Wednesday, November 3, 2010


Dear Mr. Kaushikji
Iam Saj I wanted to know your view on Suryachakra power. Last month I
purchased 10000@21.45 but it is now at very low and iam in huge loss
so please advice me any chance to exit with profit. I read your views
on Suryachakra what about your view on a chance of price to go up is
it over or has to wait. Your advice will be highly appreciated.
Thanks in advance
Best regards

1. Suryachakra power is a 10 rupee face value power company and fundamental of suryachakra power is not so bad.
2. suryachakra power has many subsidiary power companies and I think it will take time but this share not only return your buying price it may give profit also.
3. Please do not buy such a huge quantity at once in any share is your fancy then buy it in SIP method but not to buy a huge quantity at once.
4. Ok, do not worry you are not alone... SAINATH HERBAL CARE MARKETING PRIVATE LIMITED also buy 723995 share of suryachakra power @ 20.91 on 30.09.2010 ( source:- BSE site ) and I think they hope for profit.
5. Suryachakra Power Corporation Ltd has informed BSE that the name of "LAHARI POWER AND STEELS LTD", a subsidiary of M/s. Suryachakra Power Corporation Ltd, has been changed to "SURYACHAKRA GLOBAL ENVIRO POWER LTD" w.e.f. March 19, 2010.
Further the Company has informed that M/s. Climate Change Investment, Luxemburg (CCI) has entered into an agreement with Suryachakra Group for acquiring 26.1% stake in Suryachakra Global Enviro Power Ltd, at Rs. 28.98 Per share. Out of the total Investment of Rs. 500.50 Mn, the first tranche of Rs. 400 Mn has already been received. CCI has also committed to take part in the future Renewable Energy Projects of the group.
6. Book value of suryachakra power is 18.09
7. So overall my view is not so much positive for this company but in your case legaly i not authanticated to give you any advice so read disclaimer on this blog before take any step but my view " hold" for this share because i think it may move in uptrand in coming 6 months to 1 year
8. I personally hold 75 share of this company i buy these share @55 in 2007 on advice of a famous technical analysts mr....singh. in 2007 i am a paid member for shri singh daily forcast but unfortunatly all of tips given by him on technical basis is fail and i wait suryachakra power ltd rally from last 3 year for exit .

9. this experiance inspire me to start my own free blog on fundamental analysis for prevent investor from such type of technical traders read details at
KEY WORDS:- make profit from F&O futuare and option suryachakra power f&O tips daily future and option calls forex trade.

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