Saturday, March 6, 2021

Sharegenius Swing Trading Method of Mahesh Kaushik With Automated Google Finance Sheet.

Sharegenius swing trading method rule:- 
1. Plan to buy a stock when it is traded on 20 days low. 
2. Our google finance sheet automatically detects stocks which 20 days low=today low 
3. When today's low is equal to 20 days low then we do not immediately buy that stock, instead of immediately buying we start a GTT order at 20 days high of that stock. 

4. Once the GTT order is started then we need to update the trigger price regularly with 20 Days High. 
5. Do not worry my google finance sheet automatically shows 20 Days high as GTT trigger price so no need to calculate 20 days high manually. 
6. When your stock starts an upward movement and makes a fresh 20 Days high then your order is triggered and you buy that stock at the best price. 
7. Now our target is 20% 
8. in 70 % of cases we got this target within 2 to 20 days. 
9. if stock fall again then instead of stop-loss we again follow this method, when stock again reaches on 20 days low we start the GTT system. 
10. if we average out stock then reduce our target as below:- 
 1. First buy=20% 
 2. after 1 time average=15% 
 3. after 2 average=10% 
 4. after 3 average=5% 
If we follow this system only in the blue-chip like Nifty 50 stocks, ETF's, Nifty 100 Stocks, Nifty 200 Stocks then I am not found any stocks which need more than 3 average. 
11. Automated google finance sheet for this system:- Fast Loading web page view:- 
12. Watch this video for more understanding:-

Update:- If we mix this system with Bottom out hunting filter then it is safer in any big market fall watch this video for making advanced google sheets for this system:-

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