Monday, May 31, 2010


dear kaushik ji
I m very impressed to ur stock analysis.
I want to know about aviva ind stock. what s future of this stock?
Ask by shri rahul pandey ji
1. 52 week low of AVIVA LTD is 7.50 only and company is still in loss or nil EPS.
2. aviva ltd is a 10 rupee face value share with 51.06 percent promoter holding
3. IPO of this share is come @20 on 2006 so I think it is value to buy this share @15-20 however you may read IPO prospectus of aviva ltd for more deep details about this stock
4. book value of this share is 29.89
5. my view is neutral on this stock and I think if you already hold this than continue to hold but fresh buying may avoid in this price. Below 20 may consider buying.

Thursday, May 27, 2010


Dear Hello Sir ,
I have a query on EIL (Engineers India LTD) from long term perspective is this stock good enough could we see this stock at 1000 plus level in a period of two to three years .There is a news of Engineers India $270 mn FPO likely in June could u give ur view on this stock. Are the current level good enough to enter or should we wait for some downside .

1.Please remember after a FPO total number of stocks are diluted so generally we see a downtrend after FPO.
2. EIL is establish in 1965 and have sound fundamental with great profit margins (more than 30 percent)
3. Promoter holds 90.40 percent stake in EIL so no doubt this is good promoter holding.but after FPO promoter holding is reduce.
4.EIL give bonus and spilt his share so it is also dilute equity and plan to FPO of $270 mn is dilue equity and EPS more and more. for more deep understanding of this concept read my book " The Winning theory in stock market" book is available in all leading online store like amazon and bookadda.
5. so my view is now great nagative for EIL and i think after FPO this share is cool down and enter in downtrand like punj lloyed.
Update 2013:- Now market prove my theory after FPO EIL down more then 90 %

Wednesday, May 19, 2010


Dear Kaushik
Myself is Surendra Singh and investing in market since 2-3 yrs.
Can the investment be started at this of time or we should wait for some more time.
If possible please provide some stock advise which are good for long term investment.
Surendra Singh

1. i think market give us chance to buy good scrips at lower prices.
2. so investment can start at currant leval but do not put all of your money at once.
3. i can not advice directly to buying a stock because i am also an investor ( not advicer) but i disclose my buying list for you
MTNL ( to day i buy 25 share @56)

R COM ( to day i buy 10 share @139)

PUNJ LLOYED ( to day i buy 11 share @ 138 this is the part of my smart trading i already decalare at 1.11.2009 that punj lloyed is touch near 130 read my forcast about punj lloyed in following link which i forcast on 1.11.2009

SASKEN COMUNICATION ( to day i buy 10 share and already hold 10)

ROLTA INDIA ( if price come near 150 i buy it)


KAMDHENU ISPAT ( i already hold 100 share)

Sunday, May 16, 2010


Hi Mahesh,
This is Sreenivas here and came across your blog recently and was very impressed with the kind of analysis your were presenting for each share. I’m planning to invest in ZEE NEWS and Birla Power for long term (more than 2 years).Would you please help me n deciding whether to go with these two shares and also advise the best picks of you for long term investment.
Thanks in advance,
1. Please read my former article about birla power at following link

2. Zee news is 1 rupees face value share so currant price is very high if we compare it from 10 rupees face value than it is 140 not 14.
3. Promoter holding in this share is 54.14 percent and FII holding is 6.86 percent both are good.
4. Book value of Zee news is 10.16 EPS 1.80 P/E 7.46 all are normal.
5. In history ZEE group share performed in market very well so I think this is a buy @10-12.
6. My holding is ZERO in this share.


Mahesh ji, Can u please give me your valuable suggestion on Arman Financial, please.
Ask by anonymous
1. Arman financial is a 10 rupees face value finance company share.
2. Promoter holding is 36.40 percent. I think promoter holding is normal.
3. Book value of this share is 19.96 so currant price 14.75 is below book value.
4. In 2005 this share gives dividend of 0.60 per share.
5. EPS of arman financial is 1.97 and P/E is 7.49
6. As per information of bulk deals Mr. ASHWINKANTILAL PARIKH sell his 21343 share at 12.04
.2010 at price of 20.45 and after that this share is continues in downtrend.
7. All other point is positive but point 6 is negative so I think one could buy this scrip neat about range of 7-10 for safe side.
8. My holding is ZERO in this share.

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Tuesday, May 11, 2010


Hello Sir,
I am a continuous reader of Ur blog and appreciate Ur knowledge and advice given to fellow reader. I would like to know Ur view on investing in Suzlon and RNRL.

1. Fundamentally RNRL is very week share because it has 5 rupees face value only and company's trailing 12-month (TTM) EPS was at Rs 0.45 per share. (Dec, 2009).
2 RNRL price-to-earnings (P/E) ratio was 153.56. Means if you buy 1 share of RNRL you pay it 153.56 year currant earnings.
3. The latest book value of the company is Rs 11.02 per share. At current value, the price-to-book value of the company was 6.27.
5. SUZLON energy is 2 rupees face value share.
6. Promoter holding in suzlon is 53.08 percent FII holding 13.56 percent is good.
7. Book value of suzlon is 41.73 currently suzlon is a loss making company but I think it turn around in next 2-3 years.
8. Suzlon enters Joint Venture with Volkswind to develop wind energy market in Bulgaria"
9. So suzlon is much better from RNRL but do not rush to buy all quantity at once because share may accumulate for at least 1 year so again remember you my sip method partly buy only in SIP or every dip.
10. My holding is 0 in RNRL and SUZLON.

Sunday, May 9, 2010


Hi Mahesh,
Whats your view on PSL Ltd.
Can it become a multi-bagger in coming yrs.
With Regards,
1. PSL ltd is a 10 rupees face value share of Construction & Engineering industries in BSE group B.I like 10 rupees face value share due to future chance of stock spilt.
2. 52 week high of PSL ltd is 188.40 and 79.25 is 52 week low.
3. book value of PSL ltd is 119.60 good book value.
4. Promoter holding is 39.25 and FII holding 15.25 percent. promoter holding is also normal and FII intrest also show its sound fundamental
5. EPS of PSL ltd is 20.12 so current P/E is 7. high EPS and low P/E show a value buying
6. I think this is a hold for currant price and may be make fresh buy near about 130-135 is good. This is a dividind paying company also. So after this consolidation I expected a moov in this share. IN LAST 5 YEAR BOOK VALUE OF THIS SHARE ALSO CONTINUE IN UP TREND.

7. I personally hold 0 shares of this company.

Saturday, May 8, 2010


Dear SIr,
I request you to please have your views on Interfit techno products
Warm regards
kishor barhate

1. interfit techno is a 10 rupees face value former penny stocks I think this is a castings and forgings company ( may be make steel pipes)and all forgings company run very fast due to auto sector rally but this is time to avoid completely auto and forgings sector .
2. Currant price is 17 and year high 21.80 but it year low is 1.64 only so this share already give 1000 percent return in a year but now it is very risky to buy this former penny stock..
3. Promoter holding is 67.06 percent is very good promoter holding.but I still afraid to see it year low 1.64 only.
4. This company never gives dividend.
5. Book value of this share is 0.64 so it is not a value buy share traded 30 times high on his book value so I warn my blog readers that interfit techno is very risky share.
6. My holding is zero in interfit techno.
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Dear SIr,
I feel that your views about Vijaya bank & tata communication are very correct. Will keep watch & SIP in them.
I request you to please have your views on KILPEST INDIA
Warm regards
kishor barhate

1. Kilpest India is an agrochemical company with 10 rupees face value.
2. Currant price is 14 year high 19 year low 8.
3. Promoter holding is 38.94 percent not very good and not very bad, normal promoter holding.
4. In 2007 this company gives 1 rupees dividend.
5. Huge bulk deals also active in this share show operators and speculators interest in this company
6. Book value of this share is 12.22 so it is not bad to buy this share for avail benefit of speculation run.
7. I think this is not bad to buy some quantity of this share to avail benefit of speculation run if monsoon is good then this pesticide share run very fast.
8. My holding is zero in kilpest India.
9. For more details about kilpest India visit a tour of company website
10. spritually i can not invest in pesticides companies, wine companies,live stocks companies,cigarate companies etc.
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Thursday, May 6, 2010


Respected readers,
I suggest you a multibagger penny stock gujrat poly avx ltd at price of 2.50 on 22.09.2009
In my following article on this blog

currently this share is traded on 6.00 and I think this is give you 150 percent retrun so it is good to book profit or part profit on this share.

Thank you for your faith and love on my blog.

my other past performance

arvind ltd 300 percent hold

vijya bank 20 percent hold ( also give 2.50 per share dividend)

sasken 20 persent hold

kamdhenu ispat 20 percent hold

discloser:- arvind ltd, sasken and kamdhenu ispat is in my personal holding.


dear Mahesh

what is ur view on maithan alloys.
I have purchased 650 shares at 154 avg.?
can I hold it or book profit?
I can hold it for 2 to 3 years.
is it a good long term bet?
kindly advice


1. maithan alloys is T GROUP company.
2. promoter holding 74.62 percent is very good.
3. Maithan Alloys Ltd has recommended the issue of Bonus shares in the ratio of 1:2, i.e. One Bonus Share for every Two Equity Shares held by the shareholders on record date to be determined by the Board of Directors.
4. I think after this bonus issue equity of maithan alloys is diluted and share may enter in downtrend for more understanding about downfall after bonus issue read following link
5. The Board of Directors proposes to obtain shareholders approval for issue of Bonus
Shares and reclassification of Authorized Share Capital by resorting to Postal Ballot
6. reclassification of authorized share capital is also dilute equity and makes bad effect on share price.
7. so after bonus and reclassification this share is cool off and may enter in a downward zone
8. book value of maithan alloys is 126.02 but it is also adjusted after reclassification of share capital.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010


Dear Mr. Kaushik,

like your stock views very much.

I have two stocks for long term perspective (about 3/4 years) viz. Asahi infra (7500 @ Rs 0.90/-) and Birla Cotsyn (27000 @ Rs 0.90/-) kindly give your views over these.

Further, I am planning to buy Reliance Power from May onward. Could invest Rs.3500/- p.m. over this script. Do tell about this too.

Thanking you

Surinder Kumar
1. Asahi infra is a 1 rupees face value share in group T. remember face value of this share is 1 only not 10.
2. Promoter holding in this share is 0.74 percent only this is very weak fundamental. I always avoid share with nil or very low promoter holding
3. Book value of this share is 1.04 only
4. I think fundamentally this share is not done well but in speculation view this share may touch 2+ so trail your position with stop loss. But be sure get out from this share before it cool down because once such type of share cool of they enter in a rest period at least 3-5 year.( this is not advice read disclaimer before take any action)
5. For birla cotsyn read my former view on following link
6. I 100 percent agree with your concept of invest 3500 p.m. in reliance power read my view on reliance power on following link

key words:- stock tips may 2010 free future option penny multi bagger

Monday, May 3, 2010


I am holding the veritas India ltd @5564 .is it a good stock for long term? Sir tells your views.

1. Veritas India ltd is a T group share in consulting services. It is a 10 rupees face value share.
2. EPS of this share is 0.97 and P/E is 7710 means you pay 7710 year earning of share to buy it. Can you say this is wise?
3. Book value of veritas India ltd is only 14.60 and CMP is 7478. Are CMP is fair?
4. Promoter holds 67.40 percent in this share is a good promoter holding.
5. Year low of this share is 119 and CMP is 7478.
6. As usual this share has no dividend history, this company never gives dividend and debt/equity ratio is 2.74 means very high debt company also.
7. Now I tell you reason that why veritas run fast without fundamental support. It is simple that veritas have only 996000 share of 10 rupees face value ( company have plan to stock spilt) and after 67.40 percent promoter holding general public hold only 318720 share and if one could hold these share and create a demand in market than price is go higher and higher.
8. This story happen many times in T group share and once price down it may convert in a penny stock for long period. So please avoid this stock and if hold just sell it. (This is not advice this is my view).
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