Friday, June 18, 2010

Gyan developers and builders ltd

Hi Mahesh,
What is your opinion about Gyan Developers & Builders Ltd.?

1. Gyan developers and builders ltd is a realty company with 10 rupee face value.
2. stock rally it year low 17.10 on 9 June 2010 to it year high 47.15 in 18 June 2010 means only 8 trading session jump stocks to it year high. Are you thinking this is a fundamental change? No this is only and only speculation.
3. Promoter holding in gyan developers is 64.85 percent.
4. Book value of gyan developers and builders is 10.54 only so shares traded 4 times high from it book value and very very risky now.
5. EPS of gyan is 0.10 and P/E is 471 means you pay 471 year earnings of share for buying a share I think average life of human is 80 year and only baba ramdev pranayama help us to live 471 year or more. (And I am irregular in ramdev baba pranayama so I avoid this share).
Key words: - can I buy sell hold gyan developers and builders F&O target July 2010 for gyan developer

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