Sunday, October 20, 2013

How to get quick reply of your stock questions

Recently I received 100’s of e mails about stock query but I am unable to reply all so I think we use a short method of comments for getting a quick reply. 
Make your comment at any blog post of this blog and I will direct reply under your comment on same blog post. 
Only selected question who eligible for detail reply is publish as separate post otherwise you find reply comment under your asking comment. 
For example you want to ask about Suzlon energy then you make your comment on any of my blog post and I reply your comment then it will be look like 
Praveen goswami – hello sir please tell about suzlon 
Reply by Mahesh Kaushik:- Suzlon is 2 rupee face value Heavy Electrical Equipment company which is traded at 7.70 and year high suzlon is 26.90 Year low 5.72 So In my view where a stock down more then 50 % within a year there more downside is remain. Promoters of suzlon decrease their holding from 37.78 % to 36.55 % and stock have many bulk deals so I think stock is good but you may wait at least 6 months for a fresh buy

Tinna Rubber And Infrastructure Limited : Risky

Tell me about tinna overseas ltd ask by market maker 
1. First of all i tell you that name of tinna overseas ltd is change as Tinna Rubber And Infrastructure Limited. 
2.Tinna Rubber And Infrastructure Limited is a 10 rupee face value stock which is traded at 45.25 and belonging to periodic call auction. This means tinna overseas is a low equity stock. 
3.Promoters holding in this stock is 72.34 % . Promoters increase their holding from 71.34 % to 72.34 % so Increasing in promoter holding is good.
4.Year high of Tinna Rubber And Infrastructure Limited is 46 and year low is 16.45 .So if you remember my year high/ year low ratio formula then you understand that i dislike the stock which year high/low is above 2. 
5.This stock never give dividends. 
6. Now i ask some question to my readers 
" Why we buy this type of stock who never give dividend? Who is in periodic call auction? 
Who is run from 14.20 and already run 300 % within a year? Who change his name? "
So in light of these questions I think this is risky to buy Tinna Rubber And Infrastructure Limited at this point when this stock traded at 14-16 then entering in this stock is a right decision buy now i think this is time to exit.
7. I have no any share of Tinna rubber.
8. Recently i get many mails of my followers which want to ask me about their stocks but i am so busy in my life and other blogs so i have no time to publish all of reply in my blog. in this situation i think if you want a quick reply of your questions then use comment form of this blog, comment your query at any of blog post ( all comment automatic  e mail to me by blogger ) and i will reply these comment on same blog post where you put your comment. in this method you get your reply within 24-48 hours.

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Explanation of short term trading formula.

In my book In my book “ The winning theory in stock market” I give a short term trading formula . 
If you do not buy my book earlier then I give you a short summery of this formula 
1. This formula is not given here for day trading it is useful for 7-30 days delivery base trading and future and option positions. 
2. If last close- last open = negative figure and last close-today open is also a negative figure than you may make short positions because the stock is bearish. 
3. If last close- last open = positive figure and last close-today open is also a positive figure than you may make long positions because the stock is bullish. 
One of my book buyer not understand this formula and mail me that I give some explanation about this formula. 
Ok we take price of First source solution at 07.08.13 where last close-last open is 12.18-12.15=0.03 (positive) and 07.08.13 close -08.08.13 open is 12.31-12.28=0.03 (positive) that means stock is strong bullish in coming 7-30 days and you find that after 7 day at 19.08.13 price of firstsource is 12.77 and after 27 day price is 14.13 . 
My reader again ask that how we assume 7-30 days move in basis of single day close open ? OK, I am never claim that this formula is 100 % sure trading formula. This formula use 2 continuous day open close and give us a significant success rate (more than 50 % cases.)

Sunday, October 6, 2013

Lupin Ltd: Bullish

I am hold lupin @600 book profit or hold I can hold for 1 yr and about GTL infra suggest me ask by arif baraskar ji 
1. Lupin Ltd is 2 rupee face value pharmaceutical share traded at 879. 
2. Year high of Lupin Ltd is 908 and year low 540.15 , this ratio is bullish, because year high and low ratio is stable below 2 and stock traded near his year high. 
3.Promoters holding 46.81% , FII holding 30.67 % DII holding 12.81 % also good because general public like you and me hold only 10 % so in open market if demand create then supply is low due to low general public holding,So my view is bullish to see this pattern in holdings. 
4.Recently lupin receives FDA approval for its Oral Contraceptive Vyfemla Tablets Generic of Ovconeand company also launches Generic ZYMAXID Ophthalmic solution in the US. 
5.In this situation my view is positive for lupin in pharma sector. 
6. I have no any share of Lupin.

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