Saturday, March 3, 2012

IFCI Tax Saving Infrastructure Bonds (2011-2012)

Hello Sir,
Thanks for so much information sharing on personal finance through your blog.
I would request for your guidance on IFCI Tax Saving Infrastructure Bonds (2011-2012), the issue for which closes on 16th Jan 2012, I came across this information via the Blog
Can you please suggest us, how to analyse Offerings of different companies floating Infrastructure Bonds ?
Vishwanath Rao
1. sorry sir for too late reply when last date of your issue is gone.
2. You may read my former article for best infrastructure bonds for tax saving at following link
click here to read best-infrastructure-bonds-for-80-ccf.
3. for knew that how to buy these bonds through icici direct read this article
click here to knew how-to-buy-ncd-or-ifci-idfc-iifcl-bonds from icici direct
4. ICICI DIRECT now provide a NCD list link in his equity trading page.

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