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Hi, What is your take on Pantaloon Retail- Is this a good pick in long term compared to Trent ? - whenever i go to big bazaar it is full and more and more people are shifting to such large stores. But I also like the Star Bazaar from Trent, It is difficult to find space there and I shop there now days. ask by ronicsen
 1.Pantaloon retail and trent ( tata group retail arm known as trent) both are retail companies.
2. Pantaloon retail face value is 2 rupee and market value is 190.75 trent face value is 10 rupee and market value 1136. ( if we change pantaloon price in 10 rupee face value than it is 190.75*5= 953 so pantaloon is cheap)
3.Pantaloon retail year high is 239 and year low 125.30 stock traded at 190 so this is good.
4. Trent ltd year high 1260 year low 771 stock traded at 1136, this is also good.
5. Promoters holding in pantaloon and trent is 43.66 and 30.95 % with 22.01 % and 13.57% FII holding , both are normal.But pantaloon lead in both of terms.
6.Both are dividend paying companies so in light of above six points it is dificult to choose that which are more good so i use my net revenue per share concept for final decision .. ok , now we calculate net revenue per share in pantaloon retail it is near 200 if i assume fy 12-13 net revenue near 4400 cr. and in trent estimated net revenue in 12-13 is 800 cr only so net revenue per share for trent is near 250.
7. so finally pantaloon retail is clear winner because it market price 190 is below it 1 year net revenue per share but in trent market price 1136 is near 4.5 time high from it one year net revenue per share so i think shift trent to pantaloon retail is good.
8. i have no any share of both of companies.


  1. Kaushik Ji,Namshkar, I have been following you since last year. Going on your lines now share investment has started paying dividend.Please accept my gratifications for the tutorials for amateurs like me.


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