Sunday, January 30, 2011


HI Maheshji,
First let me congratulate you for doing such a wonderful job even without a penny. Honestly speaking initially i wasn't very sure that you do some much research to help others but by going thru so much advices you have given in past i'm really impressed. You are really a honest guy.
I'm not sure whether you will get a chance to look on my request but just want to have your opinion on my script. Just 2-3 months back i bought Alok Industry 10000 shares with avg. price 31 Rs. and this investment is for next 5-7 years. Am I right in my investment. Can you please share you in depth advice.
Thanks in advance!!
1.Deepak JI,my view is nagative for alok industries and possitive for arvind ltd I recommended arvind ltd since it traded @ 12 only and arvind ltd is my fancy share also. It is give 550% return in 1.5 year of my recommendation


2.alok industries is a 10 rupee face value textile company.
3. book value of alok industries is 34.68 so it is still a value buy and you may get your buying price 31 again .
4. some of market analysts recommended alok industry instead of arvind ltd but they forget that market is always right because alok industry is a high debt company and promoters of alok industries pledged his 58.48 % holding ( source : BSE shareholding pattern of alok September 2010 ) instead of this arvind ltd promoters have reduced the pledged shares by 98% from around 4.69 crore shares as on March 2010 to only 7.7 lakh shares as on September 2010.( In rupee term, the pledge has been reduced from over Rs250 crore to less than Rs5 crore.) and you may happy that now arvind ltd promoters have only 0.84% pledged share.
5. So this is the main difference of alok industry and arvind ltd that alok debt is high with high % of promoters pledged share and arvind ltd continue to repay his debt and reduce his pledged share quantity.
6. I think you may sell alok industries near 33 and shift to arvind near 63.
7. Discloser: - arvind ltd is my fancy share and I hold share of arvind ltd so my personal interest is included in this article so please read this article in this prospective.

Saturday, January 29, 2011


Dear Sir,
Good evening.
Let God Meenakshi's Blessings always with you.
Can you give me your opinion about Centum Electronics ltd, which I bought at 210 Rs.a big quantity?
Expecting your Valuable reply,

1. CENTUM ELECTRONICS LTD is a 10 rupee face value share traded at 103.Centum Electronics Ltd is engaged in the manufacturing of advanced microelectronics modules, frequency control products and resistor networks.
2.Centum Electronics Ltd is a banglore base company Year high of CENTUM ELECTRONICS LTD is 149.65 and year low 71.10
3. Promoters holding of CENTUM ELECTRONICS LTD are 56.93 % is normal.
4. Book value of CENTUM ELECTRONICS LTD is 61.90 so i think near 70 is fair value for this stock
5. Overall I think you buy this share on a higher valuation and CENTUM ELECTRONICS LTD is shown clear downside movement so my view is negative for CENTUM ELECTRONICS LTD. i have no any share of centum electronics ltd.


Dear Sir,
I am new market and reading your blog from past 6months.
after seeing your analysis on many stocks, i would like to know you views on DMC Education and Dolphin Medical Service ltd( foraying into infra).

1. DMC Education Limited, formerly DMC International Limited, is an India-based education company.
2. DMC education ltd is a former realty company and current education company with 5 rupee face value.
3. promoter CONTINUE REDUCE THERE HOLDING holding in DMC EDUCATION from 61.52 % , to 55.08 and 53.96 % and i think you knew that this is a great nagative point.
4. 52 week low is 8.69 and 52 week high is 26.70 for DMC EDUCATION share traded near 12 so it is not bad BUT BUYING BELOW 8 IS MORE SAFE.
5. bulk deals show that operator interest in this share.
6. book value of this share 10.21
7. so overall my view is nagative for DMC education ltd. and due to speculator interest it may be risky. KEi have no any share of DY WORDS:- FREE TIPS FOR INDIAN SHARE MARKET FUTURE AND OPTION DAY TRADING FUNDAMENTAL TECHNICAL

Wednesday, January 26, 2011


Namaste Mahesh sirji,
How r u and howz ur work going?
As you already know I am a great fan of ur analysis and visit your blog everyday. And you have replied to my questions before also.
I have another question for you sir……..please help
I want to invest in a fundamentally strong company which can be a multibagger in future but today it should be available at dirt cheap rate. I know punj llyod is one of thm can you let me know more such companies.
Waiting for your reply.

1. Respected saffudin ratlam wala ji I remember your last question about ramswarup industries, these day I try to settle my work load at my new posting place tehsildar office nohar distt hanumangarh Rajasthan so I feel sorry to all of my readers that I am unable to reply all of e mails but I try my best to reply my maximum readers.
2. Now we discuss ten multibagger shares which I like most.
3. MTNL, TATA COM and REL COM these three telecom company traded below his book values and I think in coming 2-3 years when 3G revenue comes in their balance sheets ten these companies may give 200-300 % returns easily.
4. As you knew ARVIND LTD is my fancy stock which I describe earlier on this blog.
5. I think PUNJ LLOYED price rise 30 % per year, for coming 10 year. So below 100 this is a good long term buy.
6. SASKEN COMUNICATION and ROLTA seem to coming Wipro and Infosys.
7. RELIANCE POWER is hold for target of 450.
8. I think SUZLON ENERGY AND NHPC is also coming multibagger
9. Please consult your financial adviser because equity is always risky and my optimistic view on these shares may be wrong, I hold most of these companies like arvind ltd tata com mtnl reliance com nhpc reliance power sasken communication etc so my personal interest is there.

Sunday, January 23, 2011


Dear Sir,
I am one of the share holders of M/s. Piccadily Agro Industries Ltd. When I was in Ooty, I have purchased their shares and gave Ooty address at that time. Now I have moved to Kumbakonam. Hence, I have sent a letter to them to change my address in their record and requested them to inform me the same. But, till date I have not received any reply from them and still the letters are sent to Ooty address only.
Therefore, I request you to send me their admin e-mail address OR General Manager e-mail address.
Thanking you in anticipation.
Yours sincerely,
K. Athmanathan

1. Dear mr. k athmanathan ji I think you not change your d mat account address from NSDL or CDSL so if you change your d mat account address then all of your holdings registrar automatic change your address in share holder folios.
2. In this purpose your DP or bank where you open d mat account provide you an application form. Fill this form and attach address proof then deposit it in to your DP
3. If your d mat account is in icici bank or icici direct then download change address in d mat account application form with this link

4. Otherwise contact your d mat service provider for apropiate form
5. Please write again if any other help in this purpose required.

Saturday, January 15, 2011


Dear Maheshji,
I made some investment in Kale consultants, the owners of the company had sold stake to Accelaya few weeks back. As the strike price was higher I thought the price will go higher but it went down drastically. I want to know your view if I can hold the stock for long term or I need to book loss now. I can hold the stock for long as well, I am following your thought process that not to book losses.
Thanks so much in advance,
you’re truly,

1. Jayesh ji kale consultant is a loss making IT Company with 10 rupee face value.
2. Year high of kale consultant is 168.70 and year low 79.80 share traded at 100 only.
3. I think After the acquisition by Accelya Holding World S. L. share is cool down for 1-2 years
4. In November 2010 we see huge bulk deals above price of 150 and after that we see this great fall so my view is bearish in this situation
5. Kale consultant is a good company but may underperform market in coming 1-2 years so I think if you have patience to hold this stock for 3 year then no problem but in not than I think shift to INFRA BEES for recover your losses and then start accumulate again this stock in SIP method for 2-3 year.
6. I have no any share of kale consultant ltd.


As you knew that arvind ltd is my fancy share since this share traded @12. When arvind ltd traded @12 this blog advice to buy a huge quantity of arvind ltd for making multiple gains and now most of investor make 500 % profit in this share.
Now most of my followers ask me about future of arvind ltd. It is very hard to advice a fancy stock becase hungary cow always see green grass. So I try to give my future concept about this share but please do not forget that 80% of my portfolio is cover by this single stock so my personal intrest is there so I may be wrong or overdescribe arvind ltd.
In the fifth edition of Vibrant Gujarat Summit Arvind Ltd, signed MoUs for residential township projects worth Rs 2,500 crore, so value unlocking of its real eastate business is start now. And other divisons of telecome, engineering, retail value unlocking also start in coming 3 years.
To day arvind ltd have 170 retail store but plan to extand his retail store 500 till 2014
And promoters also continue increase there holdings so I think wait a big boom in coming 3 year arvind may give unbelievable of unexpected returns.
Arvind ltd is in my personal holding so my intrest is there please read disclaimer before take any action this is not a buying advice because share market is always risky and I may be wrong in some cases

Wednesday, January 12, 2011


Hello Maheshji,
Thank you very much for the very clear fundamental views that you are providing in your webiste/blog. I apprecaite your service .
If time permits , please give your views about " Exelon Infrastructure Ltd ".
Thanks again.

1. Exelon infrastructure ltd is basically an edible oil company and company name realated with word “ infrastructure” such type of situation mostly find in penny stocks traded below 20.
2. Exelon infrastructure ltd is a T group script with 10 rupee face value P/E 15.41 EPS 2.80 all is normal.
3. Promoters continue reduce there shareholding in exelon infrastructure ltd from 36.01 % to 20.03 % this point is very nagative.
4. 52 week high of excelon infrastructure ltd is 62.90 and 52 week low 13.00 so this type of situation show “end of rally”
5. This month some bulk deals happen in this script so this point is also nagative because mostly i see that after these type of bulk deals share enter in long term bearish zone.
6. Book value of exelon infrastructure ltd is 19.47 so i think fair value of this script is below 20
7. So my view is total nagative for exelon infrastructure ltd. Read disclaimer before take any action i have no any share of exelon infrastructure ltd.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011


NSE shifting RAMSARUP from rolling segment (series: EQ) to trade for trade segment (series: BE). Can you please explain in your blog regarding different segments in stock exchanges and their significances
Rajeev Daniel

1. Rolling Settlement is a mechanism of settling trades done on a stock exchange.
2. The settlement of majority of trades done in 3 days scrip-wise netted and settlement of such netted trades took place on a single day in the following week. And called T+3 cycles, intraday trading is allowed in rolling segment.
3. However, in the Rolling Settlements, trades done on each single day are settled separately from the trades done on earlier or subsequent trading days. The netting of trades is done only for the day and not for multiple days.
4. Once any scrip is shifted to Trade-to-Trade basis, transactions in the scrip are not netted and all purchase and sale transactions in the same scrip in single settlement are to be settled separately. For example, the trading and settlement in securities of ramswarup industry Ltd. have been shifted to Trade-to-Trade. An investor has bought 100 shares of this company in the morning and he squares off purchase of these 100 shares by selling the same in the trading hours on the same day. In this case, his purchase and sale transactions would not be netted and the investor would be required to give delivery of 100 shares against his sale transaction and payment for the purchase transaction of 100 shares.
intraday trading not allowed in this segment.
5. Generally A and B group share are settled on rolling basis . S, T ,and Z group share is settled in trade to trade basis.

6. exchange shifted scrips in trade to trade segment for control speculaton

Friday, January 7, 2011


Dear Sir,
It is now trading at 25.
Is there any thing permanently wrong with company? Are they going to be bankrupt OR vanished or what?
Can we buy now. What is your view on the same again?

1. ramswarup industries is an iron and steel company with 10 rupee face value.
2. book value of ramswarup industries is 162.95 so this share is a value buy at CMP 23
3. only two nagative events down this stock badly one promoter holding reduce from 75.89 % to 49.42 % and second in sept 2010 result company show net loss near 34.97 cr.
4. CMP of share 23 is near his year low 19.85 so risk reward ratio is also low. and accumulate it below 20 if availble.
5.i think ramswarup industries is a good fundamental company . company work on increase capacity or upgrade his kalyani and durgapur divison. so i think if you have patiance for 1-2 year then it is arvind ltd story.
6. visit company website at
7. i have no any share of ramswrup industries

Thursday, January 6, 2011


I am reading your blogs continuously pls advise on spice mobility. I want to purchase. Is it safe entering at this level? Pls advise also on City Union Bank. Is it good to buy for period of 1 year? Ask by shri manish tayal

1. Spice mobility ltd is an S group company with 3 rupee face value, very odd face value because most of our stocks in market have face value of 10, 5, 2 or 1 rupee. Relation with S group is a negative point because if S or T group share traded above 100 rupee then it may be risky.
2. 52 week high of spice mobility is 152.05 and 52 week low 32.05 another negative point because share traded at 111 so I think current market price is very high.
3. Recently spice mobility acquire 100 % stake in kimman exports ltd so price of this share is driven by this news.
4. Spice mobility not declares his promoter holding after March 10 so I think it may be risky to invest at this level.
5. Book value of spice mobility ltd is 7.69 only so my view is complete negative for this stock I have no any share of spice mobility ltd.

Monday, January 3, 2011

15 year investment plan for girl child

Hello Sir,
I want to invest in RIL (Reliance Industries) for 10 years. I also have Reliance Capital in my buying list. Should I wait for correction or should I start buying now. Please Please suggest me some good fundamentally strong companies. I want to save this money for my daughter's marriage. She is one year old only. Last time also u did not suggest me any stock. Iam ur big fan and have blind faith on u.
Thanks & Regards
Deepak Sharma.

1.deepak ji equity is always risky so please do not invest your girl child future capital in equity. I give you example suppose after 10 year something is wrong happen in Indian politics and market crash badly for next 5-7 year. In this situation you got nothing from equity.
2.So I suggest you PPF account in name of your twin Childs in PPF you got 8 percent sure return and income tax rebate on contribution also. I think PPF is best plan for your girl child future.
3.I have 2 girl child also and I already open there PPF account and only my spare money which I am able to lost invest in market.
4.i remember that few month back same question ask me by shri rajesh sharma , hello rajesh ji if you read this article how are Anushka and Visakha ?
5.however deepak ji i think you may make a SIP in NHPC for 10-20 year if you still want to invest in equity but avoid reliance


Please let us know your views on Balkrishna Industries. I am planning to invest some money 20-30k in this stock.
Amarendra Bhaskar

1. Balkrihna industries ltd is a 2 rupee face value rubber tyre company and I think current price 128 is very high in term of 2 rupee face value and reason for this high pricing is that balkrishna industries ltd is a low equity stock related to BSE group S where price of stock is easily speculated.
2. Book value of balkrishna industries ltd is 68.36 so I think this is not a value buying in this price.
3. EPS of balkrishna industries ltd is 107.96 in year 09-10 this is good but share traded near his year low and I think this is due to Increase in Authorized Share Capital of the Company from Rs. 25 Crores to Rs.50 Crores. (Equity dilution like ramswrup industries story).
4. Balkrishna industries ltd Promoter holding 54.37 % FII holding 15.03 % DII holding 15.50 % but I think something is wrong in this script because this is making new low everyday when market making new highs.
5. Balkrishna industries ltd is highly dividend paying company in last 3 year pay dividend in range of 6-7 rupee per year.
6. My view I negative but if you are so fancy in balkrishna industries then buy in SIP method for 2-3 year view and prepare to see price near 70.
7. I have no any share of balkrishna industries ltd.

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