Saturday, April 30, 2011


sir my broker tell me for invest in VARUN SHIPPING so pls tell me about VARUN SHIPPING it is good script to invest and what is your look about this script????????
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1. VARUN SHIPPING CO.LTD is a 10 rupee face value shipping share.
2. 52 week high of VARUN SHIPPING CO.LTD is 51.45 and 52 week low is 25.35 now available at 29.
3. Promoter holdings in VARUN SHIPPING CO.LTD Are 39.94 % and they reducing their holding from 41.11% I think this is a negative point.
4. Varun Shipping Company Ltd not declared his March 2011 result they informed BSE that the Company will be submitting / publishing audited financial results for the financial year ended March 31, 2011 within sixty days from the end of the financial year and accordingly, will not be publishing the unaudited financial results for the quarter ended March 31, 2011. I think “ dal me kuch kala hai” ( in English something is wrong)
5. Book value of VARUN SHIPPING CO.LTD is 54.48 so current price is a value buy
6. So overall my view is slightly negative for VARUN SHIPPING CO.LTD
7. I have no any share of VARUN SHIPPING CO.LTD and I think you may consider shipping corp. of India instead of varun shipping ltd.

Sunday, April 24, 2011


Mahesh Ji,
Please give your opinion on Future Group IPO
Rajeev Daniel
1. future venture limited is a kishor biyni group company and this is not a direct company of all big name like big bazar etc this is a venture company which means The objective of venture Company is to create, build, acquire, invest in and operate Business Ventures and venture companies intend to re-deploy any profits and cash flows from there Business Ventures in new business opportunities and do not intend to pay dividends on his Equity Shares , so i think mutual funds have less interest in this company due to no dividend flow.

2.future ventures India  limited was originally incorporated as Subhikshith Finance & Investments Limited on July 10, 1996 under the Companies Act, 1956. the name of  Company was subsequently changed to Subhikshith Finance & Investments Private Limited. The name of  Company was again changed to Future Ventures India Private Limited on August 9, 2007 and the word “private” was deleted on September 7, 2007 upon the Company ceasing to be a private limited company. my view is negative to see these type of past records
 3. Future Ventures India (FVIL) is an investment company (registered as an NBFC) and most of  penny shares traded in BSE  is NBFC. so this point create a fear to me for investing in this IPO ( it does not means that future venture ltd have a bad reputation this company have a good market reputation with good name and good management)
so do not be attract by lower price of this IPO as my past experience say  i am not very bullish in this IPO
 4.the company has reported net losses on a consolidated basis for each of the last three years, even as revenues rose from almost nothing to Rs 178 crore for 2009-10. 
5. book value of company is 9.87 so i think in secondary market this share fall below 10  when market rally is cool off.  
6.for download complete prospectus of this IPO from sebi site use this link


good after noon sir im in sharjah uae i m doing job here i have invested in REI SIX TEN RETAIL , i have 500 of it at the price of 83 wht can i do now ??/ i can average in it or i canleave the stock right now the stock value is 46-47

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1. REI SIX TEN RETAIL is a 2 rupees face value share of RETAIL/departmental stores company industries in BSE group B.remember face value of this share is 2 rupees only so if we compare current market price 46 to 10 rupees face value than it is 230 so share is not cheap..
2. 52 week high of REI SIX TEN RETAIL is 104.50 and 43.25 is 52 week low.share traded near about it 52 week low .but stock spilt at 27.10.2009 from 10 rupees to 2 rupees face value so price down due to spilt adjustment.
3. book value of REI SIX TEN RETAIL is 5.57 Book value of this share is very very low and just 1/9 of market price so buying in this share is very risky..
4. Promoter holding is 53.83 and FII holding 15.58 percent. promoter holding is also normal
5. EPS of REI SIX TEN RETAIL is 0.68 so current P/E is 67.64. low EPS and high P/E show share may show further down side.
6.I think this is not a good investment due to low book value and low EPS
7. share is cool down from price of 1100 and I think this is a end of speculation story I not found any fundamental point in this share.

8. I personally hold 0 shares of this company.
key words:- penny stock f&o tips resi six ten retail buy sell hold recomandations multibagger stock.

Sunday, April 17, 2011


i updated my fundamental buying list for april 2011 , so read this link for updated list

key words:_ fundamental sound shares recomanded by mahesh kaushik


Due to continue under performance , loss making result, no dividend, and decreasing volume finally kicked out MTNL and PUNJ LLOYD from BSE group “A” shares.
Now these 2 shares traded in BSE group B , this news is slightly negative and I think if you have capacity to hold these share for a long period and you are buying these scripts in a SIP method then you may continue otherwise I think one could look exit opportunity in every rise
I have 100 share of MTNL this is my discloser.
Please remember review of BSE groups is a timely routine process it may not change fundamentals but mutual funds re balance there portfolio according to index so due to this re balancing MTNL and PUNJ LLOYD may show short term negativity but  long term investors who buy these 2 scripts in follow of my fundamental buying list no need to worry because we hold it more then 1 year.
Your comments invited for this news.

Saturday, April 16, 2011


Dear sir,
I want to know your valuable advice on the stock "GEOJIT BNP PARIBAS FINANCIAL SERVICES". I think to enter in this stock in SIP method. It have two good factors which attracts me, one it is good dividend payee stock and other, rakesh jhunjhunwala is a big investor in this stock. Sir now I am planning to invest only in those stocks which have big investers like rakesh jhunjhunwala, lic.
Thanking you
pankaj kumar

1. 1. Pankaj kumar ji i remember when punj lyoed is traded on 400+ then every one on TV says that is the infra stock where rakesh jhunjhunwala is invested and now it is 73 so I think investing by big bulls is not a good criteria for picking stocks read this article for more information
2. 2. GEOJIT BNP PARIBAS FINANCIAL SERVICES LTD is a 1 rupee face value share so currant price 24 is not very cheap if we compare it to 10 rupee face value then it is 240 where book value of GEOJIT BNP PARIBAS FINANCIAL SERVICES LTD is 14 only so I think this is not a value buying.
3. 3. GEOJIT BNP PARIBAS FINANCIAL SERVICES LTD 52 week high is 41.90 and 52 week low is 22
4. 4.Promoter holding in GEOJIT BNP PARIBAS FINANCIAL SERVICES LTD is 62.81 % and FII holding 2.57 % is good.
5. 5. So my view is neutral ( neither negative nor positive) but if you so excited to buy this stock in a huge quantity then I think buy only in SIP method then it is good for you. and no problem but continue your SIP in strict discipline for example i start my SIP in arvind ltd when it traded @140 and in my 5 year SIP i see price of @12 only but i not discontinue my SIP so today i enjoy the holding of arvind with decent profits.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011


Mahesh Ji,
Please give your view on Archidply 
Rajeev Daniel
1.ARCHIDPLY INDUSTRIES LTD is a 10 rupee face value plywood company.
2. 52 week high of ARCHIDPLY INDUSTRIES LTD is 40.50 and 52 week low is 14.60 so i think speculation rally in ARCHIDPLY INDUSTRIES LTD is already over and after this type of fall more then 50 % i think it is not easy to see multiple retrun soon.
3. promoter holding in ARCHIDPLY INDUSTRIES LTD is 69.73 % but they dilute there holding from 70.64 % so dilution in promoter holding i think another negative point.
4. book value of ARCHIDPLY INDUSTRIES LTD is 47.40 so i think at @19 is a value buy only 60 % correction from oct 2010 is a concern for me that pressure to me to give my overall view "NAGATIVE" for this stock other wise this is "NEUTRAL"but not POSITIVE
5. i think this stock may give trading return 5-10 % but not give decent return .
6. i have no any stock of ARCHIDPLY INDUSTRIES LTD

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