Sunday, May 29, 2011


Please tell me about D B Realty Ltd stock. I bought it last month at RS115 for 70k now it has come to Rs 72. Please advise whether to sell or hold it….
Mohit Agarwal

1.D B Realty Ltd is a realty stock with 10 rupee face value and I choose this share for my long term buying list for this month @ 81
2. But choosing in fundamental buying list not a sign of immediate rally in stock ..I choose it due to its book value of 127.31
3. 52 week high of D B Realty Ltd is 474.90 and 52 week low is 66 so I think stock is bottom out in between of 60-70
4. Promoters holding in D B Realty Ltd is still 62.70 FII holding 5.46, FII and promoters reduce their holding in D B Realty Ltd
5. fundamentals is not wrong but stock is continue in down trend so I think hold this stock and wait your price but averaging in a down trend stock is not a good policy or if you are able to take some risk than sell your stocks at every rise and buy these quantity again in next fall of market at lower price .
6. I have no any stocks of D B Realty Ltd.


Dear Mahesh Kaushik,
Please share your views about Hindustan Housing Company.
This company has very low price/book value ratio.
Jagdish Jorwal

1. Hindustan housing company ltd is a T group company with 25 rupee face value , face value of company is 25 which are odd and only few of companies have such odd face value I think this is a good point because company have more chance to spilt in future and have a pre spilt rally before spilt.
2. Hindustan housing company ltd is currently traded at 31.35
3. Hindustan housing company ltd promoters holding is 45.21 % is also normal.
4. Hindustan housing company ltd book value is 1092.90 is very very strong book value. EPS of Hindustan housing company ltd is 155 in FY 09-10 very good EPS
5. Now I tell you a secret that Hindustan housing company ltd is only listed on BSE with code no 509650 and company have only 24200 share which is not available for trade , minimum lot of Hindustan housing company ltd is 100 share but this stock not traded after 3 nov 2006 so I think if you try to buy it your order is not executed because no one agree to sell his share to you..ok
6. So my view is positive but due to non liquidity of this stock it is not available .
7. I have no any stock of Hindustan housing company ltd

Tuesday, May 24, 2011


I am continuous reader of your blog. Pls advise me on City Union Bank and DCB. Is it good to buy banking stock in this market conditions for period of 01 years. Pls advise ask by MANISH TAYAL

Manish tayal ji first thing that i think rally in banking sector is over in line of my earlier forecasts that i warn my readers that they avoid banking sector ( you wonder that when i publish this article on negative view on banking then i receive many e mails of readers that disagree from my view on banking because in this time every analysts on TV give his positive view on banking sector .
Second thing that i write this former article on reply of your question so i think you not read it at 18 nov 2011 if so then i give you link ..please read your former reply

as my earlier forecast on above link DCB traded below 40 in feb 2011 but i think you loss chance of buying but do not worry wait some time i think market give you one more chance
so my view is negative for DCB , city union bank and all banking and auto sector for next 1 year so i think we may avoid these stocks for coming 1 year..i have no any stocks in banking sector

Sunday, May 22, 2011


1. when Arvind Ltd is traded @12 only then I recommended it on this this old story for reference in this link
2. so today we give you some update for Arvind Ltd which is still a hold for me..this textile firm Arvind will merge group company Arvind Products with itself, a move that is likely to help save Arvind Ltd much as Rs 10 crore in costs annually from FY12,
3.Shareholders of Arvind Products, in which Arvind holds 54%, will get one share of the latter for every 11 held, and as you calculate that promoters holding in Arvind Ltd are automatic increase with this merger it is continue rising promoters holding and I always like it
Four this merger help Arvind Ltd because "Both are textile businesses and Arvind Ltd have the lot of inter-linkages regarding supply and raw material. So every time they supply they end up paying taxes in terms of sales, VAT, excise duty. So, we expect this merger leading to savings in costs," 
3.The Arvind Ltd consolidated net profit more than tripled in the March quarter to Rs 63 crore on strong volumes and better realizations. Its revenues grew 59% to Rs 1,200 crore.
For the full year, net profit more than tripled to Rs 165 crore as sales grew by nearly a quarter.
4.Arvind Ltd top management expects the firm's top line to grow at 20% in FY12.
5. Arvind Ltd  has also diversified into real estate, said it was on track for "unlocking value of its land bank." It is looking to liquidate Rs 800-900 crore worth of land over the next three years.
Earlier this month, it formed a joint venture with Tata Housing to develop a township with projected revenue of Rs 2,000 crore.
The company expects to earn about Rs 200 crore from its real estate business in FY12, 
6. Remember Arvind Ltd have total 25.44 cr. Shares and 200 crore earnings mean EPS of 7 by real estate and if we calculate EPS of 8 from the textile business then total EPS 15 and if we discount it from P/E multiple ten then price of Arvind Ltd stock is 150, so I think over 150 is the target for 1 to 3 year.
7. Arvind Ltd is my fancy stock, and I hold this share so my personal interest is there so please remember this article may be a forward-looking statement of my views.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011


Namaskar Sir, I’m regular reader of your blog and I very much respect your view about shares. You really do a wonderful job for small investor like me. Many times I earn money by follow up your advice. Now I want to invest in GlaxoSmithKline Pharmaceuticals Ltd.Sir what your opinion about GlaxoSmithKline Pharmaceuticals Ltd. Please advice is it good stock to buying for one year or more? Regards!
Kanak Singh
1. GlaxoSmithKline Pharmaceuticals Ltd is a 10 rupee face value stock and currently traded at 2332
2. 52 week high for GlaxoSmithKline Pharmaceuticals Ltd is 2430 and 52 week low is 1850.
3. You may wonder to see March 2011 EPS of this share is 0.10 only so this is a warn sign.
4. Promoter holding of GlaxoSmithKline Pharmaceuticals Ltd is50.67% and FII holding 16.73% DII holding 15.81%
5. Actually this is an institutional favorite share because of it continue profitability and high dividend yield but this time I fear to see low EPS in march 11 result so stock is good but I think you may wait below 1800 for fresh buying.
6. I have no any share of GlaxoSmithKline Pharmaceuticals Ltd


Mahesh Ji, Kirloskar Industries trading at all time low. EPS for FY10-11 is 50+. Good book value. What is your opinion in buying it?
Rajeev Daniel
1. Kirloskar Industries Ltd is a 10 rupee face value machinery stock.
2. 52 week high for Kirloskar Industries Ltd is 650.75 and 52 week low is 302 and stock just traded on his 52 week low and after a long market experience I think this type of situation is not good for a healthy stock where stock fall more than 50 % from his year high there are a long sideways or sleep zone before fresh rally.
3. Although book value of this stock is 384.03 but there are many stocks in market that traded below book value for 2-3 years long time so if I recommended this stock only on book value base then it is not fair.
4. EPS of 2010-11 is 57 but see March 2011 EPS which is 2.90 only so I think this year EPS for this company will be negative or very low.
5. Promoters holding in Kirloskar Industries Ltd 64.10 % FII holding 15.42 % is good point.
6. Kirloskar Industries Ltd has recommended a Dividend of Rs. 2.50 (25%) per equity share of Rs. 10/- each for the financial year 2010-11, and ex dividend date for this stock is 13 July 2011
7. This stock see heavy bulk deals before his fall so this is another negative point click here to see data for bulk deals
8. So my view is negative for Kirloskar Industries Ltd and I have no any share of Kirloskar Industries Ltd


Respected readers, As you knew that your favorite blog my penny share is updated occasionally because these days before publishing a penny stock I scan many share below rs 20 on my criteria and then finally choose good penny share for publishing in my penny share so after a research of 15 days I choose a new penny share gufic biosciences ltd for this criteria so CLICK HERE TO READ MYPENNYSHARE BLOG

Thursday, May 12, 2011


i think my reader remember my article about SKS MICRO FINANCE which i write on this blog at 25 Oct 2010 in this time this stock traded near 1000 and market experts give a target of 2000 for this stock but in my article i warn my readers that it is 200 not 2000 and now a big broking company also declare my target 200 for this stock if you not read this article please read it at this link



what about escorts and ifci for long term ask by veerappan arunachalam
1. today we discuss about ESCORTS LTD only ..ESCORTS LTD is a commercial vehicle company and remember ESCORTS FINANCE LTD is a separate listed company so i think you ask about ESCORTS LTD.
2.ESCORTS LTD is a 10 rupee face value company currently traded at 131.95 and year high 245.95 year low 94.10 i think more then 50 % correction in a year easily enter this stock in bear cycle so this is negative point.
3. i already write this blog that rally in banking and auto stocks may be over so please avoid these stocks.
5. promoters holding in ESCORTS LTD is 26.78 % and FII holding 31.05 % DII holding 15.92 % so i think this stock is move on big institutional holding and when they distribute there stocks to small investors then it show a long sideways movement.
6. book value of this stock is 158.70 so i think share is not very highly valued but long side in this stock is limited in my view.
7. so my view is Little bit negative or neutral for escorts ltd i have no any share of escorts ltd.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011


Dear Sir
I have read this article on Internet. So I think that it may be useful
for me and all other investors. I have picked up two stocks from
these, They are
(1) Chennai Petroleum
(2) HCL Infosystems
So, I want your valuable suggestion on these two stocks. If We buy
these stocks in SIP method then it may give regular huge dividend to
us.Please give your valuable suggestion on it.
Thanking You
Raj Lakshmi Patna

1.Ra lakshmi ji today we take one of your stock Chennai petroleum for analysis.
2. chennai petroleum is a Petro refinery company with 10 rupee face value. it is also member of BSE 500 companies.
3. book value of chennai petro is 232.49 so i think currant price 211 is a value buy for investors.
4. 52 week high for CHENNAI PETROLEUM CORPORATION LTD is 284.95 and 52 week low 184 do it is also full fill my condition that share not fall more from year high and not run more from year low.
5. CHENNAI PETROLEUM CORPORATION LTD have a good EPS near 40 per year.
6.CHENNAI PETROLEUM CORPORATION LTD promoters holding 67.29 % also good.
7.CHENNAI PETROLEUM CORPORATION LTD is a dividend paying company.
8. so my view is positive for such type of good stock and i have no any share of this company.

Sunday, May 8, 2011


While surfing, I found your names as an investor in share market & giving your opinion on the stock.
I am Raju M. Patil working in ROLTA.
I am also small investor. Requesting you to please give your expert view on "Shirpur Gold. (512289)". I have already taken 1000 @ 20 So shall I invest more in this stock at present condition Or Wair or Exit.....? Please give your valuable advice......Waiting your reply. Thanks


1. SHIRPUR GOLD REFINERY LTD is a 10 rupee face value share.
2. Book value of SHIRPUR GOLD REFINERY LTD is 84.86 so market price 113 is higher than it book value.
3. 52 week high of SHIRPUR GOLD REFINERY LTD is 238 and 52 week low is 85 so I think stock see more then 50 % correction from year high and normally this is not a good sign.
4. SHIRPUR GOLD REFINERY LTD has no profits so I think it is not good to give such high valuation for a loss making company.
5. Promoter holding in SHIRPUR GOLD REFINERY LTD is 72.71 % is good.
6. In 27.07.2010 C S ORBIT INVESTMENTS LTD sell 80238 shares of SHIRPUR GOLD REFINERY LTD @ 220.77 I think after this bulk sell steam of this stock is lost and stock may be enter in long sideways move.
7. I have no any share of SHIRPUR GOLD REFINERY LTD.


Dear Sir,
I deeply impressed by the methods you've been advising peoples for the shares. I would like to ask that currently I hold about 300 shares of suzlon which were bought @ 58, do you think that I should continue holding the stock or shall I sell it when the price come near to 56 or 58, another query I am interest in buying some 100 shares in unitech as I've marked that the prices have slashed to near Rs.33, do you think is it smart to buy unitech at this rate?
I would welcome if you kindly suggest me to buy shares of some good companies which are currently prevailing in the market at lower rate
Vikram tiwary

1. Suzlon energy ltd is a 2 rupee face value Heavy Electrical Equipment this is a good company only one issue is there that promoters continue dilute their holding from 58.14 to 57.09 and finally it is 54.84 % but promoter holding is still not very low so I think this is a good company.
2. For detail view on suzlon energy ltd you may read my old article on this share at this link
3. I think in a bad time of good fundamentals company stocks is convert to good trading stocks so in case of suzlon 56 is a strong resistance for stock so before his multiple view it may test your patience many time so if you are a real long term investor and see suzlon price just 2 year after from today then you are hold it but if you check suzlon price daily and feel bad when it show trading loss then it is good to trade in range of 50-55 ( means buy below 50 and sell above 55)
4. Unitech stocks melt down due to rumor about attachment of properties by directorate of enforcement but Unitech Limited (real estate Company) has not been named in the aforesaid charge-sheet filed by the CBI. It is further to clarified that the on-going matter pertains to Unitech Wireless (Tamil Nadu) Pvt Limited (Uninor) which is a separate legal entity engaged in the telecom business.
The Company would like to reiterate that Unitech Limited would continue to focus on its real estate business in normal course read these old article on unitech for more details
5. I think trading in unitech @ 37 to 42 is also good but my view is still negative for unitech.
6. I have no any share of suzlon and unitech. And my view is positive for suzlon in long term and negative for unitech.

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