Saturday, June 21, 2014


Dear Sir, I am starting new investment with rs.10,000. Please suggest some shares. Thanks in advance ask by Madhup Kulshrestha. 
1. Respected Readers, I have 2 Separate blogs for fresh Stock recommendations,one is and second is 
2. Main differences between above 2 blogs are

  • I tell fundamental strong stocks of any price on which fullfill all of my stock choosing criteria 's as described in my book.
  • In my penny share blog I tell stock which current market price is below INR20 and stocks are good and may be future multibagger but not fulfill all of my book criteria 's.
3. Now I come on your question, You want to make fresh new investment of INR 10000 in stock market at current market price, Ok I think first of all you divide your money in 4 lots of INR2500-2500 each.

3. Then invest INR 2500 in each of these stock ( Be careful, I am not a stock market specialist I am also a small Investor like you so ask your financial adviser before investing)

  • Country Club India ltd is still my no 1 choice at this time , I recommended this stock on my website when it traded on 6.25 , Now this stock give 100 % profits but me and my wife still hold 1500 shares and my target is above 100 like Arvind ltd ( For new readers in 2009 I recommended Arvind ltd @ 12 on this blog and  Now CMP 220 Read this former article here
  • Manali petrochemical is my next choice, One year ago I recommended Manali Petro @ 9 and now this stock give 50%+ profits but I am still hold 400 stocks of Manali petro and think this stock may give more higher targets.
  • Parshvanath developers is third choice.
  • Infra Bees is fourth choice.
  • Read some earlier articles of my blog for more details of Infra Bees and Parshvanath Devlopers.
4. All of above stocks are in my personal holdings.

5. Recent update from my mutualfundgenius blog
Smart Systematic Investment Approach in Mutual funds

Saturday, June 7, 2014

Gabriel India Ltd: Wait below 30.

Dear Mahesji, 

I am regular reader of your blog. What is your view on Gabriel India Ltd. This is leading manufacture of shock ab-sober. Promoter holding is 54.63%, FII Holding 5.80%, DII Holding 0.35%. I have calculated revenue per share is 89.57 ( Last year revenue/No. of share). No bulk deal. Dividend paying history. Now trading at 46.35.What is your view?? Is this stock become multibagger in long term (Next 2-3 years View)? ask by Baswant Kumbhar ji 
1. First of all i congratulate you that you read my blogs or (may be book)and learn fundamental analysis plus future price prediction of a stock. 
2. Gabriel India Ltd is a 1 rupee face value auto part company. 
3.Gabriel India Ltd Year high is 49.65 and Year low is 16.15, So year high/ Year low is above 3 This is the reason that i not recommended this stock at this time on my maheshkaushik dot com website, Because in my theory of investment if a stock Year high/Year low ratio is stable below 2 then that is a right time to buy. 
4.As you already analysis that Gabriel India Ltd is leading manufacture of shock ab sober. Promoter holding is 54.63%, FII Holding 5.80%, DII Holding 0.35%. I have calculated revenue per share is 89.57 ( Last year revenue/No. of share). No bulk deal. Dividend paying history.
5.You forget to see that Gabriel India give 1:1 bonus in 13.07.2012 and in my theory no bonus and stock split in last 2 years. 
6.So I think Your Choice is good and may be give multiple returns due to high net revenue per share but I think if you already invested in this stock then ride your journey but for a fresh buy wait any correction and try to catch it below 30 price. 
7. I have no any share of Gabriel India Ltd.

Sunday, June 1, 2014


Hi Mahesh, I am following your blog and I wood like to knew and learn investing from you, How to find out low equity stocks in the market Regards Amit 
1.Low equity means "If total number of stocks of a company are low then stock known as low equity stock for example Reliance power has total 2,80,51,26,466 shares and in same sector Suryachakra power corporation ltd has total 14,96,32,960 stocks so we say Reliance power is a high equity stock and Suryachakra power is a low equity stock.
2.For find out a low equity stock open this link of BSE india or if you use sharegenius app then open laset BSE Quote tab in sharegenius app. 
You see a page like this

3.Type first 3 charterer of your company name in box and then select your stock in drop-down menu for example if you choose Reliance power then you see a new page like this

4.Chosse SHP tab from this page ,See this photo to find out SHP tab

5. You see details of Shareholdings now  click "more" link which situated at bottom of this page

6.Now you see total number of stocks like this

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