Thursday, July 26, 2012


Respected Mahesh ji, Pls. share your present view about Arvind Ltd. as I want to Invest in it for 3 to 4 years time. regards, Arun
1.Arvind ltd is my fancy share and as you knew 80% part of my stock holding is Arvind ltd. So this is my dis closer that my personal interest is including in Arvind ltd stock so before investing please discuss other qualified investment advisor.
2. Arvind ltd is a 10 rupee face value textile company but in deep this not only a textile or denim company this is a diversified company in many business like telecoms real estate engineering etc.
3.ANUP Engineering Limited (established in 1963), is the flagship Engineering Company of the Lalbhai Group, and is a subsidiary of Arvind Limited. Anup engineering ltd has extensive experience in working with critical metallurgies like low temperature CS, NACE/HIC, low alloy, stainless steel, duplex, super duplex, monel, cupro nickel, etc.
4. Anup eng have a wide Range of Products like
Heat Exchangers
Pressure Vessels, Reactors, DE aerators
Columns & Towers
Oxygen / Nitrogen / Chlorine Storage
Dished Ends
Expansion Bellows etc
5.Top Clients of anup engineering is IOCL, Kochi, HPCL, BPCL, BRPL
KPCL, Praxair, Linde, BOC, INOX, Dresser Rand RIL, NCPL, IPCL Atul, NOCIL, Shriram Vinyl Ranbaxy, DSM, Aventis, Hoechst, Lupin
NPCL, NTPC, BHEL Hindalco, Birla Copper.
6. so suppose if arvind make a value unlock by IPO o anup engeeniring than stock will be revalued in market.
7. Arvind Accel Limited is a multi specialty Engineering Procurement and Construction Company. that are specialist in Brackish and Seawater Treatment Intake Water Systems Cross country Water Transmission, along with Pumping and Distribution Certification and EPC for Power Plants Green Building Certifications.
8. arvind accel Clients are
Bhaskar Industries
GTN Textiles
Surya Vanshi Textiles
Bharat Oman Refinery Ltd.
Gujrat NRE Coke Ltd.
Cadila Health care
Welspun Gujarat Ltd.
Birla Cellulose
Asahi Songwon Colours
Rajveer Industries
Pratibha Textiles
Kanoria Chemicals
9.Arvind runs India's largest Value Retail Chain - Megamart. The Megamart stores range in size from 2000 sq ft to 65000 sq ft. The larger stores are called Big Megamart and there are 6 such stores across Bangalore, Chennai, Pune and Mumbai. The smaller formats spreads across the country are 205 in number. Megamart is expanding rapidly and is expected to be a Rs. 1000 cr chain within the next two years.
10.Arya omnitalk and symntek are telecom subsidiary of arvind ltd.
11.Arvind real estate have following projects Current projects:
1.Arvind Township: Motibhoyan – Residential Township covering more than 9 million square feet of development.
2.Arvind Avenue – A premium residential development in the heart of Ahmedabad with a total of 1.8 million square feet. In the first phase an approximately 9, 00,000 square feet of area by the name "Parishkaar" is being developed in Joint Venture with the BSafal Group
3.Arvind Alcove – A premium weekend housing scheme.
4.Arvind Mega Trade – A premium shopping cum commercial complex covering 1, 00,000 square feet at Naroda Road Ahmedabad.
so my view is still very positive for Arvind ltd , i hold 1632 share of arvind ltd read these past recomandations for more detail


Saturday, July 21, 2012


I purchased Tata Motors @ Rs252/-, now it is 233/- , shill i sell this to stop loss, what is your view on this please advise me.
Thank you ask by shri Aravin R
1. Tata moters is a 10 rupee face value stock and tata moters is a part of sensex also , now CMP of stock is 223 .
2.Year high of tata moters is 320.65 and year low 137.65
3. Book value of tata moters is 63.27 only.
4.promoters of tata moters continue dilute there holdings in last 3 quarters from 35.05 % to 34.71 %  this dilution in equity is ignorable because this is not a huge dilution .
5.this stock is spilt in 13.09.2011 and my formula is " avoid a stock for 2 year in case of spilt and bonus issue " because in past years we see a downtrend after bonus and splits.
5. so stock is good but if i am in your side than i sell my holdings at CMP and try to buy it again near 150. this type of trade called smart trade in past i advised  this type of smart trade in punj lloyed case and market proove my eastimate read this former article to understand smart trade concept

and after that selling i not to buy punj lloyed again until punj lloyed fulfill my terms of buying read this next article to understand that why i buy 50 punj lloyed again at near 50

i hold 50 punj lloyed and tata moters is not in my holding

Sunday, July 15, 2012


Namasthe Mahesh ji,
I am regular reader of your blog, and i like your shopkeeper approach. I have one question regarding VISAKA INDUSTRIES. I bought 100 shares of VISAKA @140 and CMP is around 87/. Please let me know future of this company. Shall i buy some more quantity at this price. Thank you for your valuable suggestion.
Thanking you

1.VISAKA INDUSTRIES LTD is a 10 rupee face value cement stock.
2. Year high and low of VISAKA INDUSTRIES LTD is 108.75 and 57.05 and CMP is 94 now so this ratio is good i think stock of VISAKA INDUSTRIES LTD is not a bearish stock .
3. promoters holding in VISAKA INDUSTRIES LTD is 37.65 % FII also hold some quantity.
4. In 2 July stock give 5 rupee per share dividend i think you will get it soon.
5. this is a low equity stock like Hyderabad industries so i think you may be get an exit in decent profit.
6. So my view is positive for VISAKA INDUSTRIES LTD, i have no any stock of VISAKA INDUSTRIES LTD.

Saturday, July 14, 2012


Hi Mahesh Ji,
Would you please help me whether to hold BSEL Infra and Birla power solutions?
I already hold these two shares from long time with close to 20,000 loss.
Thanks for your time and advise.
1.Birla power is a 1 rupee face value stock with 52 week high low of 0.83 and 0.37 promoters holding in birla power is only 4.04 % read my earlier view on birla power at here " BIRLA POWER A TRADING STOCK"
2. BSEL INFRA is a 10 rupee face value stock with 52 week high and low of 5.09 and 2.51
3. promoters holding in BSEL INFRA is 21.47 %
4. In the Board Meeting of BSEL INFRA held on March 25, 2010, the Segmental De merger of BSEL INFRA was proposed and was put forward for feasibility study. After undertaking detailed study, Board is of opinion to drop down the proposal of De merger as its not feasible considering conditions in industry and the company BSEL INFRA .
5. so i think BSEL INFRA is good if we compare both companies but in my coming article i suggest my readers to a plan about "SMART WAY TO BOOK LOSS" please keep in touch of my blogs , due to huge pending work in my new office ( pindwara tehsil ) i find difficult to update my blogs regularly but i think soon the situations is under controlled.

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