Monday, July 4, 2011

Flawless diamond india ltd :positive

I am investor in the market for short / long trem. Please give your opinion on the below given stock.
I am Raju M. Patil working in ROLTA.
I am also small investor. Requesting you to please give your expert view on "Flawless Diamond (india) Ltd.(523576). At present it is 1.80.
One brokerage has given target of 15 Rs with in one month. So shall i go for this or not.
1. Flawless diamond india ltd is a 1 rupee face value stock .
2. 52 week high of Flawless diamond india ltd is 3.10 and 52 week low 0.80
3.promoters holding is 26.15 % in Flawless diamond india ltd which is increase from 21.41 % in 2009 value of Flawless diamond india ltd is 5.61 so currant price 1.80 is a value buy.
5.this is a penny stocks and may be risky but due to increasing promoter holding with a high book value my view is positive for Flawless diamond india ltd .
6. i have no any share of Flawless diamond india ltd .
7. in 2009 i give my view on Flawless diamond india ltd  read this article on this link

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  1. Mahesh Ji,

    I am holding Classic diamonds... What is your opinion on that stock?


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