Sunday, February 24, 2013


Hi Maheshji, Could you please tell me your view on Birla Capital and Financial Services Ltd. Is it good for long term investment? Could you please suggest. Thanks and Regards, Madhu. 
1. Madhu ji BIRLA CAPITAL & FINANCIAL SERVICES LTD is a 2 rupee face value T group stock.
2. Year high of BIRLA CAPITAL & FINANCIAL SERVICES LTD is 2.57 and year low 1.09 stocks traded at 1.50 only and as I described in my book that avoid stock which fall more than 50 % from year high.
3. Promoters holding in BIRLA CAPITAL & FINANCIAL SERVICES LTD are 65.10 % which is not a strong point for this share because promoters pledged his 90.65% stocks so what remain? 
4. This is a loss making stock and never give dividends. 
5. On 22 Nov 12 heavy bulk deal is shown in sell side so big player sell his holding near year high. 
6. I think you AVOID Birla capital . 
7. I have no any share of Birla capital Ltd.

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Aro granite industries Ltd

Dear Sir, I have a query on ARO GRANITE.I have seen that this is a regular dividend paying stock and also the total shares are only about 10 million. And if we go with the consumption story of India then these companies might do well more so when the interest rates start to soften. I also see a small percentage of promoter shares are pledged. Is this okay ? I request your expert views on this. Ask by Raj. 
1.Aro granite industries Ltd is a 10 rupee face value Indo next script.
2. Year high 41 and year low 30.25 and the stock traded near his year low at 31, ratio is positive but trading near the year low is a concern which shows the stock is weak at this point. 
3. Promoters holding in Aro granite industries Ltd are 40.95% and FII holding 1.94 % which is good, but as you research ( good, I appreciate your research keep it up) promoters pledged his 25% stocks it means real promoters holding without pledged is near 30% that is also good. 
4. Regular dividend paying of 1 rupee per share, good. 
5. I think this is a continue hold but if you see the price fall below 25 then I think something is wrong and an exit is advised if the price fall below 25 otherwise good and hold, if below 25 happen and you are exiting then please ask me again for next strategy. 
6.i Have no any share of Aro granite industries Ltd.

Sunday, February 17, 2013


Dear Sir, I am a beginner at I have to make to purchase a share for long-term investment. What are the entries I have to make in the buy window like, Mrkt (RL, AU) Order Terms (DAY, EOS, PFC, PFK) Trd. Acc. (DEL, INTRADAY, OBLIGATION) Thanks Ask by Regina Joshi. 
Ok, Now I give you details of terms using in SBICAPSEC. 
1. Mrkt: - means a market order there is 3 types of order
I. Limit order : - suppose you want to buy Arvind Ltd @80 than you place a limit order of 80 if this rate is coming during the trading day then your order is executed otherwise cancel.
 II. Market order : - if you placed a market order than it will be executed at once at a current market price.
III. Stop loss order: - means your order executed when your stop loss is triggered. 
2. Some of other terms using SBI cap sec is means as
NL : Normal Lot ( For NSE )
 RL : Regular Lot ( For BSE ) 
LO : Limit Order ( Specific Price for the Order )
MO : Market Order ( Buy/Sell at the current rate of the scrip. ) 
SL : Stop Loss Order for any Open position 
DEL : Delivery of the Scrip 
INTRADAY : Buying and Selling on the same day ( Sq Off ) 
MAR : Margin Order( F&O Segment)
OBLIGATION: Delivery Sell on subsequent days 
DAY : Order will be for the trading session ( Till 3.30 pm ) 
AMO : After Market Orders ( For Next Day )
TTQ: -total trading quantities.
 EOS = End Of Session Only 
DPF : DP free stock 
DPH : DP holding
 BEN : beneficiary stock 
3. BSE added Two new Order terms PFC and PFK which are applicable only for Market orders. 
PFC – Partially Filled Cancelled is used in the pre opening session of BSE means if the order partially filled than remaining order is cancelled.
 PFK – Partial Fill or Kill (it’s actually an IOC order) also known as Partially Filled Killled if order not full fill in pre opening session then it will be cancelled whole order is killed.
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Thursday, February 14, 2013

kilitch Drugs India Ltd:AVOID

Please let me know whether I can buy Kilitch Drugs (India) Ltd shares in the present value. What is your analyses of the above share. Ask by Nagarajams
1. Kilitch Drugs (India) Ltd is a 10 rupee face value pharmaceutical company which is trading at 28.50 just on his 52 week low so technically stock is very poor. 
2. Year high for Kilitch Drugs (India) Ltd is 90.50 and year low 28.50 , please avoid a stock if " stock traded more than 50% below from his year high because it is showing something is fundamentally wrong because good stocks never fall more than 50% within a year. 
3. Promoters of Kilitch Drugs (India) Ltd hold 63.43 % which is good. 
4. Former price rising in Kilitch Drugs (India) Ltd was based on Special Interim dividend @ 300% (i.e. Rs.30/- per equity share of Rs.10/- each) on the equity shares of the Company which declared on 30 Aug 2012. 
5. Finally Kilitch Drugs India Ltd at its meeting held on January 15, 2013, was decided to disinvest company's entire stake held in Eye Kare Kilitch Ltd, being a non-listed Company, as the Board of Directors do not envisage any increase in growth on the said investment without any additional infusion of funds, which the Board does not find it feasible. 
6. So overall all news in company is cool down and i think this is a clear AVOID. 
7. I have no any stock of Kilitch Drugs India Ltd.

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Sumeet Industries Ltd:Positive but fresh buy @11-14

Hi Mahesh ji, what is your view on Sumeet Industries Ltd. ? Thanks in advance Rajkumar. 
1. Sumeet Industries Ltd is a 10 rupee face value textile company.
2. Year high of Sumeet Industries Ltd is 28 and year low 12.45 stock traded at 20 , this is not a stable ratio. i think if any downside in market come and stock traded at 11-14 than this is good to fresh buy.
3.Promoters holding in Sumeet Industries Ltd is 44.17% but no DII and FII holding. 
4. Sumeet Industries Ltd show a bulk deal in sell side at 26.07.12 generally i avoid a stock which have recent bulk or block deals. ( as you read in my book that in my theory bulk and block deals are sign of speculative activity in stocks) 
5. Sumeet Industries Ltd Stock has good net revenue per share ( more than 225 per share per year ). 
6. So My view is positive for Sumeet Industries Ltd , But like to buy @11-14 if available,  I have no any share of Sumeet Industries Ltd. 
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Saturday, February 9, 2013


Respected Readers, I get per day 100;s of e mail and It is not possible to reply all e mails
So please try to understand my situation and ask your stock question in short and ask about only one stock at a time
Mail your question to 
Please do not ask my mobile number because due to lot of followers I am not give my mobile number because If I talk with every of my blog follower then I have no time for my personal work.
Please read more details at this link before mail a question

* Please remember the author of this blog is not an expert I am also a small investor like you and just try to help other small investor so sometime my answer may be wrong .

Friday, February 8, 2013

Noida Toll Bridge Ltd:HOLD

Dear Mahesh Ji, I got a lot of benefits by reading your blog. Please share your views on Please share views on Noida Toll Bridge LTD as this share is not moving from many years and I am getting 50% loss in that. Though I can hold it for many years but not finding any profit. Please suggest Regards Deepak Mahajan.
 1. Deepak ji,Noida Toll Bridge Ltd is a 10 rupees face value stock and traded at 22 rupees.
 2. Year high of Noida Toll Bridge Ltd is 29.90 and Year low 21.80 which is a stable ratio as my theory.
 3. Promoter holding is constant at 26.37% FII holding 3.44% DII holding 11.04% that is normal. 
4. Noida Toll Bridge Ltd has no bulk deal since last 2 year. Stock give you 0.50 rupee dividend per year in your holding. 
5. I think the good time of Noida Toll Bridge Ltd start now and you will get back your buying price in coming days, so my view is "HOLD".
6. I have no any share of Noida Toll Bridge Ltd.

Monday, February 4, 2013


Hi Mahesh ji, Happy new year 2013. Hope this year will put some light on reality sector (as you have suggested earlier in your forum also). I request you to give some good fundamental stock names in the reality sector? Thanks VJ 
1. VJ ji you are my regular reader so thanks for your faith on my blog. 
2. PARSVNATH DEVELOPERS LTD is my Top pick for reality sector. 
3. PARSVNATH DEVELOPERS LTD is a 5 rupee face value reality company. 
4. Year high of PARSVNATH DEVELOPERS LTD is 64.45 and Year low 35.35 so this ratio is below 2 and I like to invest in stocks which year high and low ratio is below 2 as I describe it in my book The winning theory in stock market. 
5. The promoter holding in PARSVNATH DEVELOPERS LTD is 71.58 % and FII holding 9.85 % both are strong. 
6. HDIL is next good reality stock which traded at 75 but book value of stock is 239.5 
7. I hold 100 shares of PARSVNATH DEVELOPERS LTD so this is my Discloser.

Saturday, February 2, 2013

Alok industries Ltd : Downside remain ?

Hi Mahesh Bhai, Hope you are doing good. Need your expert advice again on Alok Industries on the present context as the company recently sold physical assets in Mumbai to clear their debts. But still I don't see any momentum in this stock though their profit margins are quite high as per the industry experts. Thanks in advance. -Deepak Kaushik 
1. Respected Deepak Ji thank you for waiting a long period for your reply.
2. Alok industries is a 10 rupee textile company which is trading at 10.86 , year high of Alok industries is 23.90 and year low 10.48 so this is a problem because as my theory I don't like stocks which price is down more than 50% from year high and traded near his year low, in this condition I think more downside is remain and you should wait for stable year high low ratio below 2.
( I give more detail about this concept of year high low ratio in my book The winning theory in stock market ). 
3. Promoter's holding is 34.16 % in Alok industries Ltd promoters increase their holding from 33.55 % , this is a good point. 
4. I Think you will be wait and watch in the coming result because Alok industries Ltd is traded below his 200 DMA so if the result of Dec 12 is good and the stock traded above 13 then it is good to buy otherwise it is not moving up in the coming 6 months to 1 year.
5. I have no any share of Alok industries Ltd but Arvind Ltd is in my personal holdings.
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