Wednesday, August 4, 2010


Dear Sir,
Can I apply to BAJAJ CORP IPO for listing gain...........?
Sir, you are doing very good job. I hearty thank you for your free advice.........
Jignesh Sanghavi

1. In my style of investing I always avoid new IPO because in my past experience I always see that in one year market decide re valuation for stock and it available below IPO price.
2. I think you may remember my blog post about NHPC when his IPO is come I say I buy this share below 28 (IPO price is 36) and after 1 year I saw it price below 28 and advice all of you for right time to buy NHPC.
3. it happen many time with me when parsvanath ltd is listed and traded above 550 I say buy it below 100 and after that in great crash of 2007 it touch 40 ( now at 123)
4. But you want to play for listing gain then I think this is “yes” because Bajaj corp. it not such bad share that could not given listing gain.
5. Read full draft and red hearing prospectus of Bajaj corp. ltd in this link
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