Tuesday, February 28, 2012

GMR infra : BUY

 Hello Mahesh,
Please advice is it good hold GMR infra LTD.
I have 200 stocks at average price of 23 .. Is it good more buy more.
Thanks and Regards

1. GMR infra is a 1 rupees face value share and Punj lloyed, Larsen and toubro are 2 rupees face value share.
2.GMR infra FY 10- 11 EPS is 0.15 rupees per share ,and book value is 18.42 only, this share is currently trading on 27 so P/E on this price is 180 this means you pay next 180 year earning on current basis advance. Remember our index P/E is near about 20 so you suppose how expensive this stock in compare of index.
3. Promoters hold 71.43 percent stake in this company FII hold 11.62 percent is a good sign. and promoter increase there holding from 70 % ..this is positive point
4. Company not gives any dividend in last 5 year.
5. this year i think EPS of GMR INFRA is +0.50 so due to increasing EPS and promoter holding this time is good to accumulate this stock.
6. i have no any stock of GMR infra

Saturday, February 25, 2012


Hello Mahesh,

Hope you are doing good.Just wanted to know if it would be a wise idea to invest for long term like 1 year on jupiter bioscience shares which is currently at 8.95?


1. Jupiter bioscience ltd is a 10 rupee face value indonext company. The companies with paid up capital up to Rs 20 crore listed with RSEs but not with BSE, would be included in the BSE IndoNext Segment
2. Book value of Jupiter bioscience ltd is 120.73 this is good but we cannot buy a stock on only book falue base.
3. 52 week high of Jupiter bioscience ltd is 27.70 and 52 week low 08.02 stock traded at 12.30 stock is start falling from price of 150 so it is clear that this is end of speculation rally when a stock correct more than 50 % in few months than I think this is end of speculations and stock may not perform again in 2-3 years so avoid this stock.
4. Promoters of Jupiter biosciences ltd is hold only 4.62 % stocks and they reduce their holding from 10.52 % …reducing of promoter holding is a serious negative point.
5. JUPITER BIOSCIENCES LTD  is a loss making company and net profit margines of JUPITER BIOSCIENCES LTD  is -130% So my view is negative for Jupiter bioscience ltd I have no any share of Jupiter bioscience ltd.
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Friday, February 24, 2012


Respected Sir,
What is your View about IFCI,Satyam,Reliance Power,Alok Industries & Punj Lloyd ask by anonymous

1. please ask only one question at a time so this time i choose IFCI for detail analysis, i also request my readers to give your name when you ask questions . some of readers ask his question through e mail or comments under various old posts of this blog. please use this forum for asking your question
2. IFCI is a financial institution stock of 10 rupee face value.
3. year high of IFCI 57.80 and year low 19.65
4. promoters holding in IFCI is NIL and FII hold 8.50 % ( FII reduce there holding so that is negative point ) DII hold 31.15 % near about 8.40 % stocks hold by LIC and 12 % stocks hold by various banks of India CLICK HERE FOR DETAILS OF DII HOLDING IN IFCI
5. Book value of IFCI is 50.98
6. overall my view is negative for IFCI due to low promoter holding  and  NPA of IFCI.
7. I have no any stock of IFCI.

Monday, February 20, 2012


Dear sir,
Thanks for all queries answered earlier. I have a query regarding no of shares a retail investor can hold in any company . is there any restriction like in terms of percentage of total shares or the no of shares that anybody
(retail investor) can hold. ex: let's take the share price of some company is at 1 rupee now. can i hold 1lakh or 2lakhs shares in it or is there any max limit. do we have any restrictions like above? please clarify.

Thanks for your time and effort

Dear sudhir,

I do not knew the exact rule but at my best knowledge I think

1. In IPO maximum limit for a retail investor 1 lakhs rupee.

2. In secondary market NO limit, if stocks is available for sell.


Sir ,
I respect ur views in ur site a lot!!!!! I just wanted to know whether BIOCON will be a good stock to invest at this levels sir for 3 yrs prospective???and one more query is Among mahindra and mahindra and tata motors which stock will perform better sir??

1. BIOCON LTD is a 5 rupee face value biotechnology stock.
2. year high of BIOCON LTD is 390 and year low 240 stock traded at 2963. promoters holding 60.91 % FII holding 3.52 % FII reduce there holding from 5.62%
4. Biocon net profit is enter in a down cycle if we compare it from last year net profit and EPS we found that profit is down in Q by Q. book value of biocn ltd is 97.29
5. overall biocon is a good company . shareholding pattern is also good but i think you may avoid this share and wait below 125 because due to net profit an EPS fall i think stock may be touch this price in coming 12 months.
6. i have no any stock of BIOCON.

Sunday, February 5, 2012


Dear Sir,
Please provide us with fundamental View on HI-TECH GEARS LTD, As am holding few shares of it and want to Increase the volume of that share in SIP method for 1-2yrs.
1.HI-TECH GEARS LTD is a 10 rupee face value auto parts stock.
2. Book value of HI-TECH GEARS LTD is 49.78 and stock traded near 2.5 times of book value i think 122 is not a fare value for HI-TECH GEARS LTD.
3. year high of HI-TECH GEARS LTD is 144.95 and year low is 95.10
4. promoters of HI-TECH GEARS LTD hold 55.04 % and FII holding is very low.
5. last year stock give 1:1 bonus and generally we see that after ex bonus stock may be enter in 2-3 year slow movement zone.
6. in 02.12.11 MEDICI HOLDINGS LIMITED sell his 161834 stocks @120 i think this is also negative.
7. so my view is negative for HI-TECH GEARS LTD and i think my followers may exit from this stock . i have no any stocks of HI-TECH GEARS LTD.

Saturday, February 4, 2012

DPCL(Dhunseri Petrochem & Tea Limited):GOOD

Dear Mahesh sir,
What is your view on Dhunseri Petrochem & Tea Limited (indonext script) company for buying at current levels (~110)?
ask by Killivalavan ji
1. sorry for very late reply due to my wife sickness and some trouble in my life.now she is ok and every thing is ok.
2.Dhunseri Petrochem & Tea Limited is a 10 rupee face value fiber and plastic indo next company. company is also deal with tea business.
3.Year high of Dhunseri Petrochem & Tea Limited is 169 and year low 100 stock traded at 114
4. Dhunseri Petrochem & Tea Limited have a subsidiary in Singapore.
5. promoters of Dhunseri Petrochem & Tea Limited hold 63.48% and FII hold 6.60 % i think this is good.
6.last four year company have good divided story from 2 rupee to 4.50 rupee per year so overall i think currant level is a good buying but exit above 150 or below 90 ( stop loss is must in indo next script)or exit slowly in range of 150-200. because indo next script may be loss his steam any time if equity dilutions news is come.( indo next stocks have low equity and small to medium scale business companies so when promoter plan to dilute his equity these stocks will easily down at a very low price.)
7. i have no any stock of Dhunseri Petrochem & Tea Limited.

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