Sunday, June 6, 2010


Hi Kaushik
what is the difference between T and B group shares? Which one is better to buy? - Anonymous

T group share:-
Only delivery-based transactions are allowed in the ‘T’ group; traders can not take intra-day positions. Also ban on F&O position .This preventive action on the part of the exchange to reduce risk arising from excess speculation. If the activity in a stock dies down after its inclusion in the ‘T’ group, it is a fair indicator that much of the interest till then had been speculative and not based on fundamentals.
B group share: -
These are referred to as “Non cleaned securities” or “Non-specified shares”. For these groups facility of carrying forward is not available. But one could take F&O (F&O is not allowed in all B group) and intra day position.
Stock exchange shifted shares from one group to other group on basis of volume and liquidity and other criteria so it is not important to see that which one is better to buy.

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