Monday, December 15, 2014

Ujaas Energy Limited: Avoid

Dear Mahesh Sir, Please advice me on UJJAS ENERGY. If it is fundamentally good then at what price we accumulate it and what is the target from long term perspective? ask by Pankaj Kumar 
1.Ujaas Energy Limited is a 1 rupee face value heavy equipment company. 
2. Year high of Ujaas Energy Limited is 42.10 and Year low 8.55 stock traded at 15.30 ,I think you not read my book yet because year high/year low of this stock is near 5 which is horrible for me, because this type of year high/low ratio show " Stock have a speculation steam for some time and now all of steam is gone." 
3. Promoters holding in Ujaas Energy Limited is 70.69 % which is good. 
4. Net selling and net profit of this stock also down more then 75 % this situation is dangerous and I think one should quit from this stock. 
5. Recent stock spilt and many bulk deals are other negative points for this stock. 
6. My view is negative for Ujaas Energy Limited and I have no any share of Ujaas Energy Limited.

Friday, December 12, 2014

6 Months Relaxation to obtain a registration as research analysts.

Respected Readers, 
In my earlier post I declared that I discontinue publishing of stock question and answers on this blog due to SEBI regulation on research analysts. 
but as demand of my most of followers I will plan to apply for a  registration as research analysts and
Some of followers also report that now SEBI  give 6 months relaxation to prsent research analysts, So this blog will start update again with answers of your stock questions.
Read my full comment on this issue here
Mahesh Kaushik

Tuesday, December 9, 2014


Respected Readers

REGULATIONS, 2014" Which come in effect from 1 December 2014, I am unable to post about any company stock fundamentals on Internet because I am not a registered stock research analysts.
Read these complete regulations here
REGULATIONS, 2014" No any stock query reply will be publish on my sharegenius blog from 1 December 2014.
I am sorry but due to restrictions from regulatory authority of stock market (SEBI) from 01 December 2014 onwards all of my blogs will updated with only educational points for investor and no any company name and stock data will publish on all of my blogs from 01 December 2014
Mahesh Kaushik

Thursday, November 27, 2014

New Update About Cals Refineries

Hi Mahesh Ji, 
I don't want to waste your time and will make my question very short. Please tell your view on CALS REFINERIES. Is there any chance for the project to start?
. It is traded in high volumes daily. 
Vivek Anand 
1. Respected Vivek Anand ji you and my other followers not waste my time actually all of my followers are my capital they give me energy and love from their comments and emails. I feel sorry to all my followers that per day i got 100 of e mails and comments and due to my limit i am able to reply only few of them. 
2.CALS REFINERIES Promoters increase their holding from 2.81% to 16.19% this is a good sign because promoters knew their company very well. 
3.Cals Refineries Ltd has informed BSE that the Board of Directors of the Company at its meeting held on November 14, 2014, inter alia, had decided the followings: 
a. Board has also constituted Risk Management Committee, pursuant to Clause 49 of the Listing Agreement. 
b. An Internal Complaint Committee, pursuant to Sexual Harassment of woman at work place (Prevention, Prohibition and Redressal), Act, 2013, has also been formulated by the Board. 
It means they start project soon because if they not start project then no need of these committees. 
4. So I think something is good cooking in kitchen of Cals refineries. 
5. I have no any share of Cals refineries and no plan to buy in near future.
6. My YouTube channel

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Shilpi cables technologies Ltd : AVOID

Hi SIr, I have 2k shares of Shilpi cables technologies Ltd at 60 rs. I got bonus and dividend also.Sir please guide whether to hold this stock or to sell. Since its given a bonus its looks like fundamentally good stock.How many months/years should i hold this stock. Please share your thoughts Thanks Sagar patil 
1. Sagar ji please do not buy such a huge quantity at once when you buy a stock then first buy only 1/10 part of your required amount then wait some time for correction because price of stocks are always cyclic and every year we have 2-3 chance when every stock is traded at very attractive price.
 2. Second point bonus is not a sign of fundamental strongness , bonus issue is dilute stock equity and impact negatively on a stock price. 
3. Shilpi cables technologies Ltd is a 10 rupee face value electrical cable company. 
4. Year high of Shilpi cables technologies Ltd is 78.50 and year low 8.40, oh I wonder that why people buy a share when it run 10 times within a year, in my theory i am not buy a stock where year high/low is above 2( read my book for details). 
5.Promoters of Shilpi cables technologies Ltd hold 34.04% and FII hold 13.71% which is normal. 
6. Overall my view is negative for Shilpi cables technologies Ltd due to recent bonus and in-stable year high/ year low ratio ( if you read my book then you familiar that I am not buy a stock who give bonus in last 2 year and where year high/ low is above 2). 
7. Discloser:- I have no any share of Shilpi cables technologies Ltd.

Friday, November 7, 2014

Kopran Ltd : Book Profit Near 80

Hi Sir, I had bought kopran at 50 and currently trading at 61 and not moving up from here.. Shall i book profit or hold it for few more months?? Please sir, do reply me as i am new to stock market. Your reply will help me a lot. Thank You Kind Regads, Akash 
Respected readers , I am sorry that my blogs are updated too late because from last 30 days I am suffering from cervical spontaneities , cough and Common colds, So I avoid computer works and take rest. Now my neck pain and common cold are 95 % cure so I am again come with you.
1.Kopran Ltd is a 10 rupee face value pharmaceuticals company. 
2. Year low of Kopran Ltd is 16.15 and year high 72.65, So as my rule I avoid fresh buying in a stock where year high/ low ratio is above 2 but in your case you want to knew that should you hold it or not..Ok for this purpose we see next points. 
3. Promoters of Kopran Ltd hold 39.17 % and no any FII holding in this stock. 
4. We saw may bulk deals in this stock and if you read my book then you knew that bulk / block deals are sign of speculation activity and in most of cases we see that price of stock is beaten down after 3 months to 12 months from such bulk /block deal. 
5.Kopran Ltd not pay any dividend in last some years. 
6. Kopran Ltd Net selling per share is 77.35 So I think you may book your profit near 80 (for a best appreciation) but I am not sure that this stock will touch 80 or not. 
7. So overall I recommended book profit in Kopran Ltd either in CMP or near 77-80 
8. I have no any share of Kopran Ltd.

Saturday, October 25, 2014

Vardhman Textiles ltd : Positive ( Best Below 300 )

Hi Mahesh Ji, Vardhman Textiles, is trading bellow book price. Can you pls share your advice. Regards, Ganapathi M
1.Vardhman Textiles Ltd is a 10 rupee face value textile company. 
2. Year high of Vardhman Textile Ltd is 529 and year low 324.10 Stock currently traded at 418.25. 
3. Promoters of Vardhman Textile Ltd hold 61.85% and FII hold 8%, DII also hold 13.04% ,So this pattern is good, because I like a stock where general public holding is low.
 In share market term general public holding is known as weak hands because they easily sell their holding in any bad news.
4.Vardhman Textiles ltd give 4.5 to 6.00 rupee dividend per year. 
5. Vardhman Textile Ltd stock has no any bulk deal in last 2 year this is also a sign of stability. 
6.Net revenue per share of Vardhman Textiles ltd is 820 so I think this stock have potential to touch 800+ price in near future..for more detail of this unique concept of net revenue per share per year read my book.
( Please note my book on flipkart has temporary out of stock, due to huge demand and low supply from USA but seller on Flipkart import more books and may be available again on flipkart in next 2-3 business days). 
7.Base Price of Vardhman Textiles ltd is 290, So I think if this stock is available below 300 in any market fall then this is a best buy but currant price is also good due to net revenue per share per year. 
8. I have no any stock of Vardhman Textiles ltd.

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

California Software Company Ltd: Risky

Hi Mahesh , Thanks for your advice ... Can you please have a look at this company " California Software" : considering Glencore ( fortune 10 ) has 100% stake in parent entity and they are also increasing their shares.. Regards, sherin
1.California Software company ltd is a 10 rupee face value IT company. 
2. Year high of California Software company ltd is 10.33 and year low 4.10 
3.California Software company ltd pay 2 rupee per share divided in 2010 and 1 rupee divided in 2008. 
4. Promoters of California Software company ltd is hold 70.71 % stake. (No any increasing in last some quarter)
5. California Software company ltd is included in BSE group Z company , The BSE 'Z' group  includes companies which have failed to comply with its listing requirements and have failed to resolve investor complaints or have not made the required arrangements with both the depositories, like CDSL and NSDL for de-materialization of their securities. So that is the reason of California Software Company Ltd low trading price. 
6.California Software Company Ltd not declare their results after December 2013. 
7. My view is negative for California Software due to poor corporate governance, Why we buy this type of risky stock because several other good options are available at market.
 8. I have no any share of California Software.

Monday, September 15, 2014


Dear Mahesh, I am Planning to start investing but realy fearing what are the basic things which we have to take care in investment ? and which is the best online brokerage company were we can pay less amount and get good and valueable guide lines ( ICICI direct , Share khan, Kotak direct ) ? Kindly guide. Regards Saurav

What is the Demat account:- Demat account is open with NSDL or CSDL and brokerage firm like icicidirect or sbicap are  known as depository participate or DP. You already knew that saving account is use to deposit cash. In addition, demat account is use to deposit your share in electronic form.

Best online brokerage company in India: - ICICI direct is best to open demat account.  I strictly belive in ICICI DIRECT because of following reasons:-
1- ICICI DIRECT  is also a banker so If you open a demat account they also create a trading account for you then they open a saving account in icici bank which link with your trading account so you are able to done online share trading. Some other online share trading service provider like relieance money is not a bank so if you want to trade online with there d mat account you will must to open a saving account in Axis bank or icici bank

2- It research service is best in research page of you find so many updated tools to analysis a share. But I think If you read my book then you already able to choose best stocks in any market condition.

3- If you buy a share online then buying value is credited by your saving account automatically and if you sell a share selling value will be automatically deposited in your saving account
4- Dividend are also deposited automatically in icici bank saving account
5- Icici direct also provide mutual fund investment service and NPS service this means If you have a trading account with ICICI DIRECT then you may  also subscribe central government new pension scheme through ICICI direct read this article for more detail about NPS

6- ICICI direct also provide us Equity SIP
7. You can compare SBIcap and ICICIC direct here

Thursday, August 28, 2014


Hello Sir, You can invest in Basant agrotech. Its a Akola based based Fertilizer and seeds company. It regularly pay dividends and stock is currently trading at Rs. 8. this tip given by anonymous.
 1.BASANT AGRO TECH (INDIA) LTD is a 1 rupee face value stock. 
2. Year high of BASANT AGRO TECH (INDIA) LTD is 9.20 and year low 2.80, This is a problem because as my rule I am do not buy a stock if Year high/low ratio is above 2 
3. Promoters holding in BASANT AGRO TECH (INDIA) LTD is 54.62% DII holding 0.05% and  FII holding is NIL. 
4.BASANT AGRO TECH (INDIA) LTD Regularly pay dividends in range of 0.06 to 0.08 Rupee per share. 
5. BASANT AGRO TECH (INDIA) LTD is an Indo next company ( Indo next stocks have low equity and small to medium scale business companies so when promoter plan to dilute his equity these stocks will easily down at a very low price) 
6. Stock is good but I think current price is very high for fresh buy, It is a good buy if stock available below 5 in any market fall 
7. I have no any shares of Basant agrotech

Friday, August 15, 2014

NMDC Best Buy Below 31

Hi Mahesh, I am following your blog and your answers for a long time. 
You do good analysis and I really appreciate your helping nature. 
I wanted your views on the following stocks: 
1. MMTC 
2. NMDC 
I had bought shares of MMTC on July 9th at Rs.90. Today the price is Rs.72 
So, I have made a loss of 20%. So, I wanted to know your view, whether to hold this for more time to get to profit or sell it at cmp? And how is NMDC? 
Is it good to sell MMTC and buy NMDC instead? Please share your views. Regards, Narendra Kumar SS 
1. NMDC is a 1 rupee face value mining company. 
2.Year high for NMDC is 196.15 and Year low 106.75 stock traded @174.55. 
3.Promoters hold 80% share of NMDC and FII hold 6.96% DII hold 10.74% so only 2.80% stocks is hold by general public, It is good because generally stock with low general public holdings is perform better. 
4.When i see results of company than i wonder that net revenue of company in Jun 2014 quarter 3476.73 cr and net profit is 1915.01 cr. how a company earn more then 50 % profit on their sells? net profit margin on NMDC is very high 55.08 In Dec 2012 net profit margein is 63.13% , So i think margins are already in downtrend and when pressure on margins come due to salary  hike or depreciation than stock of NMDC is beaten down badly. 
5. If you read my book and remember my concepts of yearly net revenue per share than Net revenue per share per year for NMDC is 30.41 only  so i think fair value for NMDC is 30.
6.When NMDC traded above 252 then I warn my investor that NMDC will be down below 180 and one of my blog reader put comment that I do not give bad views on such companies but after my view price of NMDC fall and touch 92.65 in 2013 read this past store here
NMDC Fundamental Analysis

7.Market prove my theory many time read my past article on Rei agro and Sks Microfinance to knew that how market prove my price estimate.

8. So i think price below 30 is good for enter in NMDC.
9. One more wonderful thing for all  new investors that price of NMDC is 12 in 2001 and 16150 in 2008, So every price is possible in stock market read my book for more detail about price changing theory in stock market.
10. Finally I think you may hold MMTC and average out your holdings at every 30 % of price fall from your buying price, then you may get a profitable exit I am also wonder that you count loss just in one month..Please become a long term investor as I always recommended to my followers.
11. I have no any share of NMDC.

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Future retial v/s V2 Retail

Dear Mahesh Ji, What is your view on Future retial & V2 Retail ask by Baswant Kumbhar. 
1.Future retail is a 2 rupee face value retail stock ,Face Value of v2 retail is 10 rupee. 
2.Future retail year high/low is 147.85 and 63.30, Stock traded at 128,Year high/low ratio is more then 2 
3. V2 retail year high is 17.84 and year low 6.24 Year high/low also more then 2 for this stock. 
4.Future retail promoters holding 48.31% FII holding 22.41% DII holding 4.65% so this holding pattern is quite good and V2 retail promoters hold 57.19%(No any FII or DII holding in V2 Retail). 
5. Future retail give 0.60 rupee per share dividend for this year and V2 retail never give dividends. 
6.Future retail show bulk deal in sell side so this is a sign of speculation activity. 
7. V2 Retail net earning and profits both are in down trends. 
8. So overall my view is negative for both of companies, but if future retail available below 92 then this is a good buy. 
9.Discloser:- I have no any stocks of above mention companies.

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Army Method Of Profit Booking In Long Term Equity SIP

Dear Mahesh ji, Namaskar, I feel glad to hear that you have been promoted, Congratulations ! Mahesh ji, I hope you still remember me . Now a days my business is running pretty good than before and I want to invest in your style (SIP) in shares for 10 years @ 2000/- month , please suggest me 2 shares for good return, Thanks & regard, Rajesh Sharma Rourkela, ODISHA 
1. Respected Sir, First of all I want to tell all my readers that I am still working as TRA and not promoted in my job,However Thank you for your advance wish. 
2.It is hard to remember all of my blog readers and reply all mails and questions,please try to understand my situation that I have more then 500000 followers and readers worldwide and per day I get 100s of e mails and stock query so it is hard to reply everyone.this is the reason that I am not give my phone number on internet. 

3. OK, You want to invest in my style of SIP for 10 year like my SIP in Arvind ltd,No problem but before you proceed I want to tell my Army method for this type of long term equity SIP. 

4. My Unique Army Method:- This is the first time on internet when I disclose this Army method for long term SIP, For understanding this Army method Suppose about an Army Captain which have 10,000 soldiers and enemy attack to his post so what is right method for defense? 
a. All 10,000 soldiers will fight and if enemy kill all of them then you lost your post. 
b. Divide all soldiers in 10 team of 1000-1000 soldiers, enemy first fight with 1000 soldiers and if all 1000 soldiers are martyr ( Shahid) then 2nd team of 1000 soldiers will fight and if this team is also martyr then next 3rd team will fight...till all 10 teams will be martyr. 
5.Ha..Ha..Ha this is not a joke I try to tell you a serious method of stock market defense. 
6. I think option "b" is a best defense option for any captain where he Divide all soldiers in 10 team of 1000-1000 soldiers, enemy first fight with 1000 soldiers and if all 1000 soldiers are martyr then 2nd team of 1000 soldiers will fight and if this team is also martyr then next 3rd team will fight...till all 10 teams will be martyr. 
7. Ok I use above option in my long term SIP ,Suppose you invest rs 1000 per month in country club india ltd and after 1-2 year you have 2563 stocks and price of Country club is 198 after 2 year.
Then treat each of your stock like a soldier and divide these 2563 in to 10 lot of 256-256 stocks.
 If price of Country club is fall more then 30 % from any nearest high (in this example we suppose price of country club is 198 after 2 year) then book your 256 stocks means if country club down back from 30 % of 198 and touch 138.60 then book your 1/10 part of holding ( Hold remain 90 % shares and Continue your SIP). 
8. If price further 30 % fall from here (30% of 138.60)then book another 256 (1/10). 
9. I think readers are understand my Army method of profit booking in long term equity SIP, and this is necessary to protect your profits because no one give you guarantee that this stock will continue up in coming 10 years. 
10. OK, Now I give my top 2 pics for 10 year SIP with this Army Method 
a. Country Club India ltd. 
b. First Source Solutions Ltd. 
10. Discloser:- Arvind ltd and Country Club India ltd is in my personal holdings.
11. New Readers may  read my book for similar Ideas

Saturday, June 21, 2014


Dear Sir, I am starting new investment with rs.10,000. Please suggest some shares. Thanks in advance ask by Madhup Kulshrestha. 
1. Respected Readers, I have 2 Separate blogs for fresh Stock recommendations,one is and second is 
2. Main differences between above 2 blogs are

  • I tell fundamental strong stocks of any price on which fullfill all of my stock choosing criteria 's as described in my book.
  • In my penny share blog I tell stock which current market price is below INR20 and stocks are good and may be future multibagger but not fulfill all of my book criteria 's.
3. Now I come on your question, You want to make fresh new investment of INR 10000 in stock market at current market price, Ok I think first of all you divide your money in 4 lots of INR2500-2500 each.

3. Then invest INR 2500 in each of these stock ( Be careful, I am not a stock market specialist I am also a small Investor like you so ask your financial adviser before investing)

  • Country Club India ltd is still my no 1 choice at this time , I recommended this stock on my website when it traded on 6.25 , Now this stock give 100 % profits but me and my wife still hold 1500 shares and my target is above 100 like Arvind ltd ( For new readers in 2009 I recommended Arvind ltd @ 12 on this blog and  Now CMP 220 Read this former article here
  • Manali petrochemical is my next choice, One year ago I recommended Manali Petro @ 9 and now this stock give 50%+ profits but I am still hold 400 stocks of Manali petro and think this stock may give more higher targets.
  • Parshvanath developers is third choice.
  • Infra Bees is fourth choice.
  • Read some earlier articles of my blog for more details of Infra Bees and Parshvanath Devlopers.
4. All of above stocks are in my personal holdings.

5. Recent update from my mutualfundgenius blog
Smart Systematic Investment Approach in Mutual funds

Saturday, June 7, 2014

Gabriel India Ltd: Wait below 30.

Dear Mahesji, 

I am regular reader of your blog. What is your view on Gabriel India Ltd. This is leading manufacture of shock ab-sober. Promoter holding is 54.63%, FII Holding 5.80%, DII Holding 0.35%. I have calculated revenue per share is 89.57 ( Last year revenue/No. of share). No bulk deal. Dividend paying history. Now trading at 46.35.What is your view?? Is this stock become multibagger in long term (Next 2-3 years View)? ask by Baswant Kumbhar ji 
1. First of all i congratulate you that you read my blogs or (may be book)and learn fundamental analysis plus future price prediction of a stock. 
2. Gabriel India Ltd is a 1 rupee face value auto part company. 
3.Gabriel India Ltd Year high is 49.65 and Year low is 16.15, So year high/ Year low is above 3 This is the reason that i not recommended this stock at this time on my maheshkaushik dot com website, Because in my theory of investment if a stock Year high/Year low ratio is stable below 2 then that is a right time to buy. 
4.As you already analysis that Gabriel India Ltd is leading manufacture of shock ab sober. Promoter holding is 54.63%, FII Holding 5.80%, DII Holding 0.35%. I have calculated revenue per share is 89.57 ( Last year revenue/No. of share). No bulk deal. Dividend paying history.
5.You forget to see that Gabriel India give 1:1 bonus in 13.07.2012 and in my theory no bonus and stock split in last 2 years. 
6.So I think Your Choice is good and may be give multiple returns due to high net revenue per share but I think if you already invested in this stock then ride your journey but for a fresh buy wait any correction and try to catch it below 30 price. 
7. I have no any share of Gabriel India Ltd.

Sunday, June 1, 2014


Hi Mahesh, I am following your blog and I wood like to knew and learn investing from you, How to find out low equity stocks in the market Regards Amit 
1.Low equity means "If total number of stocks of a company are low then stock known as low equity stock for example Reliance power has total 2,80,51,26,466 shares and in same sector Suryachakra power corporation ltd has total 14,96,32,960 stocks so we say Reliance power is a high equity stock and Suryachakra power is a low equity stock.
2.For find out a low equity stock open this link of BSE india or if you use sharegenius app then open laset BSE Quote tab in sharegenius app. 
You see a page like this

3.Type first 3 charterer of your company name in box and then select your stock in drop-down menu for example if you choose Reliance power then you see a new page like this

4.Chosse SHP tab from this page ,See this photo to find out SHP tab

5. You see details of Shareholdings now  click "more" link which situated at bottom of this page

6.Now you see total number of stocks like this

Friday, May 23, 2014


Hi Mahesh ji, Very good morning. it is pleasure to read you blogs all the time. It would be nice if you can tell us few stocks for long term ie 5yrs .... Thanks Sudheer. 
1.Ok, Today I recommended five stocks for long term view. 
2.My first top pick is  Country Club India ltd at Market price 12-15 because I think this stock may give very very very decent returns in next 5 years  I think readers already read my article about Country Club India ltd stock on my webpage 
3.My second pick is INFRABEES when i publish a article in 2010 on my mutualfundgenius blog and recommended a SIP in INFRABEES since last 4 years on my various blogs then no one believe me but now I got many thank you e mails from my followers and I still think that INFRABEES is s a buy for target of 550-750 in coming 2-3 years.
4.My third top pick is  PARSVNATH DEVELOPERS because this new government  promises to develop 100 new smart city in India. So i think this may help great to hike valuation of Parsvanath developers.
5.My Fourth pick is Tata Comunication ltd because I think this large cap telecom company is a leader of telecom revival rally .
6.My Fifth pick is Manali petrochemical which get  benefited in reforms of petrochemical sector.
7. So I choose five stocks from Hotel, Infra,Housing,Telecom and Petrochemical sector and I think if India really grow in this five years then these stocks are give us multiple returns.
8. All of above 5 stocks are in my personal holding so this is my dis closer.
key words:- Indian stocks for long term view,target of manali petro, tata com,country club 2014.Mahesh kaushik fundamental tips for long term.

Saturday, May 10, 2014


Hi This is regarding an HFL company, DHFL. As compared to its peers, like Gruh finance, LIC housing finance it is trading at a cheap P/E, way lesser than its P/B. Any reason as to why is it trading so low. What is your perspective?ask by comnet. 
1.Dewan housing finance corporation ltd is a 10 rupee face value finance company. 
2. Year high of Dewan housing finance corporation ltd is 256.40 and year low 101.50 stock traded at 226. 
3.Promoters of Dewan housing finance corporation ltd hold 39.25 % FII hold 30.93% DII hold 1.45%. 
4.DHFL is a dividend paying company and pays near 3 rupee dividend per year. 
5. Ok now we come to your main question "Why DHFL trading at a low P/E compare to LIC housing finance etc?" 6.Dewan housing finance corporation ltd invite a postal ballot resolution about increasing borrowing power of directors. 
It means promoter want to take high borrowings from various institutes. 
If this resolution passed then Dewan housing finance corporation ltd convert in a high debt company and due to higher interest costs company profits are down in coming years. 
7.Promoters of Dewan housing finance corporation ltd also plan to increase eqiuty shares through private placement, it will be dilute company EPS and P/E ratio is automatically higher if EPS is dilute. 
8.I think if you hold this stock and sit on profits then quit from it because heavy bulk deals also shown speculation activity on this stock. 
9. Read this Interesting story about SKS micro-finance, when it traded at 700 in 2010 one fundamental analyst on TV say it will be touch 2000 in future but i am not agree with this analyst and warn my blog readers that instead of 2000 SKS micro-finance may be trade below 200 in coming one year. 
After publishing this blog post many blog reader very angry on me and they unsubscribe my blog posts but SKS micro-finance down below 200 within one year then they realize that "Stock market is not a game of gambling,It is a game of reasoning and understanding." 
10. I have no any shares of above companies.

Sunday, April 13, 2014


Please throw light on MAJESTIC AUTO LTD ask by Harish equety. 
1. MAJESTIC AUTO LTD is a 2/3 wheeler 's auto company. 
2. Face value of MAJESTIC AUTO LTD stock is 10. 
3.Year high of MAJESTIC AUTO LTD is 48-85 and year low 24.15 stock traded at 42.75 that are normal. 
4.Promoters holding in MAJESTIC AUTO LTD is 75 % FII holding 0.02 % DII holding 0.84% , So holding pattern is also good. 
5.Now we come on main problem of this stock in 2012-13 MAJESTIC AUTO LTD is a loss making stock and his net income in 2012-13 is 155.43 cr and company have a net loss of 5.85 cr ,Now total revenue is down in DEC 2013 net revenue of stock is 20.95 cr but stock earn a net profit of 62.76 cr so profit from extraordinary items are not a recurring profit and once it is adjusted then stock is down again. 
6. So i think something is wrong cooking in this company and it is wise to avoid this stock as this time. 
7. I have no any stock of MAJESTIC AUTO LTD.

Sunday, April 6, 2014


I have 2000 shares of Indowind energy @ Rs.4.So what is your take on this stock ?...Please tell me about the future expectations of this stock ....Thank you.ask by Varun vijaywargi. 
1.INDOWIND ENERGY LTD is a 10 rupee face value electric utility company. 
2. Year high of INDOWIND ENERGY LTD is 4.68 and year low 2.10, you buying this stock just near his year high.
3.Promoters holding in INDOWIND ENERGY LTD is 38.01% and promoter increase their holding from 36.22 % so this is a good point but promoters pledged his 11.73% shares so high debt is negative for INDOWIND ENERGY LTD.
4.INDOWIND ENERGY LTD shown a major decline in revenue and profit in Dec 2013 results and many bulk deals also shown in INDOWIND ENERGY LTD so this is a concern for stock health. 
5.Overall my view is negative for INDOWIND ENERGY LTD due to high debt, promoters pledged stocks, many bulk deals and major decline in revenues and profit. 
6. I have no any share of INDOWIND ENERGY LTD.

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Fortis Healthcare ltd : Avoid

Hello Sir - Could you provide your views on Fortis Healthcare at CMP. I am a long term investor. Thank you Goverdhan 
1. Goverdhan ji, Fortis Healthcare ltd is a 10 rupee face value healthcare stock which traded at 97. 
2. Year high of Fortis Healthcare ltd is 114 and year low 84 both are normal ( new reader of my blog please note when year high/ low ratio is below 2 then we assume that stock is stable and have a limited downside ). 
3. Promoters holding in Fortis Healthcare ltd is 71.34 % FII hold 8.77 % and DII hold 1.28 % , Promoters reduce their holding from 81.48% to 75 % then 71.92 % and now it is 71.34% this is very bad and i do not like reducing promoters holding because as my past experience if promoters reduce their holdings then in 90 % cases stock is beaten down.
4.Fortis Healthcare ltd never pay dividends which is a negative point as my theory i invest in dividend paying stocks because if my holding period is long then i got dividends in my holding period. 
5. Bulk deals also show speculation activity.  Fortis Healthcare ltd EPS is very low like 0.41 and 0.21 in a quarter. 
6. So my view is negative for Fortis Healthcare ltd and i think you may consider Indraprastha medical in healthcare sector if you not read my article about Indraprastha medical then read it here Indraprastha-medical-corp ltd
7. I have no any share of Fortis Healthcare ltd.

Wednesday, March 19, 2014


Sir I have 200 Share of RSWM @ 140 please guide me hold or sell? ask by Harish Equety. 
1. First of all happy Holi to all of my followers and blog readers, sorry for updating this blog too late but meanwhile I update my mutualfundgenius blog with CPSE ETF review. 
2.RSWM LTD is a 10 rupee face value textile stock
3. Year high of RSWM LTD is 175.95 and year low 88.50 
4. Promoters of RSWM LTD hold 51.44 % and DII hold 7.84% so this is not bad. 
5.RSWM LTD is a high Dividend paying stock which last year pay 10 rupee per share dividend
6.Net Earning per share is 1065 ( Net earning per share mean if we divided total yearly earning with total number of shares then we get Net Earning per share per year ) 
7. RSWM LTD have no any bulk or block deal in last 2 years. 8. So overall my view is positive for RSWM LTD and i am not find anything wrong with RSWM LTD 
9. I have no any share of RSWM LTD.

Saturday, March 15, 2014


Hi I am new to share market. I want to know how to use Limit Order. can you explain with an example. suppose I want to buy ONGC @298/- with limit order. 
The limit order will be triggered when the price reaches 298/- on that day and say for that day ONGC was closed @ 294 (below 298 limit order price). 
Then i would like to know at what price the transaction will takes place. ie @ 294 or 298 ask by Ramkrishna S 
1. In stock market we put 2 type of orders first is market order second limit order. 
2. When we put a market order then it execute immediately at currant market price for example you want to buy Country club ltd at CMP then if you put order during market hours then order will be executed at currant market price. 
3. Market order will be put only during market hours. 
4. Limit order will put any time even if when stock market is closed you can put limit order. 
5. Limit order always below the last traded price for example in ONGC last trading price is 298 then you can put limit order like 297 296 295 etc but order above last traded price like 299 is not allowed. 
6. It is no matter that at what price particular stock is closed because when you put limit order at 298 i think that time ONGC was traded above 298 and when stock fall your limit order is executed at 298 and after that stock close at 294.

Friday, February 28, 2014


Hi mister kaushik I am very big fan of you i read your book page to page and find it very useful for small investor i wonder then a little INR 500 rupee book teach me almost all of basic things about stock market which i not learn after attend a technical analysis course of INR 15000 thanks a lot after reading your blog i find that your past all time favorite stock like Arvind ltd and First-source already run very well so tell me one stock which is your favorite in these days, regards;- S.L.Berry 
1. Berry ji thanks for your appreciating. 
2. In this blog i Recommended Arvind ltd @ 12 and CMP is 158 and my view is still bullish about Arvind ltd and i still hold 650 shares of Arvind ltd. 
3. These days Country club India ltd is my favorite stock and me and my wife hold 1900 shares of country club India ltd if you do not read my article about Country club India ltd then read it here.
4. Dis-closer:-All of above stocks are in my personal holdings.

Sunday, February 16, 2014

Kalyani steel "Good buy risky".

Hi Mahesh, Can you advise me on kalyani steels..I made some profit earlier. Seems the results are very good for Q3. Thanks Srinadh Allam 
1.Kalyani steels ltd is a 5 rupee face value iron and steel company. 
2. 52 week high of kalyani steels ltd is 59.75 and 52 week low is 31.00 this ratio is good because stock traded near year high and recover from year low. 
3.Promoters of kalyani steels hold 59.85 % shares, which is also good. 
4.Kalyani steels ltd give 1.50 rupee per share dividend per year . 
5. Here are Some interesting points about kalyani steel these points trend new investors about price fluctuation in stock market 
* In 1992 ( time of harshad mehta) Kalyani steel traded at 525 
* In 2001 Kalyani steel traded at 3.15 
* In 2008 stock again touch 589.25 
* In 2014 traded at 52 
6. So this is a high beta stock means speculators easily up and down price of kalyani steel so investment in kalyani steel may be risky but currant fundamental is good.
7. I have no any stock of Kalyani steel .

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