Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Tata Global Beverages Ltd VS Goodricke Group Ltd

Hi Mahesh ji What is your view on Tata Global Beverages Ltd.? Can it be a Blue-chip in another 5 to 10 years. Will it be worth accumulating at lower levels. Regards M Rajkumar 1.Tata Global Beverages Ltd is a 1 rupee face value Tea and Coffe company. 
2.Year high of Tata Global Beverages Ltd is 181.70 and year low 100 stock traded at 123 , This ratio is good. 
3.Promoters holding in Tata Global Beverages Ltd is 35.20% FII holding 19.13 %, and FII continues increase their holdings , good point. 
4.Tata Global Beverages Ltd is a Dividend paying company. 
5.Stock is good, and I think Tata Global Beverages Ltd is already a blue chip if you want to accumulate for 5-10 year SIP then Consider Goodricke Group Ltd in Tea and Cofee group which have 74% promoters holding and pay double divided in compare of Tata Global Beverages Ltd. 
6. I have No any share of both of companies.

Saturday, March 23, 2013

Sequent Scientific Ltd

Hi Mahesh ji i am Jasim from Dubai.i have posted one month b4 one enquiry about sequent scientific, but still i didn't get any replay from u sir.also ur replay is very valuable for small investors like me Regards Jasim Dubai 
1. Hello Jasim sir , I think i not receive your previous question, i request all of my blog readers that please use this forum only for asking a new question 
2.Sequent Scientific Ltd is a 10 rupee face value Pharma stock. 
3. Year high of Sequent Scientific Ltd is 257 and year low 66.20 ,In my style of investment if Year high/year low is above 2 and price near year low then i not like this type of ratio because I think the good company never down more then 50 % in a year. 
4.Stock of Sequent Scientific Ltd show many recent bulk deals this is another negative point for me because I think this is a sign of speculation. 
5.Sequent Scientific Ltd is a loss making stock.
6. The only good thing that Promoters of Sequent Scientific Ltd increase their holding from 55.81% to 59.80 %. 
7. Overall my view is negative at CMP but if available below 50 after 6-18 months then it is good due to increasing promoters holding . 
8. I have no any stock of Sequent Scientific Ltd.

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Crompton Greaves Ltd:HOLD

Hello Maheshji, What is your view on CROMPGREAV . I have 300 shares @145. Should I start averaging as currently its trading below Rs100. If not, should I hold ? Thanks in advance, Ask by Rajesh ji 
1.Crompton Greaves Ltd is a 2 rupee face value Heavy Electrical Equipment company. 
2.Year high of Crompton Greaves Ltd is 149.80 and Year low 88.35 Stock traded near 92 this ratio is normal.
3.Promoters holding 41.69 % FII holding 17.89% and FII reduce their holding From 19.34% so downtrend is continue and stock may show lower price near 77-78.I not like averaging , instead of averaging there are 2300 stocks in market so choose a new stock for new money. 
4.If you familiar with my reverse trading system then you may take a risk sell some quantity at CMP and Buy again near 77. 
5.Bulk deals also happen in Crompton Greaves Ltd (Sign of speculations), you just trapped near year high. I wonder people are so exited to buy a stock at year high but ignore a good stock at year low.
 6. I have no any stock of Crompton Greaves Ltd.My view is HOLD or REVERSE TRADING.

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

AVOID:BF Utilities Ltd

Sir I have bought BF Utilities shares @ 725/- what is the future of this stock, ask by Ashok kulkarni ji.
1.BF Utilities Ltd is a 5 rupee face value electric utility company. 
2. Year high of BF Utilities Ltd is 490.10 and Year low 207.55 stock traded at 226, If a stock down more than 50% from year high than it is a negative sign for me. 
3. Promoters of BF Utilities Ltd hold 66.03% , this is quite good. 
4.BF Utilities Ltd not pay dividends in last years. 
5. Net revenue in last 4 quarter is 34.21 cr and if we divided it from number of share (Read my book for details of this fundamental targeting)then one year net sell per share is 9 only remember this is net sell not net profit so fundamental target for BF Utilities Ltd is very poor. 
6. My view is negative for BF Utilities Ltd, i have no any share of BF Utilities Ltd.

Monday, March 18, 2013

Crew B.O.S. Products Limited:AVOID

Dear Maheshji, I am a regular reader of your blog and have found very useful to understand many things about stock market and trading. Couldn't you please give your valuable opinion about CREW B.O.S. ( I have 2425 shares @ 19.04). Thank you. Yours, Hamza Palakkal 
1. Respected Hamaza ji, Crew B.O.S. Products Limited is a fashion and footwear export company. visit Crew B.O.S. Products Limited website at
2.Crew B.O.S. Products Limited is a 10 rupee face value company 52 week high is 38.40 and 52 week low 10.40 , if you read my book then you knew I avoid a stock which year high/ low is above 2,  (My website which is closed for maintenance is now available again in this website I suggest stocks which fulfill all of my stock chosen criteria. this website is free available for all of my book and blog readers.) 
3.Promoters Holding in Crew B.O.S. Products Limited is 20.69 %, and promoters reduce their holdings from 31.12 % which is very very bad sign. 
4.Crew B.O.S. Products Limited is a loss making company. 
5. My view is avoid for Crew B.O.S. Products Limited , I have no any share of Crew B.O.S. Products Limited.

Friday, March 15, 2013

Indowind energy ltd: Wait and Watch

can u please comment on prospects of Indowind Energy ask by (does it matter)nickname
Last year i advised to avoid indowind energy , read this article for more details 
Currently i think that you may wait some more time before start a buying in indowind energy because indowind energy have recent bulk deal of 5 lakhs stock at 05/03/2013 so wait for a low price and start fresh buying below 3.00-2.50 stock is good because promoters again increase there holding from 32.69% to 32.79 %

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Siemens Ltd:Positive

Today siemens reached year about buying this at 620? ask by anonymous. 
1.Siemens Ltd is a 2 rupee face value heavy equipment company. 
2. Year high of 838.70 and year low 482.35 ( after your asking stock make a new year low ) but now Siemens Ltd traded at 550.55 this is a good recover and good reversal sign. 
3. promoters of Siemens Ltd hold 74.71% FII hold 3.45 and DII hold 8.39 so this is a good pattern. 
4.Siemens Ltd is a dividend paying stock. 
5. Only one concern for me that in dec 12 stock show heavy bulk deals in sell side so i like this stock but due to bulk deals i advice you that buy in SIP method because I think in coming 12 months stock may be make more year lows. 
6. Overall my view is positive for Siemens Ltd, but buying is advised only in SIP method.I have no any stock of Siemens Ltd

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Black rose industries: HOLD

Hi Mahesh ji, I am holding Black rose industries for the past few years. Brought @ around 15 Rs.During 2011 there was a bonus issue (1:1) making my average cost around 7. Currently its trading at around 4.80 Rs. Whether i can hold this stock. Please let me know your views on this stock. Thanks in advance. Rajkumar 
1.Black Rose Industries Ltd is a 1 rupee face value chemical company. 
2. Stock of Black Rose Industries Ltd traded at 4.83 year high 7.96 Year low 4.51 , which is normal. 
3.Promoters holding 75 % which is also good. 
4.In 5.07.2011 stock give a bonus of 1:1 , this is the reason of currant downtrend read chapter 9 in my book "BONUS AND STOCK SPLIT GIVE ONLY PSYCHOLOGICAL EFFECT ON INVESTORS" as i describe in this chapter that a stock is enter in 2-3 year downtrend or slow moving zone after a recent bonus and split issue. 
5. This is a low volume stock so liquidity is a problem for Black rose industries. 
6. Stock is not so bad so I think just hold it and wait any rally. 
7. I have no any stock of Black rose industries.

Moser Baer India Ltd:AVOID

Plz. sir tell me about moserbaer future can i buy at current level or wait. or avoid the company because this second largest company in the world. cd manufacture. thanks & regards vipul srivastava lucknow 
1. Moser Baer India Ltd is a 10 rupee face value storage media company. 
2. Stock of Moser Baer India Ltd is currantly traded at 5.25 Year high 19.70 and year low 4.61 and i think you knew my theory that if the year high/ year ratio is above 2 than i think stock may not run fast in coming time. 
3. Promoter holding in Moser Baer India Ltd is 16.29 % ( poor promoter holding which usually find in penny stocks). 4. Moser Baer India Ltd is a loss making company so I think you may avoid stock of Moser Baer India Ltd. 
5. I have no any stock of Moser Baer India Ltd.

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Shift Tara jewels to Rajesh exports

sir ,i divyesh patel from gujarat. On day of listing of tara jewels ,i have bough 100 share @ 237 ,now it is 220 . this share is not moving up or down sir please reply to me whether i should hold this stock or shift to other share ( if yes then in which share ) pls do reply fast ,thanks in advance ask by divyesh patel Gujrat. 
1.TARA JEWELS LTD is a 10 rupee face value small cap company. 
2.My regular blog readers knew that i always suggest that AVOID a new IPO and new listed stock for one year, because i think market give a fair value of particular stock in one year and see past history a new stock is always down in first one year in 90 % cases. 
3.Promoters holding 60.10 % FII holding near 14 % which is good.
4. It is difficult to me that I make any fundamental analysis because this is a new listed stock. 
5.Generally i not advice shifting but if you force than I choose Rajesh Exports in this sector.
 6. I have no any share of tara jewels.

P/E and P/B

hi Mahesh ji, I have query on P/E and P/B. As per my understanding for getting high returns we should select stock with less P/E ratio. Is there any range in the P/E ratio (Per sector). Whether P/E ratio range vary from sector to sector? Can you tell me the sector wise range of P/E ratio which is considered to be less. What range of P/E ratio is less to get high returns for sectors Banking, Pharma, Oil and gas, Automobiles, Media, Infra, Capital goods. Thanks & Regards M Rajkumar. 
1.P/E means price/earnings ratio ,this is an old criteria to choose stock for investment but I believe on net revenue per share concept instead of P/E.
 2.You can find sector wise P/E ratio at moneycontrol site , use this link for getting sector wise P/E ratio 
3. P/B means price/book value ratio for getting a value stock , i prefer base price instead of book value. 
4.You can find sector wise P/B ratio at moneycontrol site , use this link for getting sector wise P/B ratio 
5. if you have my book than I suggest you read chapter 3 and 4 for more detail:-

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