Saturday, January 29, 2011


Dear Sir,
Good evening.
Let God Meenakshi's Blessings always with you.
Can you give me your opinion about Centum Electronics ltd, which I bought at 210 Rs.a big quantity?
Expecting your Valuable reply,

1. CENTUM ELECTRONICS LTD is a 10 rupee face value share traded at 103.Centum Electronics Ltd is engaged in the manufacturing of advanced microelectronics modules, frequency control products and resistor networks.
2.Centum Electronics Ltd is a banglore base company Year high of CENTUM ELECTRONICS LTD is 149.65 and year low 71.10
3. Promoters holding of CENTUM ELECTRONICS LTD are 56.93 % is normal.
4. Book value of CENTUM ELECTRONICS LTD is 61.90 so i think near 70 is fair value for this stock
5. Overall I think you buy this share on a higher valuation and CENTUM ELECTRONICS LTD is shown clear downside movement so my view is negative for CENTUM ELECTRONICS LTD. i have no any share of centum electronics ltd.


  1. Dear Maheshji,

    Centum is a very good company and I think one should buy this share around Rs. 65/- would be doubled the money in one or two years easily. Its on my technical point of view.


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