Tuesday, April 12, 2011


Mahesh Ji,
Please give your view on Archidply 
Rajeev Daniel
1.ARCHIDPLY INDUSTRIES LTD is a 10 rupee face value plywood company.
2. 52 week high of ARCHIDPLY INDUSTRIES LTD is 40.50 and 52 week low is 14.60 so i think speculation rally in ARCHIDPLY INDUSTRIES LTD is already over and after this type of fall more then 50 % i think it is not easy to see multiple retrun soon.
3. promoter holding in ARCHIDPLY INDUSTRIES LTD is 69.73 % but they dilute there holding from 70.64 % so dilution in promoter holding i think another negative point.
4. book value of ARCHIDPLY INDUSTRIES LTD is 47.40 so i think at @19 is a value buy only 60 % correction from oct 2010 is a concern for me that pressure to me to give my overall view "NAGATIVE" for this stock other wise this is "NEUTRAL"but not POSITIVE
5. i think this stock may give trading return 5-10 % but not give decent return .
6. i have no any stock of ARCHIDPLY INDUSTRIES LTD


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