Sunday, January 22, 2012


Mahesh jii, idid not find last month (Dec) SIP advice -ask by thanveer ji
Every third Sunday of month i advice a fundamental strong group A share for one year SIP and i believe after 1 year of SIP one can easily get 15% to 50% return in this type of fundamental buying.
in last some days my wife is seriously ill. she is suffer from malaria+liver failure+pneumonia. so i am in a serious trouble since last one month and do not update this blog regularly so last month you would not found this fundamental SIP stock.
now god is answer my pray and she is come back from mouth of death . now she is OK.
this month top 10 undervalued stocks are

we already start a SIP in sr. no. 1 to 5 so AMTEK AUTO IS THIS MONTH FUNDAMENTAL BUY
DISCLOSER:-my personal interest is included in all of these stocks

Saturday, January 21, 2012


Dear Mahesh Ji...Do you still think Gold prices will fall below 22000 Rs anytime in the future? Is there any reason to fall? Kindly advice me. ask by anonymous.
Good Afternoon Maheshji, I just shocked with your assumption of getting down of gold price to 8000. How it is possible. Actually I asked you one question yesterday about Gold ETF, that is actually for my Daughter's future need. Then is it better to start an RD account except GOLD ETF ?
It is quite interesting, I want to know how the Gold price will come down to such a price as almost all countries will maintain their reserves in Gold. SO the demand will continue even for years but your opinion is contrary to it. Sir, let me know it is very much interesting and eager to here the reason ask by shanker ji
Dear Mahesh Ji...I am a regular reader of your blog. I have read your views on gold. I am very glad to hear that it will come down to 8000 range. Is there any calculation or any fundamental thing which you can tell us why this gold and silver will fall in the future? Thanks and regards, ask by anonymous.
1. first of all i give my former post link , which is about to gold price falling below 8000 . so if you not read this former post please first read this for understand the situation of these lot of queries about gold price fall?
2. now i tell you my calculation first of all please remember this simple formula " MARKET IS ALWAYS CYCLIC" this means up trend and down trend are common nature of market nothing is traded in one sided in market.
3. some of my friends argue to me that "sugar " is traded now at 34 and before few years it was traded @17 rupee only so as my formula MARKET IS ALWAYS CYCLIC can sugar price fall again @17????? oh i explain these friends that " we consume sugar and destroy it to stool can you eat gold? and why not it is possible ? in govt controlled shops sugar still available @18-20 for BPL families. suppose if any healthy alternate of sugar will invent than why not sugar price will be down again?
4. other reason of my calculation is world bank sell most of his gold stock to India govt? why? is economists of world bank is foolish?
5. next reason in a south Indian temple a huge gold stock is found and most of our temples have huge gold stocks suppose if govt or temple authorities sell this stock in open market?
6. now final and very strong reason of my calculation that gold loan in India is very popular in last 3 years and most of Indian ladies ornament is mortgaged to these gold loan companies when gold price start falling from any reason and fall below 20000 than no one repay his gold loan because gold loan companies give these loans @2400 per one gram. in this situation this gold loan companies is also turn as a seller of gold to prevent loss.
7. once this downtrend trigger than F&O traders in commodity market will also short sell gold in future market.and all of these situations will move gold price to 8000.
8. i may be wrong but wait gold price to 8000 for making gold ornaments of my wife.she is also believe on my calculation and she is also wait...?
9. shanker ji open PPF account for your girl child read detail article on PPF account in this post


Dear Mahesh sir.
I am holding 2000 shares of edserv soft @ rs.250,now it is trading @ 60,what shall i do,can i average now at this price or hold it.what are the future prospects of this company.
1. EDSERV SOFTSYSTEMS LTD is an IT training company with 10 rupee face value.
2. year high of EDSERV SOFTSYSTEMS LTD is 162.40 and year low 38.80 so as my formula " when year high/year low ratio is more than 2.5 than we will avoid this stock for next one year."
3. promoters of EDSERV SOFTSYSTEMS LTD continue reduce there holding in company in march 2011 it is 24.52% and now promoters holding in EDSERV SOFTSYSTEMS LTD is 15.59% only so this is a clear AVOID.
4.Book value of EDSERV SOFTSYSTEMS LTD is 62.80 so that is good but i think stock will not recover in short term periods due to other indicators, so if you want to start averaging out the stock than buy it gradually.
5. overall my view is negative for EDSERV SOFTSYSTEMS LTD and i have no any stock of EDSERV SOFTSYSTEMS LTD.
6. GOOD NEWS:- i invented a BASE PRICE SYSTEM IN STOCK MARKET this research is near about complete and result of research is very exiting , this will publish soon on my blog i think this BASE PRICE FORMULA IN STOCK MARKET change your way of investing.

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Avance Technologies Ltd :AVOID

Dear Maheshji,
Can you give me your detail analsysis of Avance Technologies at this point of time. Have invested in this small stock at average price of Rs0.23 and looking for little returns,please analysis and give your detail of the stock, also let me know,have taken risk investing in this is staying in 0.20 rs for more than a week now and huge buying is going is the upper circuit/lower circuit limit is decided for this stock...what will be the near term future of this penny stock...with high risk taken by me....
ask by shri vijay rajagopal ji

1.AVANCE TECHNOLOGIES LTD is a 1 rupee face value stock.
2. year high of AVANCE TECHNOLOGIES LTD is 9..68 and year low 0.16 only and stock traded on his year low.
3. promoters holding 1.99% only so promoters sell all of his stocks and most of stock hold by general public and small investors like you and me. very poor fundamental situation of promoters holding.
4. i think this is end of speculation story.
5. AVANCE TECHNOLOGIES LTD is lost all of his steam and i think you may get exit from this stock , i have no any stock of AVANCE TECHNOLOGIES LTD.


I want to purchase "Kwality" is this good share to make profit?
1. Promoter share holding in kwality dairy is 74.98% in January 2010 promoters hold 83.70 percent stake in this company so promoters reduce there holding in kwality dairy india ltd and you knew i do not like reducing promoters stake.

2. Kwality dairy is a 1 rupee face value stock and year high of this stock is 215.40 year low 28.55 , this situation is negative when a stock price lost his more than 50 % within a year than i think stock lost his steam.
3. remember in 27 oct 2008 kwality dairy is trading at 14.60 and in 20 aug 2009 it reach at 449.95and in 2003 kwality dairy price only 1.85 so i think this is a speculative former penny stock.
4. I think valuation of kwality dairy is still very high. book value of  kwality dairy India ltd is 4.48 only. I warn about kwality dairy when it is traded 600+.CLICK HERE TO READ MY FORMER ARTICLE ABOUT KWALITY DAIRY
In my former article you see that journey of kwality dairy is start from 1.85(when face value of this share is 10 ) and current price38.90 ( now face value is 1 only) is very very high price so I think it is wise to avoid this share.
5. i have no any stock of kwality dairy India ltd.

Saturday, January 7, 2012


Sir, I have Encore software shares 1800 bought @ 12.70/- and now it is traded between Rs. 2.80 to 3.50, What is your view for this stock and can it hold for further period or exit and book loss. ask by anonymous
1. I request all of readers that please give your name in your question.
2.ENCORE SOFTWARE LTD is a 10 rupee face value IT company.
3. year high of ENCORE SOFTWARE LTD is 9 and year low 1.99 and i think when a share lost his 80% within a year than no chance for recovery in next 2-3 year.
4.ENCORE SOFTWARE LTD promoters holding is 1.12 % only, OH very low promoters holding and most of stocks hold by general public like you and me.
5. book value of ENCORE SOFTWARE LTD is -28.87 ( please note it is minus)
6. ENCORE SOFTWARE LTD never give dividend no profits and my view is negative for this stock.
7. i have no any stocks of ENCORE SOFTWARE LTD.

BUY NHPC @ 18.65

When NHPC IPO is come then I recommended you at 01.09.2009 that you may wait it below 30. Read my former article about this recommendation

Now I am happy to tell you that my estimate is right and NHPC now available @ 18 only .NHPC also recommended 0.60 per share dividend for this year and last year this company give 0.55 per share dividend. NHPC is a good company but do not put all of your money in a single company and follow my shopkeepar aproch, which i tell you in this article
face value of NHPC is 10 rupee , year high 27.65 year low 17.65 promoter holding is 86.36 % so all thing is good in my criteria.
i have no any stock of NHPC .

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