Thursday, May 30, 2013

Nagarjuna Oil refinery Ltd. (NORL): AVOID

Dear Mahesh ji, I am a regular reader of your Blog, let me know your thoughts on Nagarjuna Oil refinery Ltd. (NORL). , This refinery is under construction now and scheduled to be commissioned in April what is your view to invest in this stock for long term 2-3 Years. Baswant Kumbhar 
1. Nagarjuna Oil refinery Ltd. (NORL) is a 1 rupee face value Exploration & Production company. 
2. Year High of Nagarjuna Oil refinery Ltd. (NORL) is 8.03 and Year low 2.75 stocks traded at 3.09 So Year high\ low ratio is 2.92, I think you knew that I not like a share which year high/ low ratio is more than 2 .
3. Promoters of Nagarjuna Oil refinery Ltd. (NORL) Hold 38.25 % FII hold 1.06 % and 2.02 hold by DII so this ratio is normal, But promoters pledged his 73.80 % holdings this means company has a high debt it is the main reason for such a low price and I do not like stocks with pledged promoter holdings. 
4. Nagarjuna Oil refinery Ltd. (NORL) never give dividends. 5. No bulk deal recorded in Nagarjuna Oil refinery Ltd. (NORL) . 
6. Overall my view is negative for NORL due to year high low ratio , pledged promoters holding and non dividend paying concern.
7.I Have no any share of NORL

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Compact Disc India Ltd:Downside is remain.

hello sir, i have certain high loss stocks. 1) Compack Disc - 300 @ 67 , Nw MP Rs 5. 2) Ferro Alloy - 500 @ 42, Nw MP Rs 4.5 3) GTL infre - 200 @ 45, Nw MP Rs 2.5 4) Ib sec - 200 @ 60, Nw MP Rs. 10. I am planing to make average and get my cost down by buying each 1000 shares expect ib sec, and ibsec 200 share. do you think i should avg as i am using a lot of money.? Or what should i do.? ask by shimnit 
1. Shimnit ji you ask 4 stocks at a time so as per rule and give chance to others today we discuss only one of your share compack disc ltd. 
2. Shimnit, please do not invest more than 5000 in a single stock at a time, their are 500+ good dividend paying stocks in Indian market so why not we diversify our portfolio with lot of good dividend paying companies, you can follow my portfolio at or download list of all dividend paying companies of indian stock market at this link 3. Compact Disc India Ltd is a 10 rupee face value stock. 
4. Year high and year low for Compact Disc India Ltd is 29.55 and 5.49, if a stock down more than 50 % within a year then i unlike this stock. 
5.Recent hike in Compact Disc India Ltd is due to promoter stake hike . Pariscope Financial Advisers Pvt. Ltd., a promoter group Company has purchased 28,358 equity shares of the Company during the last week from May 06, 2013 to May 10, 2013 
6.Promoters holding in Compact Disc India Ltd is 24.71 % this year and promoters increase it from 19.43% , this is a good point. 
7. Net revenue of Compact Disc India Ltd is zero which is a great negative point for stock. 
8. Overall my view is negative for Compact Disc India Ltd due to zero sells and no profits plus year high/low ratio also suggest that downside in Compact Disc India Ltd is remain. 9. I have no any share of Compact Disc India Ltd.

Sunday, May 12, 2013


Dear Mahesh ji, I brought Indo Bonito Multinational Ltd shares 2 years back. But now the stock is not traded in BSE. Can you please let us know why this stock is not trading.Also suggest how to sell these shares. Is there any chance that this stock will trade again in the market. Can you please provide to suggestion. Thanks & Regards M Rajkumar 
1. When a company not follow stock index guidelines and involve in illegal activities like insider tradings and make false demand of stocks than stock exchanges suspended these type of company due to penal reason. 
2. One other kind of suspension called " Suspended due to procedural reason" this type of suspension is a temporary suspension due to merger , de merger, change in face value. stock of gujrat sidhee cement is suspended due to procedural reason and may be re listed again with new ISIN number. 
3. Stock of indo bonito ltd is suspended due to penal reason. 
4. Other danger thing that indo bonito not renewal domain for his website after 30 aprail 2013. 
5. For off market selling of your stocks give you stock transfer and registrar adress , please sent your quary about indo botino limited to this stock transfer and registrar :- 
Sharepro Services India Pvt Ltd
 Satam Estate,3rd Floor, 
Chakala , 
Andheri (East),Mumbai,Maharashtra,400099

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Tv18 Broadcast Ltd: AVOID

Maheshji, what is your view about TV18 broadcast as a long-term investment? Srinivas
 1.Tv18 Broadcast Ltd is a 2 rupee face value broadcasting company. 
2.Year high of Tv18 Broadcast Ltd is 38.45 and year low 15.09 stock traded at 29, which is normal. 
3. But promoters of Tv18 Broadcast Ltd dilute there stock holding from 59.76 % to 57.04% and if you read my book then you knew that i not like dilution in promoters holding. 
4.Tv18 Broadcast Ltd give 2 right issue at 
17/09/2012 Right 41:11 
and at 
04/03/2010 Right 3:10 
so as my book i also avoid a share at leat 2 year after a bonus issue , stock split and right issue. 
5.Tv18 Broadcast Ltd also show bulk deals which is a sign of speculation for me so i think you may wait for fresh buying in Tv18 Broadcast Ltd.

Jaiprakash Associates Ltd v/s Punj lloyed ltd

Dear Mahesh ji, Whatz your view on Jaiprakash Associates at this levels(around Rs 63). Thanks & Regards M Rajkumar
 1. Jaiprakash Associates Ltd is a 2 rupee face value construction and engineering company. 
2. Year high of Jaiprakash Associates Ltd is 106 and year low 58.05 stock traded at 76 , this ratio is normal. 
3. Promoters holding 44.76 % which is diluted from 46.72% so dilution in promoters holding is a negative point. 
4.Due to dilution in promoters holding i think you may consider punj lloyed limited instead of Jaiprakash Associates Ltd. 
5. Punj lloyed limited is in my personal holdings so this is my dis-closer.

Saturday, May 4, 2013


Dear Mahesh ji, I am regular reader of your Blog, let me know your present thoughts on ZYLOG SYSTEMS LTD ,as it is trading around  52 Weeks low. I want to invest around 10000/- on this stock for long term.ask by Khana ji
 1.ZYLOG SYSTEMS LTD is a 5 rupee face value IT company. 
2.Year high / Year low for ZYLOG SYSTEMS LTD is 340/37 means near 9 which is very very danger please refer my book where i quote " Good stocks never down more than 50 % within a year. 
3.Promoters of company sell their stocks and dilute their holding from 42.53% to 33.90 % , i think promoters are not foolish they understand much batter about his company. 
4. In NOV 12 stock of zylog systems so many bulk deals read click here to see these bulk deals. bulk deals are sign of speculation activity ( For detail read my book "The winning theory in stock market")
5.So my view is negative for zylog systems ltd due to his year high and low ratio, reducing in promoters holding, and many bulk deals. I think you may choose Firstsource solutions ltd which is my top pick of these days for long term like Arvind ltd.
6.I have no any stock of zylog system ltd, But Arvind and firstsource is in my personal holdings.

Jai Balaji Industries:AVOID

Sir, Please let me know your thoughts on Jai Balaji Industries. It is trading in all time lows for the past one year.Can we buy this stock ay CMP? Thanks in advance Varshini 
1-Varshini ji Jai balaji industries is a 10 rupee face value iron and steel company traded at 26.75 
2-Promoters Holding in jai balaji industries ltd is 52.04% FII hold 4.03% 
3-Jai bala ji industries is a loss making company in last some quarter jay balai industries make losses in his balance sheets. 
4-Year High of jay balaji industries is 44.20 and year low 23.20 , ratio is near danger zone.
5-Net revenue of company is also down quarter by quarter. 
6-So overall i think jay balaji industries is an AVOID at CMP. 
7-I Have no any share of jay bala ji industires ltd.

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