Saturday, September 24, 2011


Anonymous said...
Sir I would like to know ur inputs on BLS Infotech
I know this is a penny stock by the reason I am considering because of high promoter holding
also the promoter have issued warrant at rs 1 (though they will buy at 0.25 paise)
Can i buy n hold it for a long term.
1. First of all I again request to my followers that please give your name in your questions.
2. Second thing..that my closed blog for penny stocks is started again and BLS infotech price is 0.30 only so I give details of your stock in my penny stocks blog so please visit this link for read fundamentals of BLS infotech.
3. So on base of above analysis my view is positive for BLS INFOTECH LTD ,I have no any stocks of BLS infotech ltd.
Key words:_LIC JEEVAN ANAND, penny stocks.


  1. Update the link - 'p' is missing in http: htt://

  2. respected killivalavan ji
    thank for updating. i update the link as you say. i am very thankfull to you..thanks a lot.


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