Monday, July 25, 2011


Dear sirs,
   I am holding 1000 shares of Ankur drugs  at an average price of Rs.41.00. Please let me know more about this company. Shall I hold this or buy more or quit from this company shares.
  Ramesh babu
1. ramesh ji , near about 8 months ago ankur drugs is traded @138 and i give my negative view for ankur drugs on this blog read this post at this link
2. now ankur drugs traded @ 38.30 and this is an indo next script.
3.year high for ankur drugs ltd is 184 and year low 34
4. if you read above link you find that my view is negative due to diluting promoters holding and promoters again reduce there holding now it is 24.93 % only.
5. so my view is still negative for ankur drugs ltd,
6.  i have no any stock of ankur drugs ltd.

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