Saturday, June 30, 2012


Mahesh Ji,
I hold sipcejet at an average of 37. Its widening the losses. I was thinking that with the recent expansions and due to the problems in Kingfisher and Air India, Spice will run with full load and turn into profit. What is your call on Spicejet? ask by rajeej daniel ji
1.Spicie jet ltd is a 10 rupee face value airline company and book value of spice jet is 8.15 only so i think when CMP is already four time to his book value than rally of this stock is near to over.
2.  I do not think that due to the problems in Kingfisher and Air India, Spice will run with full load and turn into profit because loss in march 12 is -249.18 cr and i first time see this type of high valuation to a loss making company.
3. year high of spice jet ltd is 39.65 and year low 15.35 this pattern show that you may be get your buying price again in currant news base rally in spice jet but i think it is wise to exit in any rally.
4. promoter holding is 43.59 % in spice jet and it is good that promoter increase there holding from 38.60 %
5. so symptoms of spice jet is not very bad but stock already run well and company is still in loss so my view is EXIT from spice jet.

Sunday, June 24, 2012


Respected readersIn last 20 days I am unable to update my blogs because I am an employee of Rajasthan government and my job is transferred from nohar distt hanumangarh to pindwara distt sirohi again.
So due to family and house shifting from nohar to pindwara ( 850 km ) I am unable to update my blogs.
My old readers knew that formally I posted in pindwara and 2 year ago transferred to nohar which is very uneasy palace and 850 km away from pindwara.
So now I transferred to pindwara again so everything is ok and now you will found this blog is updated frequently.


Dear Mahesh Ji,
What is your opinion on buying HDIL at current levels...ask by rajeev daniel ji
1. HOUSING DEVELOPMENT & INFRASTRUCTURE LTD or HDIL is a 10 rupee face value company.
2. Book value of HOUSING DEVELOPMENT & INFRASTRUCTURE LTD is 233.14 so currant price 81 is 1/3 of book value so this is a value buy.( but due to point 3 and 4 it is not advisable to buy it )
3.Promoters of HDIL reduce their holding from 39.17 to 37.36 % this is not good for stock.
4. Year high and year low for HDIL is 175.45 and 52.10 and i think you knew when year high/ year low ratio is more than 2 i will avoid it. read more detail of this concept here
HOW TO CHOOSE A STOCK FOR INVESTMENT my view is AVOID for HDIL. i have no any stock of HDIL.

Saturday, June 2, 2012


Maheshji, what do you feel about CESC?. i suggest put a search engine for your site. People can search and avoid asking about a stock if you have already answered about it to somebody else.ask by  Srinivas batula ji
1. srinivas ji ,thanks for your sugastion. i provide a customise search engine at bottom of blog posts as per your suggestion.
2.CESC ltd is an electric utilities company of 10 rupee face value.
3. year high and year low for CESC ltd is 364.40 and 186.30 and stock traded at 266 . i think this is normal.
4.promoters holing 52.48 % and FII holding 17.86% is also good.
5. see the chart in picture you see that stock is just want to cross his 50 DMA and 200 DMA so technically this is also sound. book value of CESC ltd is 442.03 so i think this is a value buy at 266.
6. so my view is positive for CESC ltd and i have no any stock of CESC ltd.

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