Sunday, April 28, 2013

Hindalco Industries Ltd:GOOD

Sir, My self Manoj from kathmandu. Last year I purchase 500 share of Hindalco @ this share avail below 90. What your opinion of this share ? May I purchase more or exit from this share and purchase another good share as this share continuously on down trend ask by Manoj 1.Hindalco Industries Ltd is a BSE group A stock of aluminium industries. 
2. Face value of Hindalco Industries Ltd is 1 rupee per share. 
3.Year high of Hindalco Industries Ltd is 137 and Year low 86.90 , you just trapped at year high.Year high low ratio is normal. 
4. Promoters holding in Hindalco Industries Ltd is 32.06 % FII holding 24.47% both are good. 
5.Hindalco Industries Ltd is a good dividend paying stock so overall my view is positive and you may hold it for a profitable exit. 
6. I have no any share of Hindalco Industries Ltd.

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Gvk Power & Infrastructure Ltd: Very low net revenue per share

Respected Mahesh ji, I am regular reader of your Blog, and i read about your views on GVK Power previously. Could you let me know your present thoughts on GVK Power as it is trading around 52 week low. I want to invest around 5000/- on this stock for long term. Thanks in advance Goverdhan. 
1.Gvk Power & Infrastructure Ltd is a 1 rupee face value stock. 
2. Year high for Gvk Power & Infrastructure Ltd is 18.90 and year low 8.70 stock traded at 9.42 which is near his year low and year high/low ratio is more than 2 but year low is just one year old (at 18 apr 2012) so i think this ratio is stable soon. 
3. Promoters hold 54.25% FII hold 15 % DII hold 3.35 % which is good. 
4.But yearly net revenue per share is near 0.17 it is very danger and on behalf of this revenue my view is strict NO at present level however it is possible if infra sector run then this stock also run but if i am in your side than i wait and watch this stock for investment.

Friday, April 19, 2013

Aurobindo Pharma:HOLD

Dear Mahesh ji, I have 25 Aurobindo Pharma @ 190. Can I buy some more at lower levels. Whats your view on this stock? Thanks & Regards M Rajkumar 
1.Aurobindo Pharma is a 1 rupee face value pharmaceutics company. 
2. Year high of Aurobindo Pharma is 204.90 and Year low 99.65 which is near 2 but in this situation where stock traded near year high at 181 than my view is positive for this type of ratio.
 3. Promoters holding in Aurobindo Pharma is 54.84 FII holding 16.84 % , Promoters increase their holding in Aurobindo Pharma so i think this is a positive sign. 
4.Stock of Aurobindo Pharma complete his 2 year from stock split.
 5. My view is positive but do not add more stock at lower level just hold your quantity. 
6 I have no any stock of Aurobindo Pharma.

Granules India:AVOID

Dear Mahesh ji, What is your view on Granules India. Its seems that this stock is heavily beaten down from its 52 weeks high. But the promoter has increased the stake in last one year. Can we buy this stock ? Thanks & Regards M Rajkumar
 1.Granules India ltd is a 10 rupee face value Pharmaceuticals company. 
2. Granules India ltd is an indo next script it means this is a small scale industries with low equity so generally i not like to invest in indonext scripts.
 3. Year high of Granules India is 234.50 and year low 85.65 as my theory of investment i avoid a stock which down more then 50 % in a year. 
4. Promoters holding in Granules India is 44.44% and FII holding 1.55 % which is normal. 
5. i think you may avoid Granules India because it is a small scale pharma company and year high/low ratio is more than 2 
Readers please note that in my website i give a new stock every week which full fill all of my stock choosing criteria as i describe in my book "The winning theory in stock market". and my own buying selling data.

Friday, April 12, 2013

Idea Cellular Ltd:GOOD

Dear Mahesh ji, I am a long time investor. I brought 100 idea cellular @ 73. Should I book profit at current levels? Or can I wait for some more years? Thanks & Regards M Rajkumar
1.Idea Cellular Ltd is a 10 rupee face value telecom sector stock which is currently traded at 110. 
2. Year high of Idea Cellular Ltd is 124 and year low 71.20 this ratio is NORMAL.
3.Promotrs of Idea Cellular Ltd hold 45.88% and FII holding 16.34% DII hold 5.72%, this is a good ratio. 
4.No recent Bulk Deal, I think all parameters are good to normal so you may wait for more attractive price, wait telecom sector rally and wait the 3G income in the balance sheet. 
5.My view is Positive for Idea and Telecom sector, R com is in my personal Holding so this is my discloser.

Saturday, April 6, 2013


Mahesh Ji, I'm planning to diversify my portfolio. Currently I have shares and PPF. What you suggest now? Mutual Fund? If yes what plan? I would like to have some tax exemption also Infra Bees, ETF? What is your opinion about these? Ask by Rajiv daniel
 I suggest HDFC TAX SAVER plan (Dividend option)due to it large corpus size ( as you read in my book that I like mutual fund with large corpus size) and choose dividend option in ELSS
 I think you have my book so for more detail please read chapter 20,21 and 22 of this book 
Make your  investment in SIP method. See past dividend history of HDFC tax saver fund in this link

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Rossell India Ltd:BUY

Dear Mahesh ji, I request your views on Rossell India. Regards, Robi Shome 
1.Rossell India Ltd is a Tea & Coffee company with 2 rupee face value. 
2. Promoters holding in Rossell India Ltd is 74.53 % Promoters increase their holding from 70.60 %, this is very good and strong point. 
3.Year high of Rossell India Ltd is 54.90 and Year low 26.50 , This ratio is normal 
4.Rossell India Ltd is a Dividend paying stock. 
5.So my View is Positive for Rossell India Ltd
6. I have no any stock of Rossell India Ltd.

Monday, April 1, 2013

HIL Ltd(Hyderabad Industries Ltd)

Sir I have bought 100 shares of HIL Ltd. (Hyderabad Industries Ltd.) What is the future of the share. Ask by Ashok kulkarni
1. HIL Ltd(Hyderabad Industries Ltd)is a 10 rupee face value cement stock, HIL Ltd(Hyderabad Industries Ltd)is a small cap company means the total number of stocks is low. 2.Year high of HIL Ltd(Hyderabad Industries Ltd) is 547 and Year low 318 stock traded at 377.
3.Promoters holding in HIL Ltd(Hyderabad Industries Ltd)is 41.20 % which is normal. 
4. HIL Ltd(Hyderabad Industries Ltd) is a dividend paying stock. 
5.So overall stock is Good but i am not recommended to make a fresh buy in HIL Ltd(Hyderabad Industries Ltd) due to low equity of the stock, I have no any share of HIL Ltd(Hyderabad Industries Ltd).

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