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Bharat Electronics @ 91.50

1. Bharat Electronics Ltd NSE Code BEL BSE Code:-500049 is a 1 rupee face value defence company.

2. Bharat Electronics Limited is a Navratna PSU (under the Ministry of Defence, Government of India) established in the year 1954. BEL is engaged in the business of Defence Electronics empowering the Nation’s Defence Forces and in other chosen areas of Professional Electronics.
3. The current trading price of BEL is 91.50.
4. Net sale per share of BEL is 42.68 and CMP is near 2.14 time of NSPS.
5. Recently BEL Stock give positive breakout over his 200 DMA:-

Simple Moving Averages BEL BSE Code 500049

6. Promoters of BEL hold 58.83% stocks and no any pledged shares.
7. Year high/year low of BEL is 1.74 which is below 2 ( Year high=126.75 Year low=72.50)
8. BEL is a Dividend paying stock so we can get dividends in our holding time.
BEL Dividend History:-
EX DateAmount (₹)
27 Mar 20190.7000
19 Mar 20190.7000
08 Feb 20190.3000
20 Aug 20180.4000
08 Feb 20181.6000
14 Aug 20171.0500
29 Mar 20170.9000
02 Feb 20173.0000
18 Aug 201614.5000
04 Feb 20162.5000
10 Aug 201523.2000
28 Jan 20156.0000
12 Sep 201417.3000
29 Jan 20146.0000
06 Sep 201316.3000
30 Jan 20136.0000
07 Sep 201210.8000
01 Feb 201210.0000
13 Sep 201115.6000
02 Feb 20116.0000
13 Sep 201013.2000
03 Feb 20106.0000
14 Sep 200912.7000
28 Jan 20096.0000
12 Sep 200814.7000
30 Jan 20086.0000
07 Sep 200714.0000
27 Aug 20014.0000
9. Stop loss:- 72.50 ( Last Year low of any stock is a significant stop loss of that stock, so in this case, BEL made his last year low on 14 Feb 2019 which is 72.50).
10. How to buy:-
Use Swing trade method to buy this stock, I give a short brief of the swing trade method
a. Put limit order on last day VWAP in this case I publish this recommendation on 19 May 2019 last VWAP=90.53 So we put of AMO Limit order at 90.55 (nearest 0.05 of last VWAP 90.53) and if unfortunately my competitors paid tip providers to try to raise price and volume in this stock (as we saw in my earlier recommendations) than we do not buy this stock over 90.55 and next day again put buying order on 20 May 2019 VWAP. (continue placed a limit order on last day VWAP until executed)
b. We buy once a month. Our first-month target is 4.5 % profit if this target will come we book profit but next day of profit booking we again start buying of this month until stock close below his stop loss 72.50.
c. If the stock did not give 4.5% return in this month, after one month, we put a limit order on earlier day VWAP and average out our holding this time we reduce our target 4% on average price. 
After every average out we reduce our target by 0.5% it means if we average out of 3rd month our target is 3.5%, in the 4th month our target is 3% of the average price. This is a new method of profit booking watch this video to see how you get 8 chance of profit booking in IOC. When IOC fall 65% in a year we get 8 chance of profit booking without reducing target and if we reduce target after every average out we get more chance of profit booing in any falling stock.

d. For more understanding of the swing trade method watch this video:-

e. We run swing trade method until stock close below his year low, if unfortunately stock will fall and close below his year low then we do not book loss immediately we continue to average out in swing trade after 9 months average out our target will reduce 0.5% of average price and I research on many stocks past history I never find this situation where I do not get a 0.5% profit on average price after 9 months of average out.
If stock loss 72.50 is hit than after profit booking in reducing target, we remove this stock in our swing trade list.
f. In this new rule we invest 3000 per month in fundamental stocks, 2000 per month in trading stocks,1000 per month in a penny stock, I choose BEL as trading stock, so we invest 2000 per month in this stock.
11.Review of my last recommendation Trident Ltd:- 
I publish Trident recommendation on 31 March 2019 (Sunday) VWAP on 29 March 2019 was 72.18. Here I use a notional example suppose one of my follower Shri Vindo Gunecha ordered 42 stocks of Trident Ltd at limit price of 72.20 (3000/72.20=41.55 nearest round off 42) on 1 April 2019 Trident open at 72.10 So Vinod Gunecha first buying 42 Share @ 72.10 he wait for 4.5% target but not get this target in April 2019 month.
On next month Market was closed on 1 May 2019 So on 2 May 2019 he ordered 46 shares @65.85 (65.85 was VWAP of Trident on 30 April 2019) and 3000/65.85=45.55 in the round off 46.
On 2 May 2019 Trident opened at 65.55 he got 46 shares at 65.55
Now he holds 42+46=88 shares at an average price of 68.68 this month he wait for 4% profit target if this target has not come on next month at 3 June 2019 (Monday) he again put a limit order of Trident at last trading session VWAP and after 3rd average out his target also reduced @3.5% only.
Trident Declared 0.60 rupee per share dividend so on 29 May 2019 Record date he will also get 88*0.60=52.80 as a dividend.
The Board of Directors of Trident Ltd at its meeting hold on May 13, 2019, has recommended Split/ Sub-division of equity shares of the Company from the existing face value of INR 10/- per equity share to face value of INR 1/- per equity share, which is subject to the approval of the shareholders in the forthcoming 29th Annual General Meeting of the Company and other approvals as may be required.
Read full research report of this earlier recommendation here:-
Trident Ltd Research Report 
Some of my followers demand my Zerodha swing trading profit booking details for their confidence I start swing trading from 1 Feb 2019 and opened a new account in Zerodha (for swing trading) here is the screenshot of last profit bookings from 1 Feb 2019:-

12.Disclaimer:- This is not an advisory service to buy or sell. The contents of “this research report” are only for educational purposes. No liability is accepted for any content in “this research report.” The author is neither a registered stockbroker nor a registered advisor and does not give investment advice. His comments are an expression of opinion only and should not be construed in any manner whatsoever as recommendations to buy or sell a stock, option, future, bond, commodity, index or any other financial instrument at any time. The author recommends that you consult with a qualified investment advisor, one licensed by appropriate regulatory agencies in your legal jurisdiction, before making any investment decisions. Please read the full disclaimer at the bottom of my blog. 

13. Discloser:- I Mahesh Chander Kaushik, author of this research report is an existing research analyst and passed NISM certification for research analysts. I am also registered under SEBI(RESEARCH ANALYSTS) REGULATIONS, 2014 ( SEBI Registration Number INH 100000908 ) hereby disclose about my financial interest in the subject company and the nature of such financial interest:- 1 1 Me and my associates or relatives have not held any share of BEL, so my personal interest is not included in this stock.. 2. Me and my associates or relatives have not any actual/beneficial ownership of one percent or more securities of the subject company ( BEL ). 3. Me and my associates or relatives have not any other material conflict of interest at the time of publication of the research report. 4. Me and my associates or relatives have not received any type of compensation from the subject company(BEL ) in the past twelve months. 5. I am not served as an officer, director or employee of the subject company (BEL ). 6. I have been not engaged in market making activity for the subject company (BEL ).

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