Monday, February 21, 2011


Hi Mahesh,
I got stuck with bedmutha around Rs.250, iam holding 450 Nos...... shall i wait or average or sell it?....
Kindly advice.

1.Bedmutha Ind is a new listed company
2. Face value of bedmutha industry is 10 rupee . Bedmutha Ind is an iron and steel company.
3. Promoter holding in bedmutha interties is 56.66 % and FII holding 14.24 %
4. Bedmutha Ind. Is a new listed company and in my general rule never invest in a new listed company till 1 year because after 1 year market settle company real price on his fundamental.
5. Bedmutha ind. down from 286.90 and year low only at 77 this is very bad sign and I think bedmutha Ind share may show further downtrend.
6. Huge bulk deal at price of 81-82 also shows that share may show more downtrend.
7. So I think you may wait 1 year. I have no any share of bedmutha interties

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