Friday, December 28, 2012


Sir, What's your view on Ramsarup industries Ltd. You have advised in your penny stock blog couple of months back. Is it worthy now to enter and Recently I noticed many of the companies are splitting their shares to 1 FV. By doing this, they can increase the volume but nothing special thing will happen. What benefit will get these the companies by doing this act? Ask by Shankar ji. 
1. On 2 April 2011 I write an article on my penny share blog about to enter in ramsarup industries @ 19 for my new readers who not read this article first read it at this link
 2. Now ramsarup industries are traded @ 5 only but read above article again you find I already warn you that in the coming 2 year ( April 2011 to April 2013 ) price fall will be continued so investing only in 2 year SIP method.
 3. Today my view is still positive because the promoter stake is now constant at 40.29 % and no new bulk deal happen in last 2 year which is a sign of non speculative trade.
 4. The Board of ramsarup industries noted that the Net Worth of the Company has eroded and the Company has become a Sick Industrial Company as per provisions of Sick Industrial Companies (special provisions) Act, 1985 (SICA) and is required to make reference with BIFR and necessary compliance be made in accordance with provisions of SICA. 5. So if you make a SIP than I think it will be continue till April 2013 BUT PLEASE DON'T MAKE ANY FRESH INVESTMENT BECAUSE THIS IS A SICK UNIT AND OTHER GOOD STOCKS ARE AVAILABLE AT MARKET FOR FRESH INVESTMENT.
6. I have no any stock of ramsarup industries Ltd.
7. Now we come your second question that why companies splitting their shares at 1 rupee FV , it is make a psychological effect on small investors because if they buy a stakes of 10 rupee face value @ 120 than they think it is costly but if they buy same stock of 1 rupee face value @12 than they think it is cheap.

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Raj oil mills ltd :AVOID

Please give your view on RAJ OIL MIlls Ltd. Will it raise in coming future. What's the reason for its downfall continuously ask by Shanker ji

1. Shankar ji please do not ask more than one question continuously because if you ask more than one question at a time other reader of this blog may wait a long time for their reply.
2. Raj oil mills Ltd is a 10 rupee face value edible oil company Year high and lows for Raj oil mills Ltd is 16.70 and 3.13 so this is very poor situation.
3. Reason of this fall is promoters stock selling they reduce their holding from 22.97% so 5.93 % and DII also reduce their holdings so the stock is now held by mostly general public and trapped small investors only.
4. There are many bulk deals showing speculation activity in this stock read details of bulk deals at this link
5. I think you may AVOID Raj Oil Ltd , I have no any share of Raj oils Mills Ltd

Sunday, December 16, 2012


Hello Mahesh ji Please suggest a Mutual Fund for SIP method. I can invest 1000/- per month for my daughter's education purpose. Now she is in her 1 year. I can maintain it for 10-15 years ? Ask by Shanker
1. Shanker Ji as you read in my mutual fund blog that I always like a mutual fund with largest corpus
2. If you do not know why I like mutual funds with large corpus than first read this article
3. So today top 5 mutual fund with largest corpus are
HDFC Top 200 - Growth corpus 12309.87 cr.
HDFC Equity Fund - Growth corpus 10466.14 cr.
Reliance Growth - Growth corpus 5824.87 cr.
Franklin India Bluechip – Growth corpus 5192.68 cr.
Reliance Equity Opportunities Fund – Growth corpus 4763.68 cr.
Click here to download all equity diversified mutual fund schemes corpus and latest NAV
4. So HDFC TOP 200 is still a winner read my former article on HDFC TOP 200 scheme in this link

Saturday, December 8, 2012


Mahesh Ji, I hold some amount of Classic Diamonds. Please let me have your opinion about it. ask by Rajiv daniel ji 1.CLASSIC DIAMONDS (INDIA) LTD is a 2 rupee face value stock traded at 4.76 
2. Year high / year low for CLASSIC DIAMONDS (INDIA) LTD is 8.78 and 3.31 so as my criteria of stock selection ( which we already discuss on ) this type of ratio is not good for making fresh investment.
 3.Promoters holding is 63.32 % but promoters reduce there holding in every quarter so this is also negative. 
4.CLASSIC DIAMONDS (INDIA) LTD not give any dividend after 2010.
 5. So my view is negative for CLASSIC DIAMONDS (INDIA) LTD i have no any share of CLASSIC DIAMONDS (INDIA) LTD.

Friday, December 7, 2012


Hello mahesh ji, could you please share your views on HSIL? i would like to buy this stock for long term(3-5 yrs). is it good buy / what price i will buy? regards, VJ
1. HSIL LTD is a Containers & Packaging ( sanitary ware) company with 2 rupee face value.
2.Year high of  HSIL LTD  is 181.10 and year low 104 and stock traded at 138 so these ratio,s look normal.
3.Promoters holding 51.57 % which is  good FII holding 20.54% they reduce there holding from 21.57 % so FII get exit slowly from this stock.
4. Every thing is normal , only one negative point that market is near his 2 year high but stock traded 25% below from his year high, this is a bearish sign.
5. So stock is good, but may be show more downside so wait and start buying below 100 .
6. I have no any stock of  HSIL LTD

Tuesday, December 4, 2012


hello mahesh ji, what is your view on Nalco (national aluminium company). is it right time to pick this stock? regards, VJ
1.NALCO is a 5 rupee face value aluminium company , traded at 48.
2. Year high is 68.45 and year low 44 so this ratio is normal.
3.Nalco sept 2012 EPS is 0.02 paisa only and profit + net revenue is down in every quarter so i think company may be turn in to a loss making company in next quarter.
4.Promoter holding is good at 87.15 % , there are also a good holding of FII and DII.
5.At 16.03.2011 nalco give a bonus issue and stock spilt so as my criteria i think after a bonus and spilt investor may wait at least 2 year before make a fresh investment.
7. I have no any share of NALCO and HIND ALUMINIUM INDUSTRIES LTD.

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