Saturday, November 6, 2010


Hi Maheshji
what is your overall review about market
and also want to know about your view on Micro technologies Ltd (532494)
Ask by shri Hitesh chauhan

1. Hitesh ji overall I think market is enter in bullish phase and making new highs in coming 1-3 months
2. And please note that "only index growth is not a genuine parameter of market growth because index constituency is SUBJECT TO CHANGE read THIS LINK FOR DETAILS
3. MICRO TECHNOLOGY LTD is a 10 rupee face value "S'' group IT company ,year high for micro technologies ltd is 228.60 and year low 133 ,and currantly share traded at 209.40
4. Micro technologies ltd 2009-10 EPS is 57.52 so share traded at P/E of 4 only and Micro Technologies and H.A.SH Security Services (Israel) announce the launch of India's unique "International Command & Control Centre.
5. But micro technologies ltd promoter holding is continue in downtrend March 2010 ( 32.49%) in June 2010 (31.84 %) and sept 2010 (30.95%) so promoter continue dilute their holding and it is a great negative factor for any fundamental analysis. ( FII holding 4.33 %) and company plan further preferential allotment of securities subject to approval of shareholders it is also dilute equity of company.
6. We also see a bulk deal of 80000 share at 4 oct 2010 @214.86 and historically after such type of bulk deal share show downtrend
7. So my view is negative for micro technologies ltd.
8. Book value of micro technology is 275.40 but in light of above negative points I not consider it as value buy
9. I have no any share of micro technologies ltd.


  1. Kindly work on your english...its very irritating to see a senior pro using kindergarten language...please respect the medium

  2. Sorry sir.
    I knew my English is week because I get my education in hindi medium and just try to write in this international communication medium. So I welcome your comments and if you attract my attention on any particular point then I try to edit it.
    Please remember purpose of this blog is not to educate English purpose is educate about stock market.

  3. Could you tell me any specific reason why it should trade at a low PE


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