Monday, January 3, 2011

15 year investment plan for girl child

Hello Sir,
I want to invest in RIL (Reliance Industries) for 10 years. I also have Reliance Capital in my buying list. Should I wait for correction or should I start buying now. Please Please suggest me some good fundamentally strong companies. I want to save this money for my daughter's marriage. She is one year old only. Last time also u did not suggest me any stock. Iam ur big fan and have blind faith on u.
Thanks & Regards
Deepak Sharma.

1.deepak ji equity is always risky so please do not invest your girl child future capital in equity. I give you example suppose after 10 year something is wrong happen in Indian politics and market crash badly for next 5-7 year. In this situation you got nothing from equity.
2.So I suggest you PPF account in name of your twin Childs in PPF you got 8 percent sure return and income tax rebate on contribution also. I think PPF is best plan for your girl child future.
3.I have 2 girl child also and I already open there PPF account and only my spare money which I am able to lost invest in market.
4.i remember that few month back same question ask me by shri rajesh sharma , hello rajesh ji if you read this article how are Anushka and Visakha ?
5.however deepak ji i think you may make a SIP in NHPC for 10-20 year if you still want to invest in equity but avoid reliance


  1. mahesh ji..i m very big fan of ur blog.i wanna share my view on 15year investment plan for girl child.Instead of PPF i think one should go in SIP of Mutual Fund.
    1.Long term capital gain free
    2.Any critical emergency u have liquidity option
    3.Investing in all the BSE200 Stock in the form of UNITS




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