Friday, February 8, 2013

Noida Toll Bridge Ltd:HOLD

Dear Mahesh Ji, I got a lot of benefits by reading your blog. Please share your views on Please share views on Noida Toll Bridge LTD as this share is not moving from many years and I am getting 50% loss in that. Though I can hold it for many years but not finding any profit. Please suggest Regards Deepak Mahajan.
 1. Deepak ji,Noida Toll Bridge Ltd is a 10 rupees face value stock and traded at 22 rupees.
 2. Year high of Noida Toll Bridge Ltd is 29.90 and Year low 21.80 which is a stable ratio as my theory.
 3. Promoter holding is constant at 26.37% FII holding 3.44% DII holding 11.04% that is normal. 
4. Noida Toll Bridge Ltd has no bulk deal since last 2 year. Stock give you 0.50 rupee dividend per year in your holding. 
5. I think the good time of Noida Toll Bridge Ltd start now and you will get back your buying price in coming days, so my view is "HOLD".
6. I have no any share of Noida Toll Bridge Ltd.


  1. hi,

    is there any change of views on FIRSTSOURCE SOLUTIONS

    What`s the take on 3I INFO


  2. No rajamani ji my view is not change it is a strong buy due to promoter holding is up from new promoters for 3i info please ask a full question using this link


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