Monday, September 17, 2012

HOLD:Reliance communication

Mahesh Ji,
I am doing a systematic SIP in Reliance communication. And now I am worried about the recent announcement of spectrum auction. With the profits of all mobile companies coming down, what will be the prospectus of Reliance communication.?? ask by Rajiv daniel
1. Rajeev daniel ji do not worry because you already see a 20 % appreciation in Rel com price in last one month.
2.You wonder that currant net revenue per share is 53 in reliance communication and 53 is market price also.
3.Book value of reliance communication is 218.97 and as my fundamental targeting of a share average out both values it is 135.5 and reduce 10% for market fluctuation than it is 121.95 so i think reliance communication may be traded over 120 in near future ( time is no limit it may be 6-12 months ) and that is the time wen you closed your SIP and partially book your 10% profits at every 10 % rise.
4. Rel communication is in my personal holding so this is my dis closer.

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