Saturday, May 4, 2013


Dear Mahesh ji, I am regular reader of your Blog, let me know your present thoughts on ZYLOG SYSTEMS LTD ,as it is trading around  52 Weeks low. I want to invest around 10000/- on this stock for long term.ask by Khana ji
 1.ZYLOG SYSTEMS LTD is a 5 rupee face value IT company. 
2.Year high / Year low for ZYLOG SYSTEMS LTD is 340/37 means near 9 which is very very danger please refer my book where i quote " Good stocks never down more than 50 % within a year. 
3.Promoters of company sell their stocks and dilute their holding from 42.53% to 33.90 % , i think promoters are not foolish they understand much batter about his company. 
4. In NOV 12 stock of zylog systems so many bulk deals read click here to see these bulk deals. bulk deals are sign of speculation activity ( For detail read my book "The winning theory in stock market")
5.So my view is negative for zylog systems ltd due to his year high and low ratio, reducing in promoters holding, and many bulk deals. I think you may choose Firstsource solutions ltd which is my top pick of these days for long term like Arvind ltd.
6.I have no any stock of zylog system ltd, But Arvind and firstsource is in my personal holdings.

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  1. Dear Mahesh ji,
    First of all very happy new year to you and your family.
    Sir, I am very new to share market and want to invest first time to share market. I want to invest 10000/- rs in market.
    So kindly guide me that in which shares i should invest and how much quantity of share i should by upto investment limit of Rs: 10000/-.
    Its my first time so kindly guide me sir.

    Thanking You,

    Lalit Jain


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