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My Research Rules or Research Terms for Positional Calls on Sharegenius Blog

Respected Readers,

Now you are happy to knew that theme of my sharegenius blog is changed from stock question and answer to positional short term trading calls.
Why I Change Theme of This blog:-In Chapter 2 of my book "The winning theory in stock market" I told that if you invest initially $100 ( INR 6600) and add $10 (INR660) every month and book 15% profits in my style, then your initial investment of $100(INR6600) will grow $71803722 (INR 4739045652) in 30 Years.  
Some of my book readers not believe on this chapter 2 theory so for prove this theory from 21 April 2016 I start giving Short term positional calls with 20%+ target and 10% stop loss.
If I give target in my research reports then as per SEBI research analyst regulations 2014 Rule 20 (3) "If a research report contains either a rating or price target for subject company‟s securities and the research analyst or research entity has assigned a rating or price target to the securities for at least one year, such research report shall also provide the graph of daily closing price of such securities".
I need to give the graph of daily closing price of such securities to comply SEBI regulations. 
So I use this blog for providing short term positional trading calls and as a platform to prove chapter 2 of my book that how you make INR 4739045652 from initial investment of INR6600 .
Which Terms I Considered to Publish a Short Term Positional Calls:-
1. You knew that first of all I check any stock year high/low ratio and If a stock year high/low ratio is below 2 then I considered it for my buying recommendation ( This ratio is acceptable until 2.5 if all other fundamentals are good ).
2. Base Price:- I already discuss base price theory in my book and if you do not read my book then please refer below link to understand my base price / net sale per share/ year high low ratio terms and logic behind these research terms:-
You knew that all of my recommendations which I publish my home page are 15% below from base price but here ( for positional calls on sharegenius blog )we considered a stock till 15% up from base price,
I knew you ask why? why I change my rule for these short-term positional calls? 
Ok , in my next point I tell you why I change this rule for this shargenius blog trading recommendations.
3. In this blog  only "Stock traded above his 200 DMA"  is considered for research reports because here we want to book profit within 3 days to 3 Months and want only 20% profits in these 3 days to  3 months. 
Recommendations give on my home page are value buys which give multiple returns like 100% 200% 300% or more in long term holding like 1 to 3 year read past performance of my fundamentals long term holding calls here:-
So for this type of multibaggers recommendation I try to find a stock which traded 15% or more below from base price.
If we want  fast 20% Returns within 3 days to 3 months then we choose performing stocks which cross his 200 DMA in upside so in this situation most of  performing technical sound stocks not available 15% below the base price so we give a relaxation in this rule till 15% up from base price for selecting a trading stock.
For example I recommended to buy  DCM @66.70 on my home page on 28.02.2016 read it here:-
that time DCM base price was 83.34 and my recommendation price 66.70 is 20% below from base price and that time 200 DMA was 90.78 and I warn my investors that this stock is not good for trading purpose.
Now at 13 April 2016 DCM give a breakout over his 200 DMA and closed @ 90.20
DCM Moving averages:-
So now DCM traded 10% above from base price but due to this breakout I like to consider it for this blog short term positional call at price of 90.20 for a price target of 108.24 and with a stop loss of 81.18
(Discloser:- I am not hold DCM stocks please read my full discloser with last 3 year closing price graph at this link:-
4. Net sale per share:- For my fundamentals multi bagger stocks ( or penny share ( tips I Choose a stock which traded 15% or more below from his net sale  per share but for trading purpose CMP till 1.5 time above of net sale per share is considered, if all other terms are full-fill.
5. Promoters holding:- Promoters not reduce their holding in last 4 quarter is considered but promoters pledged stocks is relax-able till 33%.
6. No any bonus and no any stock spilt and no any block/ bulk deals in last 1 years is required for positional trading calls.
7. Dividend pay out is not necessary for sharegenius trading calls.
7. I hope you understand all basic differences in my 3 segment or research reports:-
A. Fundamentally Strong  Multi-bagger Stocks for long term:-
They publish on my home page and fundamentally strong low risk stocks which are:-
Dividend Paying.
Traded 15% or more below from base price.
Traded 15% or more below from net sale per share.
No bulk deal, block deal, Stock split, Bonus issue, Right issue in last 2 years.
No pledged promoters holding.
Promoter not reduce his stake in last 1 year.
Year high/low is below 2 ( if stock post good results after year low then this ratio is acceptable till 2.5)
See example of these type of stocks here:-
Holding period for these recommendations is more then 1 year and no any price target, stop loss given for these stocks but you may learn how to calculate fundamental price target for these stock in my book " The Winning Theory in Stock Market"
See past performance of these tips here:-
B. Fundamentally Strong Penny Stocks:- They Publish on my penny share blog and little bit risky then above multibagger stocks recommendations. Stock traded below 20 rupees is considered as penny stocks, these recommendations also full-fill all above terms except dividend pay-out and pledged stocks till 10% or recent bulk deal in buying side is relax able for penny stocks.
See example of these stocks here:-
See past performance of these tips here:-
Holding period for these penny recommendations is 3 days to more then 1 year and no any price target, stop loss given for these stocks
C. Fundamentally Strong Trading Stocks for Short Term:- They publish on this sharegenius blog, holding period of these stocks are short term 3 days to 90 days and recommendations given here is with price target and stop loss.
Maximum profit limit for these stocks are 20% and Stop loss is 10% below from recommendation price so here our risk reward ratio is 1:2
Apart from these 3 type of calls my app also provide breakout calls for 15% returns with 10% stop loss.
Download my app from google play or apple app store from these links:-
Link for Sharegenius App on Google Play:-
Link for Sharegenius App on Apple App Store:-
Mahesh Kaushik


  1. Hi sir i watched your swing trading video,where u had told that, we can even book profit 8 times in IOCL,where the annual returns is -65 % .Inspired by you I started calculating on M&M.i started it from 24.09.2019,since when it started falling like anything to till 31st December 2018. M&M year to date return is -20%.but through your method we can book profit

    1. Bikash Swain ji thank you for sharing your progress can you please send your excel sheet to because I will share your excel sheet to my followers and they will inspire from your M&M research regards

  2. Hello Sir,
    I am your new follower trying to learn about share market from your books & from youtube videos. I didn't find your "Sharegenius App " on Google play store. Also didn't find your new research report after CEAT LTD.

    1. Sir after CEAT iam not published new report yet. New report will publish on 1 Nov 2020..I removed sharegenius app from play store because of some technical issue in on new app in under progress and will publish new app soon

  3. Hi Mahesh sir, very nice to follow you in Youtube and reading your books. Thanks for educating us after huge losses in share market by following others and recommendations...
    I tried to download app but not able to , pls look into this

    1. Aditya ji app ek bar hata liya hai main naya app devlop kar raha hun 2-3 month me aa jayega


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