Sunday, March 27, 2022

Super Breakout Stocks from Top 500 Companies in India

Respected Readers,

What is a super breakout?

Super breakout is a concept given by Mahesh Chander Kaushik stock market research analyst.

In super breakout, if a stock traded above his 5, 10,15,50, and 100 DMA but has not crossed his 200 DMA yet then if stock cross his 200 DMA then it is best for buying.

Watch this video for more details:-

Now I make a google sheet with opposite side formula also, which means I also add a formula that scans stocks for sell-side or stocks for short sell or sell-side trigger also recommended profit-booking and reverse trade.

Watch this video for more details:-

Google sheets scan largest market cap top 500 companies, if you want to learn how you find the largest market cap stocks list on the NSE website then watch this 1 minute short video:-

Here is the link of Google Sheet:-

1. Fast Load Web page view:-

2. Slow Load Raw Sheet with Formula:


  1. 2. Slow Load Raw Sheet with Formula:-
    This link not work.

  2. Good morning Maheshji, Can you share the excel sheet with formula becasue above sheet is not working

  3. Sir ji, please make BOH super breakout. Sheet in Nifty50, Nifty 100, Nifty200 and Midcaps,

    Thanks for you for literate us and and given systemaic methods for us. We enjoy your system.

  4. Very nice job 👍

  5. sirji , i have worked on ur sheet .only one request give more profit when calculated on 100 dma and not at 200 dma..plz make changes to work it on 100 that we can get more profit.many times it get activated at 200 dma and reverse and SL hit but 100 dma its safe ..thank u sir


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