Monday, August 29, 2011


Dear sir   I have 6500 share of birla power sol. please suggesed
holding or saling
prayagraj barde

1.prayagraj barde ji birla power sol is a trading stock and i think you already read my former article on birla power solution in this link
2. Birla power solutions is a  1 rupee face value indo next script . 
3. Birla power solution is now technically very weak because 200 day moving average of birla power solution is 1.04 so for fresh buying intrest we will be wait to break 1.04
4. 52 week high of birla power solution is 2.06 and 52 week low 0.62 stock traded near his 52 week low@ 0.69
5.Birla power solutions ltd promoters holding still 4.04 %
6. Birla power solution has approved and ratified an investment of EURO 500 in the share capital of BT Global Investors Ltd a company incorporated in Nicosia being 50% of its paid up share capital pursuant to shareholders agreement.
7. book value of birla power solution is 1.79
8. so i think this is a hold , i have no any stock of birla power solution ltd

Sunday, August 28, 2011


SIR,          I am a regular reader of ur blog....I have plan of investing in ASTRAL POLY TECHNIK LTD for 2-3 yrs prospective..can u advise me whether this company is worthwhile investing,,thanks in advance ask by shri surya kamal
1.ASTRAL POLY TECHNIK LTD is a 5 rupee face value plastic products company.
2. year high of ASTRAL POLY TECHNIK LTD is 208 and year low 116.60 stock traded at 178.25 now.
3. book value of ASTRAL POLY TECHNIK LTD is 66.20 so at CMP ASTRAL POLY TECHNIK LTD  is not a value buy.
4. promoters holding in ASTRAL POLY TECHNIK LTD is 63.82 % and FII holding 1.74 % but DII holding is nil and i think this is not good why managers of DII and FII avoid this stock?
5. so overall my view is negative for ASTRAL POLY TECHNIK LTD 
6. i have no any stocks of astral poly technik ltd.

Saturday, August 27, 2011


Difference between Company Merger & Amalgamation?
the word "merger" or "amalgamation" means "combining of two companies into one" . respectively.
Merger is a fusion between two or more enterprises, whereby the identity of one or more is lost and the result is a single enterprise.
 for example few years ago you see “centurian bank of Punjab” is merge with “hdfc bank” Amalgamation signifies blending of two or more existing companies into one company, the blended companies losing their identities and forming themselves into a separate legal identity.for example nirma and core health care amalgamation.
Very often, the two expressions "merger" and "amalgamation" are taken as same. But there isa very minor difference. Merger is restricted to a case where the assets and liabilities of the companies get vested in another company, the company which is merged losing its identity and its shareholders becoming shareholders of the other company.
On the other hand, amalgamation is an arrangement, whereby the assets and liabilities of two or more companies become vested in another company (which may or may not be one of the original companies) and which would have as its shareholders substantially, all the shareholders of the amalgamating companies.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011


Dear Sir,
 Am watching Punj Lloyd share from past one month, Its going down till now. whether the quarter result is not positive. Is it the right time for investment in this share. Please give your valuable suggestion.
1. PUNJ LLOYD is a 2 rupee face value Construction & Engineering stock.
2. year high of punj lloyd is 142.30 and year low 53.00 so as my formula if a stock down more then 50 % from his year high within a year then i think stock have more downside remain.
3. promoter holding is 37.17 % in punj lloyd which they up from 37.12 %
4.  book value of punj lloyd is 107.18 so no doubt this is a value buying.
5. so my view is positive but due ot point 2 i think stock may available 40-45 for fresh buying .
6. i have no any stock of punj lloyd.

Monday, August 22, 2011


Maheshji thank u for your valueble guidence. I know that we are sharing your precious time so I am not in hurry please reply when u have some free time.Sir I want to know that is it right time to invest as market is going down or should wait? Please tell me about ATUL. At present should we average in your recommended share like RELCOM,INDBULL REAL,MTNL,VIDEOCON etc. Thank u sir. Narendra kumar.

1. atul ji i think you read this month fundamental buying list and read your reply about avarage out of fundamentals stocks.
2.atul ltd is a 10 rupee face value agrochemical stock. and this is a lalbhai group company ( my fancy stock arvind ltd is belog to lalbhai group means atul ltd and arvind ltd have same promoter group)
3. 52 week high of atul ltd is 240.60 and 52 week low 126 stock traded at 195.
4. promoter holding in atul ltd is 49.99 % which they up from 43.91 % and i always like stocks where promoter up there holding.
5. stock also give per year dividends of 3 to 4.50 rupee.
6.Atul Ltd has informed BSE that the wholly Subsidiary of Atul Limited namely Atul Europe Limited has acquired 88% shares of D.P.D. Ltd {an U.K. Company) on August 12, 2011. Due to this acquisition D.P.D. Ltd became a subsidiary company of Atul Europe Limited, consequently of Atul Limited. D.P.D. Ltd is in the business of Tissue culture Date Palm.
7. overall my view is positive for atul ltd , i have no any stocks of atul ltd. but hold arvind ltd so my personal intrest is included in lalbhai group
8. as you knew 200 DMA blog is merge with sharegenius blog so today at 22.08.11 oil india and AMD industries closed above 200 DMA and technically strong stocks

Company NameCurrent Price30 DMA50 DMA150 DMA200 DMA
AMD Industries19.818.8518.2317.7919.45
Oil India1325.41304.512991297.81321.8

Wednesday, August 17, 2011


Dear SIR,i am an long term investor in the market.i am holding 1000 shares of jbf industries @ the rate of 205,now it is trading @ 156,should i add more or wait .Requesting you to please give your expert opinion. i sent you mail regarding jbf industries,but you have not replied,please reply fast
ask by varda raja

1. sorry varda ji for your complain that i not reply your former mail, i receive 20 questions per day but my limit is reply only few so as i requested earlier that please first googling "sharegenius view stock name) and read my view on your stock. if you not found your stock then mail me and if your reply will not publish in 7 day then please mail it again for second try.
2. JBF INDUSTRIES LTD is a plastic and fiber company with 10 rupee face value.
3. book value of JBF INDUSTRIES LTD  is 121.65
4.year high of JBF INDUSTRIES LTD  is 228 and stock touch his year low 127.10 today.
5. it is very risky to buy a stock on year low because stock on year low is technically weak but you may hold your buying because promoters holding in JBF INDUSTRIES LTD  is 41.87 % and promoter rise there holding from 41.22 % which is good.
6. JBF INDUSTRIES LTD  declare 8 rupee per share dividend and 22.08.11 is record date so enjoy dividend.
7. my view is hold for this stock but fresh buy may be avoid and if able to smart trade then after 23.08.11 sell your holding and try to buy it again at lower Laval.
8. i have no any stock of JBF INDUSTRIES LTD .

Monday, August 15, 2011


Mahesh Bhaiya ko Pranam, Bhaiya Main HCL INFOSYSTEMS ke dividend chart ko dekhkar bahut impress hu. Kya Main HCL INFOSYSTEMS ke share SIP method ke through le sakta hu. Kripya mujhe suggest karen.ask shri Pankaj Kumar. ( i am very impress to see dividend chart of HCL INFOSYSTEMS  so please suggest that can i buy it in SIP method)
1. pankaj ji you are right HCL INFOSYSTEMS LTD is an investor friendly company which not only give huge dividends per year but also involve stock holder in every major decision by postal ballet.
2. HCL INFOSYSTEMS LTD is a computer hardware company with 2 rupee face value.
3. year high of HCL infosystem ltd is 139.50 and year low 73.05 and stock is not fall more than 50% from year high so you can invest in this stock in SIP method .
4. book value of HCL INFOSYSTEMS LTD is 87.26%
5. HCL INFOSYSTEMS LTD  HAVE 51.27% PROMOTER HOLDING , 31.74 % FII HOLDING AND 9.39% DII HOLDING which is good because general public hold only 9.39%
6. so my view is positive for HCL INFOSYSTEMS LTD  and i have no any stock of HCL INFOSYSTEMS LTD .
key words:- future and options , dividends, stock market india, SIP

Sunday, August 14, 2011


good evening sir,
i m working in sharjah UAE i want to know about INDIA CEMENT it is good stock for invest for 1 year or not and GIVE ME SOME IDEA TO INVEST IN THIS TYPE OF CHOPPY MARKET
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1.India cement is a 10 rupee face value cement stock with BSE 200.
2.year high of India cement is 127.80 year low 62.10
3.promoter holding 25.35 % and FII holding 26.34% DII holding 17.64% due to this interesting stock holding pattern this is a good trading stock means buy at decline and book 10-15% profit on rising than again buy is a good policy for such type of stock because they are high beta stocks and fluctuate regularly.
4.due to large institutional holding India cement regularly pay dividends.
5.India cement is a high debt company ,The Company's bankers have revised their working capital facility from Rs.41373 lakhs to Rs.107555 lakhs as set out in the resolution.
6.The aforesaid revised working capital facility is, inter alia, required to be secured by second pari passu mortgage and charge ranking subsequent to the charges created / to be created in favour of the term lenders and /or debenture trustees on the immovable and movable properties (other than current assets) both present and future pertaining to cement division of the Company in favour of various Bankers. this is negative point for me.
6. So i do not like India cement for long term holding but i think this is a good trading stock buy at every decline and sell at every rise is a good policy for India cement.
7. i have no any stock of India cement ltd.
key words:- stock market future and option call put option

Re: indian extraction

On Tue, 5/4/11, Devang Patel <****> wroteFrom: Devang Patel <***>
Subject: Indian extraction
To: "mahesh kaushik" <>
Date: Tuesday, 5 April, 2011, 4:19 PM
hi mahesh ji kindly please update me on Indian extraction my average cost is rs9.6 . shouled i average it or i don't know. is it traded or its stagnant
please send me your review
(Devang patel)
respected devang sir
1. i extremely sorry for such a late reply of your question, i think you may book your 65 % profit in this penny stock recomandation as i advice to book it @ 14.85 in this link

if not book than no nned to worry stock traded at 10.56 still above your buying price ( in 10 % profites )and you may be sell it at tuesday because june 2011 resulet is very poor and we already give a sell call in this stock in 65 % profits.
read june 2011 resulet at

and due to still sound promoter holding buying it again @ 6-7 when availble.
i have no any stock of INDIAN EXTRACTIONS LTD

Saturday, August 6, 2011


Dear Sir
  I have some shares of Lanco infrastructure for long term means for 1 or 2 years, please send me your advice. ask by shri sunil dutt
1.LANCO INFRATECH LTD is a 1 rupee face value stock from BSE group A and BSE 200.
2. year high of LANCO INFRATECH LTD is 74.70 and year low 16.00 currently traded @ 17.95 so i think stock lost all of his steam and this type of conditions a stock require minimum 2-3 year for outperform again.
3. LANCO INFRATECH LTD promoters holding in June 2011 is 68.24 % and promoters up there holding from 67.95 % it is a good point.
4. book value of LANCO INFRATECH LTD is 13.98 so if stock available @10-14 then you may average outs your holding ( generally my view is against the averaging out a stock so be cautious i think SIP is much better then single averaging)
5.Lanco Bags its first International EPC order; Order valued at Rs 365.28 crore (81.3 mn USD) also bags  Maha Tamil Project
6. so my view is positive for LANCO INFRATECH LTD  it,s results will come in 13 Aug 2011 so i will like to make fresh buying after results and @ 10-14 if available at any fall or if stock run away after results then i will like to buy in SIP method where we buy small quantity every month at a fix date. currently i have no any stock of LANCO INFRATECH LTD .


hi Thanks for such a grate blog for the small investors like us. Please let us know your opinion on Integrated Digital Info Services Ltd.(IDISL ). I heard that they are expecting huge order. Please let me know your opinion Thanks sudheer

1. Sudheer ji INTEGRATED DIGITAL INFO SERVICES LTD ( IDISL) is a penny share of 10 rupee face value with T group and currently traded at 5.42
2. INTEGRATED DIGITAL INFO SERVICES LTD ( IDISL) is an IT software company touch his year high 6.60 in 3 Aug 2011 on news base.
3. year low of this stock 1.31 only and i wonder to see that why investor not attract such type of penny stocks at year low for knowledge of such type of penny stocks before his wild movement i have a separate blog  
4. INTEGRATED DIGITAL INFO SERVICES LTD ( IDISL) December 2010 promoter holding is 34.93 and i think something is wrong ( dal me kuch kala hai) because on BSE site march 2011 and June 2011 promoter holding of INTEGRATED DIGITAL INFO SERVICES LTD ( IDISL) is not updated.
5. on 2 Aug 2011 one big investor sell his 130413 stocks of INTEGRATED DIGITAL INFO SERVICES LTD ( IDISL) @6.33 through bulk deal , near year high  of stock,this is a bad news for stock . my view is negative for INTEGRATED DIGITAL INFO SERVICES LTD ( IDISL). i have no any stock of company.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011


Dear sir,
I'd bought 60 shares of ptc india limited @ Rs.112, the current prevailing price is Rs.77.25 which is much lower that it was bought. Similarly i have 100 shares of Rpower which were bought @ 140 and the current rate is Rs.112 Should i continue holding them? or Shall i swap them with some other good companies?  I am planning to invest some amount on arvind mills and grauer &Weil. Would like to have your valuable advice..
Thanks  & Regards
1. Vikaram ji i think swapping in other companies is not a good policy so only wait and forget these investments for some time read my shop keeper approach in stock market in this link
2. i already give my views on PTC india and R POWER if you do not read than please read these views in
3. arvind ltd is my fancy stock i  my view is positive for arvind ltd read my past view on this stock
4. please ask only one questions at a time.
5. arvind ltd is in my personal holding so this is my discloser.

Monday, August 1, 2011


Mahesh Ji,
I hold some number of JK Paper. Its having a rights issue. Can you please know how we can avail the rights? Also is it worth to avail this stock in this right issue at 42/-?
Rajeev Daniel
1. Rajeev ji namaste, i my view i think bonus and right issue gives only psychological effects on investors . for detail read this article
2. j k paper is a 10 rupee face value paper company book value of this stock is 61.05 and currently traded @44 so it is not worthy to subscribes right issue @42 because after right i think stock goes below 40.
3.  The Issue Opening Date shall be August 08, 2011 and the Issue Closing Date shall be August 23, 2011 and ,27-07-2011 is record date for this right issue means if you hold 4 stocks of J K PAPER LTD at 27-07-2011 than company offer you 3 share @42 in right issue. you receive a offer latter cum application form by post in your registered address which registered with your d mat account.
4. promoters holding of J K PAPER LTD is 39.54 % and FII holding only 0.42 %
5. so my view is negative for J K PAPER LTD  and i have no any share of J K PAPER LTD .

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