Thursday, May 12, 2011


what about escorts and ifci for long term ask by veerappan arunachalam
1. today we discuss about ESCORTS LTD only ..ESCORTS LTD is a commercial vehicle company and remember ESCORTS FINANCE LTD is a separate listed company so i think you ask about ESCORTS LTD.
2.ESCORTS LTD is a 10 rupee face value company currently traded at 131.95 and year high 245.95 year low 94.10 i think more then 50 % correction in a year easily enter this stock in bear cycle so this is negative point.
3. i already write this blog that rally in banking and auto stocks may be over so please avoid these stocks.
5. promoters holding in ESCORTS LTD is 26.78 % and FII holding 31.05 % DII holding 15.92 % so i think this stock is move on big institutional holding and when they distribute there stocks to small investors then it show a long sideways movement.
6. book value of this stock is 158.70 so i think share is not very highly valued but long side in this stock is limited in my view.
7. so my view is Little bit negative or neutral for escorts ltd i have no any share of escorts ltd.

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  1. Escorts finance Has Duped Many Investors...//
    lot many customers have been Duped By them..


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