Thursday, April 29, 2010


Dear sir I am big fan of your blog
Want to know about bgr energy
Am holding, should I continue to hold or shu add some
Please help- ask by shri devang patel

1. first of all I request all of my blog fans that please ask only one share question in a mail because I received many mail per day about stock view and try to reply all of them but still pending a lot of mail (more than 10) for reply so please ask only one stock at a time (devang ji I choose only one stock bgr energy in your list but try to reply your other stocks also when I have no pending questions).
2. Book value of BGR ENERGY SYSTEM LTD is 77.94 only and currant price is 588(near 52 week high of 594, 52 week low is 177.10). are anybody justify currant price in terms of book value?
3. This is a heavy electrical equipment company.
4. But promoter holding 81.31 percent is very good fundamental.
5. good order book and BGR Energy Systems Ltd has informed BSE that the Company has entered into a Memorandum of Understanding ("MOU") with the Government of Orissa for setting up of 1320 MW (2 x 660) Independent Power Producer (IPPs) at Bhapur, Nayagarh District at an estimated investment of Rs. 6287 crores.
6. Overall I found it good in fundamental terms but I think currant price is very hot so one could wait for a fresh buying but if already hold than enjoy the Bull Run with cautious approach

Wednesday, April 28, 2010


Is I want to know the future of Mavens Biotech Ltd. Thanks in advance.

Ask by anonymous
1. MAVENS BIOTECH LTD is a 1 rupees face value share and I did not like 1 rupees face value share normally.
2. second negative point high market cap of 777 cr. With free float of 543 cr is another negative point because movement in high market free float share is very slow.
3. in FY 2008-09 this share EPS is only 0.05 so P/E of this share is 1405 means very very costly share price, you already pay 1405 year earnings per share for buying one share of MAVENS BIOTECH LTD.
4. promoters hold 32.04 percent of this share no FII and DII holding.
5. this is a very low volume stock also so due to above reasons I think one could avoid this share.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010


Mahesh ji,
From past one month there is lot of news in stock market especially abt Indian aviation sector. Most of the major share trading brokers in India saying this too. People were saying that Aviation stocks are ready to take off... whats your views on Indian aviation sector?
1) Which stocks in aviation would you prefer to invest in long term?
Thanking you sir
1. My view is also positive about Indian aviation sector and I recommended jet airways @150 on this blog. Currently it gives 350 % return from my recommendation but still positive to hold this stock (It is not bad to book part profit and buy again in deep). I already book profit in my 100 % holding of jet airways due to money needed.
2. So in fall jet airways is a good aviation company for buy book value of this share is 150 and promoter holding is 80 percent always attract me.
3. I think when this company is turn around in profit a target of 950 is easily achievable but remember low book value of 150 before buying at currant price.

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Respected Sir,
I read your blogs from date 07/04/2010, your view about stock I like very much,
I had bought 5 shares of ZANDU REALTY AT Rs.4060/- now (19/04/2010) rate will
Come down to rs 3890/- can I hold it for long term. Please give me detailed view on this stock.
I am waiting for your reply.
Thanking You
1. Zandu realty is a 100 rupees face value share. So 10 time high face value is a reason for it abnormal price. (CMP 3600)
2. Book value of zandu realty is very low it is 285.4 only.
3. So currant market price is still very high if we compare it book value, price of this stock base on land bank story and I not believe this story.
4. This is a very low equity stock and only 806400 share of 100 rupees face value is there so price can be speculate easily.
5. Price of this share is already it 52 week low.
6. Please always remember my method of buying that do not buy more than 5000 rupees shares in a time and average once only after more than 20 percent fall.
7. in this situation I am unable to say anything clearly about this type of stock.

Thursday, April 22, 2010


Dear Sir,
I would like to know your views about Glodyne Technoserve for short, medium and long term.
Compulink is to be merged with Glodyne (19:1). Is it advisable to buy Compulink?
Kindly make it convenient to answer as early as possible.
Thanks for your valuable blogs (all the blogs). ASK BY SHRI
1. Compulink system ltd is a 10 rupees face value share related to BSE group B.
2. In 15 may 2009 this share is traded at rs. 10 only and that time no one to interested in it and currant price 36 is 52 week high than why you buy this stock? I again request my blog readers that I always avoid to buy a stock at his 52 week high or on news basis.
3. Promoter holding in this script is 36.10 percent.
4. Book value of compulink is 28.34 and glodyne technoserve book value is 64.52
5. Glodyne also traded at near about it 52 week high of 773.
6 so I think one could avoid both of stocks


Please give your opinion

1. Sabero organics is a pesticide-agro chemicals company with 10 rupees face value.

2. EPS of this share is 7.44 and P/E 11.19 means fairly priced.
3. Book value of this share is 24.92 and 52 week low is 13 so currant price 83 is 52 week high.
4. In my theory I never buy a stock on 52 week high. Why you not try to pick such type of stock at 13-22 when it is a value buying. So buy on currant price is more risky and strictly against risk reward ratio.
5. This company has a Borrowing proposal. Which make it more risky at currant price?
6. Promoter of sabero organics increase there holding from 39.03 percent to 42.15 percent is a good sign but buy on 52 week high is a concern I think it is wise to wait this share for cool down.
7. I think this company never gives dividends and in 2001 this is a penny stock traded at price of 3 only.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010


Hello Mahesh ,
What is your views about ARSS Infrastructure Projects Ltd. Please tell about this script.......
Please tell / suggest some good script name around rs. 10-20 value those aremay be rise in mid term or long term.
1. ARSS infra is a new share with 10 rupees face value ,which IPO is coming in 8 feb 2010.

2. this share is just double in last 1 month.
3. no more data is availble about this share .so we do not knew book value , share holding pattarn and other ratio about this share.
4. speculators and bulk deals is active in this share.
5. so on basis of my personal experiance on parshvanath IPO i clearly say it is very dangor to invest in this share in this time( after IPO of parshavanath same story is happen and share traded near 550 for 1-2 months and after that touch 40 now traded at 120-130) so i think one couled avoid this stock
6 myholding is zero in ARSS infra.
7. i try to suggest some good script name at range of 10-20 after research so please wait coming sunday because i am a goverment servant and only sunday is availble for research.


Ksushik ji,
what are your views on Banco Products for over 1-2 years investments.

Amarendra bhaskar

1. Banco products are an auto and engine parts company with 2 rupees face value.
2. Book value of banco products is 23.64 only and year low is 20 currently traded at 98 near about his year high of 104.
3. I can not understand that why you like investment in such company traded near about his year high.
4.EPS of banco products is 5.80 and currently traded at P/E of 16, not very high P/E but such type of low book value and low face value share is not attract to me.
5. Banco Products (India) Ltd has informed BSE that:

"With reference to news item appeared in a leading financial daily titled "Maruti takes 1-lakh A-Stars off the roads", where in Banco Products (India) Ltd, has been mentioned as supplier of gaskets to A-Star model. Banco Products (India) Ltd. clarifies that the Company has been supplying gaskets for various models of Maruti Suzuki India Ltd. Gaskets are made based on the technical specifications given by the OEM. We only supply gaskets to models for which we have approvals from OEMS.

In this case, we are not suppliers of the specific gasket fitted in recalled A-star model. The company also further clarifies that there will not be any claim on the company, as the company has not supplied the gasket fitted in A-Star model".
6. So I think after cool down auto rally this share will automatically cool down and good entry point for this share is below 40.
7. my holding is zero in this company

Sunday, April 18, 2010


Dear Mahesh JI,
This mail I am mailing asking u some personal advice sir to learn all details regarding shares in depth what are the procedure like which all exams to take. I am basically a mechanical engineer but I am interested in Stocks research so wanted to know how to go about this as in what all different level of certifications are there in this field .
1. I think NCFM certification is India’s best EXAM program about share market. But you may self study from there module instead of face to face training. Please visit following link for more details about NCFM certification
2. If you want face to face training than you may choose following programs held by BSE. Visit following 2 links for more details

Saturday, April 17, 2010


Dear Sir,

I need your view on Venkys share. How is this company for long term basis.


1. Venky India ltd is a livestock-poultry Hatcheries Company related to BSE group B with face value of 10 rupees.
2. Promoters holding in venky (India) ltd are 56.12 percent is normal.
3 venky India ltd is a part of the Venkateshwara Hatcheries (VH) Group of companies, pioneers in the field of poultry farming.
4. Venky is engaged in Poultry Breeding & Farming & also in the manufacture of Animal Health products & S.P.F. Eggs (Specific Pathogen Free Eggs) used in the manufacture of Human, Animal & Poultry vaccines.
Bird flu is a great concern for venky share holders.
5.Venky has a technical collaboration with SOAFAS INC. USA. The SPF Eggs Division have an installed capacity of 3,00,000 SPF eggs per annum which commenced commercial production in May 1985. It is the only commercial producer of SPF Chicken embryos in India. The company has set up a 100% export oriented unit at Pune for export of hatching eggs to the general currency areas. The capacity of this unit is 30,000 broiler breeders.
6. This company pay dividend in range of 2-4 per share every year.
7.But currant price 435 is near about it 52 week high 459 and book value of venky share is 167.29 only so I think if you like to invest in this company than wait in range of 250-150 if available.
8. venky India ltd is a good share in range of 150-250 but I am a religious spiritual Hindu. I did not like non vegetarian products as they harmful to our spirituality , health and humanity. So I never invest in livestock companies, wine companies and tobacco companies.(and not to use non veg, wine, tobacco).
9. My currant holding is nil in this company.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010


HELLO SIR..kindly tell your views on BELLARY STEEL. thank you sir. n – satya
1. BELLARY STEALS AND ALLOYS LTD is an iron and steel company with BSE group T.
2. face value of bellary steals is only 1 so currant price 3.72 is not cheap.
3. but 60.95 percent promoter holding in this company is great thing.
4.currantly this is a loss making company and when turn around in profit than it may give a run but stock spilt in 2005 so I think rest zone is over for this stock.
5. book value of this share is -9.80 ( please note this is minus book value).
6. I think this is very risky to invest in this company.


Hi Mahesh ji,
I would very much like to know the prospects of these two shares for investment in both long and short runs…Thanks in advance sir…
Century Extrusions
1. CENTURY EXTRUSIONS LTD Is an aluminum company related with BSE group B face value of this share is 1 rupee only.
2. CENTURY EXTRUSIONS LTD promoter share holding is 52.04 percent so promoter holding is not bad.
3. In 2003 this company makes a reduction in his authorized share capital and than declare right issue in 2005 and 2008.
4. Bulk deals are also active in this stock
5. After see above bulk deals it is easily understand that operators run this stock from 7 to 14.
6. Book value of century extrusions is 3.40 only EPS 0.35 and P/E is more than 25.
7. So I think this is a speculation story with big player interest and it may give this share more upside but fundamentally one could avoid this share
Key words: - century extrusions ltd buy sell recommendation target can I we may 2010 penny stock multi bagger.

Sunday, April 11, 2010


Mahesh ji,
I am a regular reader of your blog and found it interesting and very informative. I need you suggestion looking at current market when everything is looking good and market mood looks positive. Although market is moving side wise but the current situation is very scary for a normal investor like me. I have accumulated 30-40k hard earned money for investing for last couple of months, but not able to decide where shall I put my money. I am looking at a horizon of 1 year and more and want to invest in stock which can give me more and more returns with
lesser risk. I would like to invest in stocks which have Rs 10 face value and investor friendly.
Please suggest me few stocks where I can invest.
Amarendra Bhaskar

1- I can not advice you directly due to legal reason because money is your and you may read disclaimer on this site before investing but I think if me in your side than I divide my money in 8-9 parts of 4000-5000 each.
2. Invest 4700-4800 in vijya bank when vijya bank available below 48. This mean I can buy 100 shares of vijya bank @47-48 which is a government sectors bank with book value of 53.50, vijya bank also pay 1-2 rupees dividend per year.
Now I tell you a true story of my friend dr. pareek he is buy 500 share of bank of Baroda @80 per share about 12 year ago. So he invested 40,000 in bank of Baroda. In this 12 year he enjoy dividend per year ( in 2009 when market is down he receive dividend of 9 rupees per share rs 4500 and in this 12 year he is earn more than 50,000 as dividend) and currant market value of his investment is 300000. I salute dr. pareek as a long term great investor.
So I look same opportunity in vijya bank (my currant holding is zero in vijya bank).
3. Than I look to enter in R-Com when market fall I try to enter @150 in r-com buy 30 share of r-com invested 4500. (My currant holding 5 share of r-Com). And I am sure that this is a long term pick and after 3g it turns around in profit and this time is best to make a long term investment in r-com (I give same advice in maruti when it traded at 500 and M&M when it traded at 350 and infosys @1200 dr. reddy @700). Remember R-Com face value is rs 5 only.
4. Than invest 3500 in arvind ltd (my fancy textile share I already hold 1510 share of arvind ltd).
5. Invest 3800 in kamdhenu ispat ltd. Buy 200 share @19(I already hold 100 share of kamdhenu ispat ltd.).
6. Hold near about 50 percent cash to look more opportunity when market fall or average out these stocks if they fall more than 20 percent.
I Buy 10-10 nifty benchmark exchange traded fund at every 10-10 percent fall of nifty than sell it in 15-15 percent profit for smart trading.

Saturday, April 10, 2010


Dear Mahesh ji,

please have your view about suryachakra power.


1.Suryachakra Power Corporation Ltd plan to issue, offer and allot in international offerings any security including, Global Depository Receipts (GDRs) and / or American Depository Receipts (ADRs) convertible into equity shares ("securities") for an aggregate sum of up to US $100 million, directly to foreign / non-resident investors.
2. I think issue of ADR /GDR may give a positive effect in short term and you may see a short term rally in this share but in long term it is a negative news because company plan to dilute it equity and equity dilution always give a negative effect on EPS and EPS of suryachakra power is already 0.20 only.
3.Suryachakra Power Corporation Ltd also plan To increase the existing Authorized Share Capital of Rs. 90,00,00,000/- (Rupees Ninety Crores only) divided into 9,00,00,000 (Nine Crores) Equity Shares of Rs. 10/- (Rupees Ten only) each to Rs. 150,00,00,000/- (Rupees One Hundred and Fifty Crores only) divided into 15,00,00,000 (Fifteen Crores) Equity Shares of Rs. 10/- (Rupees Ten only) each .
4. This is also dilute EPS of company.
5. Suryachakra power also plan to make loan(s), give any guarantee, provide security in connection with loan(s) made to and / or acquire by way of subscription or purchase, the securities of Subsidiary Companies and other Bodies Corporate up to Rs. 500 Crores.
6. I think these steps make this company a high debt company and promoter already pledged his 79 percent share against loans (promoter holding in suryachakra power is 51.37 percent but after these purposed steps promoter holding dilute in this company)
. Suryachakra Power Corporation Ltd has informed BSE that the name of "LAHARI POWER AND STEELS LTD", a subsidiary of M/s. Suryachakra Power Corporation Ltd, has been changed to "SURYACHAKRA GLOBAL ENVIRO POWER LTD" w.e.f. March 19, 2010.
Further the Company has informed that M/s. Climate Change Investment, Luxemburg (CCI) has entered into an agreement with Suryachakra Group for acquiring 26.1% stake in Suryachakra Global Enviro Power Ltd, at Rs. 28.98 Per share. Out of the total Investment of Rs. 500.50 Mn, the first tranche of Rs. 400 Mn has already been received. CCI has also committed to take part in the future Renewable Energy Projects of the group.
8. Book value of suryachakra power is 17.9
9. So overall I did not like this company but in view of above news a speculation rally for distribution of shares is expected (it is market style when a company plan to raise money and dilute equity market make a news base speculation rally before downtrend).
10. I personally hold 75 share of this company but in this rally I try to look a comfortable exit.
KEY WORDS:- make profit from F&O futuare and option suryachakra power f&O tips daily future and option calls forex trade.

Saturday, April 3, 2010


Respected readers,
I like only fundamental sound share. When market is up I like to invest only in contrarian shares. And contrarian call always take time to run It test your patience very much. But sometime my followers and reader do not understand my patience and faith. So today I share some of my personal experience with you for deep understanding of my method to invest share.
1. In January 2007 infosys tech market price is 2197 and I decide to buy 10 share of infosys tech because I think this is a market leader. But as usual I did not buy all quantity at once I buy it in SIP method and accumulate 2-2-2-2-2 share of infosys at every fall. So my highest buying price is 2197 and lowest is 1465 per share. So my average buying is near about 1600 per share.
2. after that I wait 3 year long period for break out of this share and sell infosys in march 2010 at price of 2600 so my risk free earnings of rs 10000 in this share. In this period of 3 year I enjoy dividend of this company and you knew in this period market (nifty) fall 6300 to 2500 but my holding (infosys) fall only 1600-1100 and I do not worry from this notional loss finally it give me reward of 10,000.
3. Now what happen if infosys goes to 3500???? problem I never buy it again because this is share market and I behave in this market as a lion. Once I book profit I never buy that share again.. There are 2500 share in this market so I invest my money in other share.
4. What happen if infosys again touch 1600???? problem also in fall I never buy a share again once I take profit from it I black listed it in my buying list for minimum 5 year.
5. now see a other story in September 2005 arvind mill ( now arvind ltd) is traded on 140 and I think this is a big story so I decide to invest 60000 in this share and as usual I make a SIP of 1000 per month for 60 months. In last 56 months I invest 1000 in this share every month . to day I have 1510 share of infosys at average price of 40 and still in loss of 7500 but I still wait it to become a multibagger ( as my faith on basis of fundamental of this share) and I am 100 percent sure one day this share give me a largest record return .
6. so if you have patience and faith like me then you avail maximum benefit of this blog so never put all of your money in a share at once remember “ cash is king” so invest only in SIP method and once invested wait reasonable profit till life long ( in my belief I never sell a stock in loss till my life I invest 4000 in GV FILMS ( buy 250 share @16 without checking of fundamental on recommendations of a famous technical analyst (traders)from Delhi I am a former paid client of this analyst when I new in this market. And at present GV FILM is traded at 1.75 so valuation of my 4000 is now 437.50 and I forget this share to think this is 0. So I never sell it in loss in my life .).
7. at present market my contrarian call in reliance communications, kamdhenu ispat,vijya bank, arvind ltd, sasken communications, kolte patil devolapers,punj lloyeds, MTNL, reliance power,(discloser:- I hold all of these shares except vijya bank and MTNL). So one could invest small quantity in these stocks as SIP method for 1-2 year to avail maximum retrun but please read disclaimer before investing because I am not a specialist of share market I am only a small investor like you)
8. Please do not ask mobile number of me. Because there are more then 150 regular reader of my column and if I give my mobile number and every reader call 5 minutes to me than it is 150*5=750 minutes and in this situation I have no time for my other work. So please do not mail me for mobile talk or chat.
9. One more great thing for you that my portfolio in share market is less than 1,00,000 because I believe that invest only minimum amount (which you are able to forget without tension)in this market on basis of your risk profile.

Mahesh chander kaushik

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