Sunday, October 16, 2011


Dear Mahesh Ji Namste
Sir what is your view on CAMSON BIO TECHNOLOGIES (BSE CODE 590076)Please give your view.I m holding 100 share @135 Rs can i hold continue.
Thank you Sir
From Rajeev Gupta Shimla HIMACHAL PRADESH
1.CAMSON BIO TECHNOLOGIES is a 10 rupee face value biotechnology company.
2. Year high of CAMSON BIO TECHNOLOGIES  is 252 and year low 56.10 stock traded at 71.95 .
3. As per our rule , avoid a stock when stock fall more than 50 % within a year from year high. i think stock may traded in sideways movement for coming 1-2 year.
4. Promoters holding in CAMSON BIO TECHNOLOGIES  is 36.74 % and promoter increase there holding from 31.08 % so this is the point which change my view from AVOID to HOLD , because if promoter increase there holding in downtrend than we think stock is over sold and recovery may be come soon.
5. In last 3 year CAMSON BIO TECHNOLOGIES  give continue 1 rupee per share dividend.
6. Stock show huge bulk deals in march 2011 generally i am negative in a stock which show this type of bulk deals but in CAMSON BIO TECHNOLOGIES LTD after these bulk deals promoter holding is increase so i think this is positive.
7. So hold this stock  ,  book value of CAMSON BIO TECHNOLOGIES  is 57.85 so average out your holding when stock available at 40-50 ,i have no any stock of CAMSON BIO TECHNOLOGIES  LTD.
8. Use this link for ask your questions

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