Saturday, October 22, 2011


Mahesh Sir I have a unique question hope you will be able to throw some light on it.I have always noticed that irrespective of market conditions there are n number of shares specially in T group with zero revenue and fundamental hitting new highs. I know it s done by operators, but my question is these shares are not in news and no boarders writing about it, then when and how do these operators dump these shares????? ask by amateur trader ji.
1. T groups stock are low equity and low trade stocks for more etails about T groups stocks read this article
2. some time these stocks have very low equity means total number of shares are very low so operators who want to make speculation run in these type of stocks make false trading for volume increase.
3. in this false trading they buy and sell stocks in many time a trading day it will also known as insider trading or chakri trading.
4. due to low volume when insider trader place a huge buy order there are no seller in market and stock close on circuit without any real buying.
5. you will be happy to find a possible multi bagger T group stocks in my penny share blog at this link

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