his holding from 45.74 % than it is good. can visit S. KUMARS NATIONWIDE at this link
5.Book value of S. KUMARS NATIONWIDE LTD is 47.86 so your buying price is very high.
6. i am not authorized to give an advice to you but i tell you my thinking that if i am in your side than i sell my holding at currant price and start a 1000 per month SIP for 2 year in same stock to recover my loss in this script.
buy sell tips for s kumars nationwide ltd target of s kumars nationwide ltd june July 2012 long term target of s kumars nationwide ltd.

Tuesday, May 8, 2012


Maheshji, please enlight me about Edserv Softsys. Is it good for investment? Thank you, Srinivas
1. EDSERV SOFTSYSTEMS LTD is an IT training company with 10 rupee face value.
2. year high of EDSERV SOFTSYSTEMS LTD is 150.95 and year low 18.15 so as my formula " when year high/year low ratio is more than 2.5 than we will avoid this stock for next one year."
3. promoters of EDSERV SOFTSYSTEMS LTD continue reduce there holding in company in march 2011 it is 24.52% and than 15.59 % and 12.63% now promoters holding in EDSERV SOFTSYSTEMS LTD is 5.88% only so this is a clear AVOID.
4.Book value of EDSERV SOFTSYSTEMS LTD is 62.80 and due to continue reducing of promoters holding i fear to converting it in to a penny stock.
5. overall my view is negative for EDSERV SOFTSYSTEMS LTD and i have no any stock of EDSERV SOFTSYSTEMS LTD.
6. At 21.01.2012 i give my view on this stock so read my earlier view on this link 

Monday, May 7, 2012


Hi sir
what will be future price of indowind energy for next month and when it will come in 2digits price
1. Indowind energy ltd is a 10 rupee face value penny stock ,with BSE group B script code 532894.
2.Indowind energy ltd is an electric utilities company.
3. Book value of Indowind energy ltd is 19.50 , stock traded at 5.50
4. year high of Indowind energy ltd is 36.65 and year low is 5.20 , Indowind energy ltd traded near his year low and as i describe in my stock market book that this type of year high low ratio show stock in enter in a long term bearish zone so i think one could avoid investment in this stock in coming 1-2 year.
5. promoter holding in indowind energy is 32.69 % , promoters increase there holding from 27.96 % so this a positive point.
6. visit Indowind energy ltd website at
7. my view is positive in long term but in short term i think wait next one year than review this stock, i have no any stock of indowind energy ltd.
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