Friday, January 7, 2011


Dear Sir,
It is now trading at 25.
Is there any thing permanently wrong with company? Are they going to be bankrupt OR vanished or what?
Can we buy now. What is your view on the same again?

1. ramswarup industries is an iron and steel company with 10 rupee face value.
2. book value of ramswarup industries is 162.95 so this share is a value buy at CMP 23
3. only two nagative events down this stock badly one promoter holding reduce from 75.89 % to 49.42 % and second in sept 2010 result company show net loss near 34.97 cr.
4. CMP of share 23 is near his year low 19.85 so risk reward ratio is also low. and accumulate it below 20 if availble.
5.i think ramswarup industries is a good fundamental company . company work on increase capacity or upgrade his kalyani and durgapur divison. so i think if you have patiance for 1-2 year then it is arvind ltd story.
6. visit company website at
7. i have no any share of ramswrup industries


  1. maheshji
    can u plz advise me on cerebra intigrated.?i have 4900 share at 27.45 rs.

  2. why this stock going down and down? any idea?


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